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October 20 2013

The world needs a rocket tax to solve the “Gravity” space junk problem – Quartz

The world needs a rocket tax to solve the “Gravity” space junk problem – Quartz

Earlier this year, a group of economists from Indiana-Purdue University, the US Federal Communications Commission, and the US Naval Academy tried to figure out how to limit the potential damage to a satellite industry that is responsible for everything from internet communications to GPS networks, and which was worth some $170 billion in 2012.
(...) The study found that commercial #satellite firms launch more satellites than is “socially desirable,” and they use launch technology that is more likely to create debris “because they only compare individual marginal benefits and costs of their technology choice and fail to take into account social benefits and costs.” That puts space debris squarely into the category of a “negative #externality,” (...)

One answer, they suggest, is a tax on satellite launches that could be used to pay for orbital clean-up


September 05 2013

Al-Qaïda à la recherche du talon d'Achille des drones américains | Presse russe | RIA Novosti

Al-Qaïda à la recherche du talon d’Achille des drones américains | Presse russe | RIA Novosti

Les ingénieurs d’Al-Qaïda ont reçu pour mission d’élaborer une stratégie anti-drone, comme en témoigne un rapport confidentiel du renseignement américain dévoilé au Washington Post par Edward Snowden, écrit jeudi le quotidien Nezavissimaïa gazeta.
Selon les informations de la Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), les terroristes financent des projets de recherche pour créer des stations de brouillage, qui permettraient de perturber les signaux GPS et les balises infrarouges qui servent à orienter les opérateurs de drones.
De plus, Al-Qaïda travaille sur des aérostats de surveillance et des appareils télécommandés de taille réduite qui devraient permettre aux terroristes de suivre la trajectoire des drones américains. Les terroristes se penchent sur la possibilité d’abattre les drones grâce aux lance-roquettes sol-air et travaillent sur des systèmes d’alerte d’approche de drones. Le commandement d’Al-Qaïda supervise tous les projets et sert de base de liaison pour échanger les succès entre diverses équipes d’ingénieurs.

July 30 2013

GPS jamming : Out of sight | The Economist

GPS jamming: Out of sight | The Economist

GPS jamming Out of sight
Satellite positioning-data are vital—but the signal is surprisingly easy to disrupt
Jul 27th 2013 |From the print edition

EVERY day for up to ten minutes near the London Stock Exchange, someone blocks signals from the global positioning system (GPS) network of satellites. Navigation systems in cars stop working and timestamps on trades made in financial institutions can be affected. The incidents are not a cyber-attack by a foreign power, though. The most likely culprit, according to Charles Curry, whose firm Chronos Technology covertly monitors such events, is a delivery driver dodging his bosses’ attempts to track him.

The signals are weak. Mr Curry likens them to a 20-watt light bulb viewed from 12,000 miles (19,300 km). And the jammers are cheap: a driver can buy a dashboard model for about £50 ($78). They are a growing menace. The bubbles of electromagnetic noise they create interfere with legitimate GPS users. They can disrupt civil aviation and kill mobile-phone signals, too. In America their sale and use is banned. In Britain they are illegal for civilians to use deliberately, but not, yet, to buy: Ofcom, a regulator, is mulling a ban. In recent years Australian officials have destroyed hundreds of jammers.

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