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October 20 2013

New York Times Planning [withholding] NSA Papers

New York Times Planning [withholding] #NSA Papers

Snowden reportedly avoided the Times due to its suppressing the ATT-NSA interception program.

Ellsberg has said even now all of the Pentagon Papers was not released (...). What he does not say is what he was threatened with for full disclosure, what arrangements were negotiated with the USG by him and the Times for their protection against prosecution, and what has become of the full collection of the truncated, branded and lucratively marketed Pentagon Papers.

Moreover, it has become commonplace for reporting on national security affairs to articulate withholding of material, a cant now recognizable indicator of arrangements to benefit outlets at the cost of full public access. From the Church Committee hearings and All the President’s Men through four decades of the rise of prestigous national security journalism, there has been increasing claims by reporters to play the withholding game, as if responsibility to keepers of government secrecy justifies irresponsibility to public democracy.

#secret #presse #leaks #whistleblower #contrôle

August 22 2013

Edito du NYT qui juge la sentence de Bradley_Manning « excessive ». Il pourra faire appel dans 8 ans.…

Edito du NYT qui juge la sentence de #Bradley_Manning "excessive".
Il pourra faire appel dans 8 ans. Il est incarcéré depuis 3.

Bradley Manning’s Excessive Sentence -

But the larger issue, which is not resolved by Private Manning’s sentencing, is the federal government’s addiction to secrecy and what it will do when faced with future leaks, an inevitability when 92 million documents are classified in a year and more than 4 million Americans have security clearance.

Quelle autre sentence eut été possible ? Exercice de #droit international comparé :

Une autre réaction, celle de Birgitta Jónsdóttir, qui souligne les errements d’Obama, prof de droit constitutionnel, qui a pesé de tout son poids dans cette affaire :

When the president says that the Ellsberg’s material was classified in a different way, he seems to be unaware that there was a higher classification on the documents Ellsberg leaked.

Affaire Snowden : Obama n’a pas su réformer les politiques sécuritaires

En examinant l’entourage du président américain, il est frappant de constater le nombre d’anciens de l’administration Bush qui continuent d’occuper des postes-clés en matière de surveillance et d’espionnage.

Fin d’un procès devant une cour martiale qui aura vu, quelques jours après son ouverture, éclater l’affaire #Snowden #Prism #surveillance ; et que les #journalistes (dont le destin se confond de plus en plus avec celui des #whistleblowers) auront eu toutes les peines du monde à couvrir.

Qu’est-ce qui fait le succès du #lanceur_d'alerte ?
Un entretien avec le sociologue Francis Chateauraynaud qui a importé en France le terme de « lanceur d’alerte », tout en le distinguant de sa matrice anglo-saxonne de whistleblower.

Au même moment, on apprend que la surveillance domestique de la #NSA a été jugé illégale (contraire au 4e amendement) dès 2011 :

#Secret Court Rebuked N.S.A. on Surveillance

Reposted bywikileaks wikileaks

July 08 2013

Historians See Crisis in Declassification | Secrecy NewsSecrecy News

Historians See Crisis in Declassification | Secrecy NewsSecrecy News

Encore un cas où les dirigeants étasuniens ne respectent pas leurs propres lois.

Government programs to declassify national security information are not meeting public expectations, the needs of historians, or even the requirements of law, said the State Department's Historical Advisory Committee (HAC) in a report last week.

A 1991 statute mandated that the State Department publish the documentary record of U.S. foreign policy (known as Foreign Relations of the United States, or FRUS) no later than 30 years after the events described. That requirement is not being fulfilled and, the HAC said, is unlikely to be met any time soon due to “substantial delays in the declassification and publication processes.”

“The HAC is not sanguine about the prospects of the series achieving its goal of publishing the majority of the Foreign Relations volumes 30 years after the event in the near future–or possibly ever.”

The HAC, a panel of distinguished historians chaired by Prof. Richard Immerman of Temple University, presented its assessment in an annual report to the Secretary of State.

The members expressed “great concern” that the National Declassification Center (despite “commendable progress”) will not meet the goal set by President Obama to complete the processing of the backlog of 25 year old records awaiting declassification by the end of December 2013.

But failure to complete the required processing is not the only problem. The HAC also expressed dismay that “ a substantial percentage of those records that have been reviewed by the NDC have not been cleared for release to the public . In the opinion of the HAC, the relatively high number of reviewed documents that remain withheld from researchers and citizens raises fundamental questions about the declassification guidelines.”

#secret #hors-la-loi #que_cachent-ils ?

July 03 2013

*Ne pas confondre... le Conseil européen et le Conseil de l'Union européenne*, par Christophe…

Ne pas confondre... le Conseil européen et le Conseil de l'Union européenne, par Christophe Deloire et Christophe Dubois (#2012/09)

Même si l'on frise l'homonymie, même s'ils se réunissent au même endroit, le Conseil européen et le Conseil de l'Union européenne sont deux institutions distinctes. Le célèbre Conseil européen, dont les réunions font l'objet d'une couverture médiatique intense, a été créé informellement en 1974, puis progressivement consacré par le traité de Maastricht (1992) et le traité de Lisbonne (2008), qui en fait une institution officielle. Cette réunion des chefs d'Etat et de gouvernement « donne à l'Union les impulsions nécessaires et définit ses orientations politiques générales ». Bref, c'est une instance de décision, comme le conseil des ministres en France.

#Union_européenne #Conseil_de_l'Europe

Voir aussi :

L'avenir de l'#Europe se discute à huis clos

D'un sommet de crise sur l'euro à l'autre, le Conseil européen s'invite à la « une » des médias. Cependant, hormis le ballet des voitures officielles et le ronron des conférences de presse, on ignore presque tout des débats qui agitent les salles feutrées où se réunissent les vingt-sept chefs d'Etat et de gouvernement. Seuls quelques initiés y ont accès.

#Monnaie #Économie #Diplomatie #Démocratie #Libéralisme #Secret

May 15 2010

Russia releases secret papers on Katyn massacre signed by Stalin | Times Online - Toni Halpin - 20100429

[...] Top-secret documents detailing the Soviet leadership’s decision to murder 22,000 Polish officers at Katyn during the Second World War were released to the Russian public yesterday on the orders of President Medvedev.

In an unprecedented step, the Russian State Archive published official papers showing that Joseph Stalin approved the massacre proposed by his secret police henchman Lavrenti Beria. Other prominent members of the Soviet Politburo also signed off on the slaughter.

Mr Medvedev, on a state visit to Denmark, said that he had ordered the release of the material because “we owe it to the world”.

He told reporters: “We must learn the lesson of history. Let people see it, let them know who made the decision to kill the Polish officers. It’s all there in the documents. All signatures are there, all the faces are known.” [...]
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