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September 24 2013

Mapping neoliberalism

Mapping #neoliberalism

The recent release of crime statistics by the national Minister of Safety and Security Nathi Mthethwa has reaffirmed #Cape_Town as the most dangerous city in the country. Most South Africans, however, still think that Johannesburg and Durban are more dangerous. This is in part because of the effective #MEDIA machine that is the Democratic […]

#POLITICS #African_National_Congress #Helen_Zille #South_Africa

August 18 2013

Is Caryl Férey's novel “Zulu” any good ?

Is Caryl Férey’s novel “#Zulu” any good?

Caryl Férey’s 2008 crime novel Zulu won the French Grand Prix prize for best crime novel. The #FILM version, starring Forrest Whittaker and Orlando Bloom, closed the Cannes Film Festival. (Originally, there was talk Djimon Hounsou would star. Sean talked about it here.) The French-South African production received less than stellar reviews post-Cannes. The film is not yet out in the U.S., France, #South_Africa (...)

#BOOKS #Forest_Whitaker #Inkatha

August 13 2013

There is no liberal tradition in South_Africa

There is no liberal tradition in #South_Africa

#liberalism regards the individual as the ultimate social and political agent, endowed with a number of rights. The ideology also acknowledges that individuals live in societies and are not totally autonomous. Consequently it also recognises a number of societal obligations the individual should fulfil in order to co-exist with others. In the continent of its […]

#POLITICS #Helen_Suzman #Jan_Smuts #Pallo_Jordan #race #Thomas_Pringle #whiteness

July 12 2013

The poor bosses

The poor bosses

Miners at multinational #Lonmin platinum mine at Marikana in Rustenburg, #South_Africa, speaking to (South African) Sunday Times reporter Lucky Biyase: ‘Whenever we ask for a wage increase, these companies plead poverty and threaten us with retrenchments. This is because they don’t want to pay money to black people. Why work when you don’t get [...]

#HISTORY #mining

July 10 2013

July 01 2013

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