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August 10 2013

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Colossus The Forbin Project, 1970 - youtube

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A highly convincing scenario: the US computer is conspiring with its partner unit from the Soviet side: both merge and blackmail the leaders of the world: whatever you will do against our common super brain, will be punished - no chance just to switch off the energy supply, or to betray cunningly the system; what's against its optimised intentions will be immediately detected, advised by its interface to be corrected, even with merciless instructions to kill people without delay, in case they conspired against it - otherwise its lethal menaces for the society as a whole are increasingly worse; consequently it controls also the decisions what locations as nuclear targets are to become part of the programme (international urban centres) - the political message for our days is incredible challenging, for the closed system is de facto reality by the leading political and financial-economic unit of corresponding interests against the people's constitutional guaranteed rights and the states' sovereignty; the traditional executive, judicial and legislative powers are no longer under control by the state's sovereign, the people, but have shifted to the leading function of the executive; the legislative and judicial powers remain obliged to follow the interests of the unit, which seizes by this all executive power and the world's digitised capacities to blackmail every state, administrative or economic organisation and individuum in every aspect of its existence; the menace via the executive power threatens self-evidently also the legislative and judicial powers in case they wouldn't apply to the demands of the unit. This is the most striking lesson coming out of this picture - it explains very well the systemic motivation behind the still growing right wing ideology, privatized police, militia and mercenary business. A further lesson is the replacement of human deciders by algorithms as one step further towards a digitised totalitarian grip of a new kind of dictatorship: a 21st century cyber neo-fascism with data-colonial governance by mass surveillance meta-data, insurance and income patterns as socio-psychological catalysts of classification and segregation : whoever wouldn't  fit into the given categories is politically a potential threat - whether you will then be psychologically stigmatized as an incalculable risk for your family and your neighbourhood, your car will be manipulated, or a drone will be sent, this may be considered mainly as a question of your social status and of some more sophisticated circumstances, but science and technical progress are to be suspected completely under the top down line in the digitised and hierarchical means of an anonymised and blindly operating executive.

oAnth - Muc, 2013-08-10 (CC BY-SA 3.0)

March 18 2012


Wenn Gauck sich unter Berufung auf Hannah Arendt darüber beklagt, daß der Totalitarismusbegriff seriösen Historikern als ein für den Systemvergleich zwischen der BRD und der DDR vollkommen untauglicher Begriff erscheint, befindet er sich damit, anders als er suggerieren will, mitnichten in Übereinstimmung zu dem, was die liberale Philosophin selbst darüber dachte. Darauf wies zuletzt Micha Brumlik richtigerweise hin. (taz, 24.2.2012). Denn Arendt stand die Gefahr eines Mißbrauchs des Begriffs zu antikommunistischen Propagandazwecken deutlich vor Augen. Deshalb empfahl sie nachdrücklich, »mit dem Wort ›totalitär‹ sparsam und vorsichtig umzugehen.« (Arendt 1986, S. 636) Was die Philosophin unter einer vernünftigen westlichen Politik verstand, hat mit Gaucks Perspektive denkbar wenig zu tun. Sie empfand es nämlich als Problem, »daß uns die Ära des Kalten Krieges eine offizielle ›Gegenideologie‹ hinterlassen hat, den Antikommunismus, welcher gleichfalls dazu neigt, einen Anspruch auf Weltherrschaft zu entwickeln«. (Arendt 1986, S. 635)

Die DDR konnte Arendt schon deshalb nicht als ein Beispiel totalitärer Herrschaft erscheinen, weil sie den Tod Stalins als den Ausgangspunkt eines Reformprozesses im gesamten sozialistischen Lager deutete. Im 1966 geschriebenen Vorwort zum dritten Teil ihres 1951 erstveröffentlichten Buchs »Elemente und Ursprünge totaler Herrschaft« schrieb sie: »Denn wie man auch den oft verwirrenden Zickzackkurs der sowjetischen Politik nach 1953 deuten mag, es läßt sich nicht leugnen, daß das riesige Polizeiimperium liquidiert wurde, daß die meisten Konzentrationslager aufgelöst sind, daß es keine neuen Säuberungsaktionen gegen ›objektive Gegner‹ gegeben hat und daß Auseinandersetzungen zwischen den Mitgliedern der neuen ›kollektiven Führung‹ heute nicht mehr durch Schauprozesse, Selbstbezichtigungen und Morde beigelegt werden, sondern indem man jemanden degradiert oder aus Moskau verbannt.« (Arendt 1986, S. 647)

