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September 07 2013

August 30 2013

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August 19 2013

pdf2htmlEX by coolwanglu

pdf2htmlEX by coolwanglu

pdf2htmlEX renders PDF files in HTML, utilizing modern Web technologies, aims to provide an accuracy rendering, while keeping optimized for Web display.

pdf2htmlEX is best for text-based PDF files, for example scientific papers with complicated formulas and figures. Text, fonts and formats are natively perserved in HTML such that you can still search and copy.

#web #logiciel #pdf #html #datas #logiciel_libre #0pen_Source

August 05 2013

*THE SLOW SCIENCE MANIFESTO* —> manifeste Slow_Science ❝We are scientists. We don't blog. We…

–-> #manifeste #Slow_Science

We are scientists. We don’t blog. We don’t twitter. We take our time.

Don’t get us wrong—we do say yes to the accelerated science of the early 21st century. We say yes to the constant flow of peer-review journal publications and their impact; we say yes to science blogs and media & PR necessities; we say yes to increasing specialization and diversification in all disciplines. We also say yes to research feeding back into health care and future prosperity. All of us are in this game, too.

However, we maintain that this cannot be all. Science needs time to think. Science needs time to read, and time to fail. Science does not always know what it might be at right now. Science develops unsteadi­ly, with jerky moves and un­predict­able leaps forward—at the same time, however, it creeps about on a very slow time scale, for which there must be room and to which justice must be done.

Slow science was pretty much the only science conceivable for hundreds of years; today, we argue, it deserves revival and needs protection. Society should give scientists the time they need, but more importantly, scientists must take their time.

We do need time to think. We do need time to digest. We do need time to mis­understand each other, especially when fostering lost dialogue between humanities and natural sciences. We cannot continuously tell you what our science means; what it will be good for; because we simply don’t know yet. Science needs time.

#recherche #lenteur

July 18 2013

Ultra-red, _Five Protocols for Organized Listening_ (2012) sur Monoskop

Ultra-red, Five Protocols for Organized Listening (2012) sur #Monoskop

This workbook contains five categories of protocols for collectively performed listening procedures composed and studied by the international sound art collective, Ultra-red. Scanning the workbook readers will notice that the categories are not equivalent in status. For example, the category of fieldwork protocols marks a phase in a politically committed sound inquiry; what Ultra-red has termed, militant sound investigation. While fieldwork occurs as part of an overall strategy, sound walks and listening sessions can prove as generative in the early phases of collective reflection as when a group moves from refection to critical analysis. [#pdf]

#Ultra-red, donc, c’est un collectif qui utilise le son pour #militer

Ils ont la fâcheuse habitude d’utiliser des sites fort peu recommandables pour diffuser certains de leurs travaux (facebook, myspace), mais le bon goût de mettre leurs archives sonores sur le site Public Record, qui se définit de la manière suivante

sound political art, and the sound of our politics

In an increasingly conservative climate within electronic music and the audio arts, Public Record remains committed to releasing projects that do more than make political claims or represent political ideas. Like the Ultra-red organization itself, Public Record provides a space for exchange between artists and audiences of art directly engaging the political.

The German art critic Walter Benjamin once rebuked the Surrealists, demanding that artists who assume the mantle of revolutionaries would do better engaging actual political struggles than promoting their individual artistic careers. Benjamin challenges artists to pursue sustained and committed relationships with social movements.

Conversely, simply listening to political movements poses its own inadequacies. Convention and territorialism inflict many political organizers producing tendencies that result in stagnation. Leadership too often becomes a claim to power rather than a participatory process.

On trouve notamment sur Public Record leurs enquêtes collectives sur la guerre contre les pauvres (souvent un peu trop abstrait ou, paradoxalement, arty à mes oreilles : on pourrait attendre autre chose sur le sujet, mais il faut dire que la contrainte formelle d’une minute encourage l’abstraction)

Ultra-red asks fifteen artists and activists to come up with a one-minute audio recording in response to the question: What is the sound of the war on the poor? The results range from field recordings, re-appropriated sounds, mini-symphonies and spoken rants.

Par exemple, dans l’enquête n°1 : Adern X (Pistoia)

#audio #art #politique #écoute_collective

July 01 2013

Comme d'habitude, une mine de mises en ligne intéressantes sur Monoskop : *Guy_Debord : “Cette…

Comme d'habitude, une mine de mises en ligne intéressantes sur #Monoskop :

#Guy_Debord : “Cette mauvaise réputation…” (1993)

La critique des critiques. Ce plaidoyer pro domo est destiné à ‘rétablir la vérité complète sur beaucoup de circonstances peu connues' de la conduite de l'auteur, circonstances qui ‘sont pourtant aussi très rarement citées'. Guy Debord recopie, ‘redresse' et commente les ‘propos des médiatiques', durant les années 1988 à 1992. On peut, avec J. Savigneau, souligner l'absence totale d'humour et qualifier de ‘décourageante' la lecture de ce florilège de critiques peu crédibles.

Publisher Gallimard, 1993
ISBN 2070407004
111 pages [#pdf]

#Jean_Epstein : Écrits sur le cinéma, 1921-1953, tome 1-2 (1974–75)

Foreword by Henri Langlois
Introduction by Pierre Leprohon
Publisher Seghers, Paris, 1974–75
436 and 352 pages
via Reyovak [pdf tome 1] [pdf tome 2]

#Michel_Foucault : The Archaeology of Knowledge (1969-) [FR, ES, IT, EN, PT, AR, SR, TR, CZ, RU]

“The Archaeology of Knowledge (L'archéologie du savoir) is a methodological treatise promoting what the French philosopher Michel Foucault calls “archaeology” or the “archaeological method”, an analytical method he implicitly used in his previous works Madness and Civilization, The Birth of the Clinic, and The Order of Things. It is Foucault's only explicitly methodological work.

The premise of the book is that systems of thought and knowledge (“epistemes” or “discursive formations”) are governed by rules (beyond those of grammar and logic) which operate in the consciousness of individual subjects and define a system of conceptual possibilities that determines the boundaries of thought in a given domain and period.” (from Wikipedia)

French edition
Publisher Editions Gallimard, 1969
275 pages [pdf de l'édition française]

#Thomas_Pynchon : Gravity's Rainbow (1973-) [EN, IT, HU]

A few months after the Germans' secret V-2 rocket bombs begin falling on London, British Intelligence discovers that a map of the city pinpointing the sexual conquests of one Lieutenant Tyrone Slothrop, U.S. Army, corresponds identically to a map showing V-2 impact sites. The implications of this discovery launch Slothrop on a wildly comic extravaganza.

“Gravity's Rainbow is Pynchon's most celebrated novel. An intricate and allusive fiction that combines and elaborates on many of the themes of his earlier work, including preterition, paranoia, racism, colonialism, conspiracy, synchronicity, and entropy, the novel has spawned a wealth of commentary and critical material, including reader's guides, books and scholarly articles, online concordances and discussions, and art works. Its artistic value is often compared to that of James Joyce's Ulysses. Some scholars have hailed it as the greatest American post-WW2 novel, and it has similarly been described as ‘literally an anthology of postmodernist themes and devices'.” (from Wikipedia) [#epub de l'édition anglaise]

#littérature #philosophie #cinéma #essai #livre

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