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September 13 2011


Swedes oppose profits in free schools | - Fredrik Jansson - 2011-09-13

According to a report by The National Union of Teachers in Sweden (Lärarnas riksförbund), there is  solid opposition among Swedes regarding profits being taken out of the private so-called free schools. Eight out of ten Swedes want to see this limited. Even among centre-right voters 73 percent want to see such restrictions. Among centre-left voters 88 percent oppose profits.

Moreover, every other Swede does not think that there is equivalence in the schools in their own municipality.

The President of The National Union of Teachers in Sweden, Metta Fjelkner comments:

“The National Union of Teachers in Sweden wants all surplus reinvested in the school, into everything that improve the quality of teaching, as smaller classes, better facilities and equipment, qualified and well-paid teachers. There is something wrong with the school if it is on its knees with a lack of equivalence and declining academic achievement, while private owners can bring home millions in profits.”

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