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April 03 2012


Israel bricht Beziehungen zum UNO-Menschenrechtsrat ab | 2012-03-26

Das Gremium der UNO in Genf hat beschlossen, die Auswirkungen der israelischen Siedlungspolitik zu untersuchen. Die Regierung in Jerusalem reagiert mit einem Einreiseverbot.

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April 11 2011

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Inclusive Education | Education | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Inclusive Education

Street children in cambodia

Street children in Cambodia

Inclusive education is based on the right of all learners to a quality education that meets basic learning needs and enriches lives. Focusing particularly on vulnerable and marginalized groups, it seeks to develop the full potential of every individual.

The ultimate goal of inclusive quality education is to end all forms of discrimination and foster social cohesion.

Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups

Today, 75 million children are excluded from education. Seven out of ten live in sub-Saharan Africa or South and West Asia. Sixty per cent of them are girls living in Arab States and sixty-six per cent in South and West Asia. The main reasons for exclusion are poverty, gender inequity, disability, child labour, speaking a minority language, belonging to an indigenous people, and living a nomadic or rural lifestyle.

'Vulnerable' and 'marginalised' are loose terms encompassing many different individuals and groups deprived of their right to education. Below is a small selection of groups as well as interventions and publications that identify solutions to their integration.

November 24 2010

November 17 2010


May 21 2010

TheWeekInGreen | 20100514 | Episode 23: Interview with Reza Aslan

In the 23rd episode of The Week in Green, author and journalist Reza Aslan discusses nuclear politics in the Middle East and the way in which the Green Movement has changed perceptions of Iran among young Americans.
در بیست‌وسومین برنامه هفته سبز با حمید دباشی آقای رضا اصلان نویسنده و روزنامه‌نگار، درباره جنبه‌گیری‌ها و سیاست‌های هسته‌ای ایران و هم اینکه چگونه جنبش سبز چهره ایران را در مجامع جهانی عوض کرده گفتگو می‌کنند.
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