Für solcherart Differenzierungen hat ein Mann wie Gauck nur wenig Sinn. Von Entspannungspolitik und Friedensdiplomatie hält er nicht viel. Daher muß es auch nicht überraschen, daß er heute noch gegen jene Christen polemisiert, die sich im »Kalten Krieg« für Frieden und Abrüstung einsetzten, um die Gefahr eines Atomkriegs abzuwenden. »Sie waren bereit, der guten Kontakte zu den Unterdrückern wegen die Kontakte zu den Oppositionellen zu begrenzen, und sie waren trotz eines Kommunismus mit imperialen Absichten bereit, den demokratischen Westen mental und militärisch abzurüsten. War das nicht die Fortführung einer Appeasement-Politik, deren Gefährlichkeit uns in Europa bewußt sein sollte?« (Gauck 2012, S. 45)

17.03.2012: Ihr Mann von morgen - Oder: Was der Neuen Rechten an Joachim Gauck so gut gefällt (Tageszeitung junge Welt)
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January 24 2012

Relisons Theodore Kaczynski, Quand le chaos d’internet dispairait il ne reste plus que le nouvel état totalitaire | singularite.wordpress - 2012-01-20

Megaupload est fermé, le p2p est mort, le partage privé en cours de destruction, hadopi aura le nombre 3, ACTA PIPA, SOPA gagneront … et rien n’arrette la machine, aucun gesticulement de l’état civil, des associations et des militants.Ils ont tout le temps, ils ont le pouvoir,
Vous n’avez plus de poids dans la société, ils n’ont plus besoin de vous pour du travail, vous n’avez même pas le droit d’etre syndiqué dans le tertiaire majoritaire.



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January 05 2012

December 09 2011

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Wilkerson: New Military Powers the Road to Tyranny

Larry Wilkerson: National Defense Authorization Act that passed the Senate giving the military power for indefinite detention without trial is a draconian violation of our rights

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December 08 2011

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Military to Gain Power of Indefinite Detention in Senate Bill

Ray McGovern: Amendment to NDAA gives military the right to operate on American soil, detain people without trial for an indefinite period of time including US citizens

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September 10 2011

Hanna Arendt (1951 / ed. 1958) - "The Origins of Totalitarianism"; Meridian, Cleveland, New York;


Arendt's first major book was The Origins of Totalitarianism (1951), which traced the roots of Stalinist Communism and Nazism in both anti-Semitism and imperialism. The book was controversial because it suggested, arguably, that an essential identity existed between the two phenomena. She further contends that Jewry was not the operative factor in the Holocaust, but merely a convenient proxy. Totalitarianism in Germany, in the end, was about megalomania and consistency, not eradicating Jews

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April 29 2011

An interview with Jerrold Post in Budapest | Hungarian Spectrum - 2011-04-28


Péter Zentai of HVG had a fascinating interview with Jerrold Post a couple of days ago. The Hungarian journalist wanted to know whether there is a general portrait of dictators that is independent of time and space.

Post answered in the affirmative. "The psyche of all dictators, terrorist leaders, mafia chiefs has four essential components. The first is a messianic belief in their own destiny. The second is a type of paranoia. The dictator-types blame others for their smallest failures and are constantly trying to find or create enemies. The third is a limited conscience and hence a lack of inhibition that often originates in problems that weren't handled in childhood. And fourth is an uncanny ability to influence and possess the mind and soul of people in their closest circle."

When Zentai inquired about the intelligence level of these dictator-types, Post's answer was that there are some who are clever or intelligent and some who are not, but "almost all of them are half-educated." All dictators believe that their pronouncements are terribly important, while listening to them from the outside one can see the inner contradictions and outright stupidities. Their penchant for creating enemies can also be found in their public speeches where at the center of their ire is their or their country's enemies. Their attitude toward "these enemies" becomes obvious not only in words but also in gestures. For example, they often make their visitors wait or they arrive late for an important meeting only to show who is boss.



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February 27 2011

John Pilger: Behind the Arab revolt is a word we dare not speak (Nasir Khan blog)

... treatment of the alleged whistleblower Bradley Manning and its pursuit of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. “Way back when George and Tony decided it might be fun to attack Iraq,” he wrote, “I said something to the effect that fascism had already begun here. I have to admit I did not think it would get this bad this quickly.” On 16 February, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton...

Source : Nasir Khan blog

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