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April 10 2010

GRITtv 20100402 » Blog Archive » Creative Movements for Change in Palestine (~13 min)

by admin - This week was the 34th anniversary of Palestinian Land Day, and also a day for awareness of the growing boycott, divestment, sanctions movement. Land Day commemorates the deaths of six peaceful activists in a demonstration, and today we talk about activism and its ability to make change. - Remi Kanazi, a poet and activist, and Phyllis Bennis of the Insitute for Policy Studies join us in studio to discuss the ways that art, nonviolent protest, and pushes for creative boycotts are changing the way Americans look at Israel and Palestine.

April 06 2010

Küchenradio - Interview mit Daniel Schmitt von Wikileaks über das Projekt, geplante Veröffentlichungen, Infrastruktur und - sehr interessant gegen Ende des Tracks - einer umfassenden Medienkritik.
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