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August 17 2011



If you don’t follow the weirdness on the far right then all of this will have been under your radar (or of no interest to you, like the recipes for nostalgia-tinged home cooking that may very well be at the back of the weekly KKK newsletter). It is all a way of participating in the activity of the fringe folks who say Europe is turning into “Eurabia” and that all those seemingly nice immigrants who are doing all your work for you and serving you delicious kebab have a secret plan to reduce you to “dhimmitude“, which may sound like a charming term from the lexicon of Donovan but is actually meant to make you feel certain that living around people with a different nationality and religion is sinister. There are some well known outlets for this sort of thing, which I will not bother naming or linking.

So there is the connection: these are the waters into which Mr Trifković jumped, which Mr Breivik guzzled, and which people outside of that pond probably notice fairly rarely, maybe only on those occasions when unpopular political parties like BNP manage to make their ideas part of the programme of parties with supporters, like the Tories and Labour. It contributes to building an environment of hostility in which it was reasonable to expect that somebody, sooner or later, would feel inspired to commit the kind of crime that was eventually committed in Norway.



Gobal Voices

// Eric Gordy of East Ethnia writes about the Balkan dimension of the July 22 terrorist attacks in Norway: “[…] [Anders Breivik] has the revelation that his path to violent idiocy began with his shock at the Kosovo bombing campaign in 1999. //

via oAnth

Keep on Trifkin’ « East Ethnia | 2011-08-13

May 09 2011

April 19 2011


BBC News - Croat generals jailed for war crimes in Krajina

Two retired Croatian generals have been convicted of atrocities against Serbs during the break up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, after a trial at The Hague.

Judges sentenced Ante Gotovina to 24 years and Mladen Markac to 18 years in jail for crimes including murder, persecution and plunder.

The men helped to plan an operation to retake Croatia's Krajina region and force out all Serbs in 1995.

[....with a video report from Croatia]


Le Courrier des Balkans, le portail francophone des Balkans | TPI : Ante Gotovina, criminel de guerre .... | Dossier d'articles jusqu'au 15 Avril 2011

  TPIY : 24 ans de prison pour ante gotovina, 18 pour mladen markač, ivan čermak acquitté
Le Courrier des Balkans

TPIY : 24 ans de prison pour Ante Gotovina, 18 pour Mladen Markač, Ivan Čermak acquitté

Le TPIY a rendu vendredi matin son verdict contre les trois généraux croates Ante Gotovina, Mladen Markač et Ivan Čermak. Reconnus coupables de crimes de guerre et de crimes contre l’humanité dans le cadre de l’opération « Oluja » de reconquête de la Krajina, en 1995, les deux premiers accusés ont écopé de lourdes peines de prison. Des manifestations ont commencé à Zagreb et dans beaucoup de villes de Croatie.



24 Jahre Haft für kroatischen General Gotovina | International - Tagesschau - Schweizer Fernsehen - 2011-04-15

Der Internationale Strafgerichtshof für das ehemalige Jugoslawien (ICTY) in Den Haag (NL) hat den ehemaligen kroatischen General Ante Gotovina wegen Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit im Jugoslawienkrieg verurteilt. Der 55-Jährige muss für 24 Jahre ins Gefängnis.

[... incl. diverse Videos - mit zeitgeschichtlichem Rückblick]

April 18 2011

Romania: Literary renaissance

Richard Byrne of Balkans via Bohemia writes about the playwrite Lucian Blaga and a renaissance for Romanian 20th century literature and drama.

March 08 2011

November 27 2010

Call for Films made by and about Roma
Deadline 15th December

Dear filmmakers,

Building on the successes from the first Festival in October 2009, the 2011 Rolling Film Festival will once again highlight films made by and about Roma around the world from  24th > 27th February 2011.   
Rolling Film Festival #2 is developing several new actions this year. Aside from a four-day film festival in Prishtina, we will also organize a school program and community screenings in 7 cities all around Kosovo from 2nd > 10th March 2011, as well as a short film competition for Roma youth aiming to encourage Roma youth creativity.     

Balkan Sunflowers and Romawood has begun the organization of Rolling Film Festival #2 and would like to invite all  the filmmakers who made a film about Roma and Roma filmmakers to submit their film to our festival.
We are currently looking for films - Documentaries, Short Films, Fiction,Experimental or/and Animation of any length.  We are also looking for Video Spots and Campaign Videos (up to 2 min) with a strong message.

Last year's experience sending the films by post to Kosovo was quite a challenge for the filmmakers and the organizers; therefore this year the films will be sent to this adress:
Djordje Tadic for the Rolling Film Festival
Djure Strugara 11
25230 Kula,

We would kindly ask you to fill in the ENTRY FORM below and send it to us by the 15th of December along with a DVD of a film and/or the Video Spot and Campaign Video.

Sincerely Yours,
Rolling Film Festival Team

January 21 2010



Acht Minuten Zeit? Ein wunderbarer Clip, als Einstieg.
Ihr müßt euch den ansehen, los.

Šuto Orizari, kurz Shutka, ist die einzige Gemeinde der Welt, in der die Roma die Mehrheit der Bewohner stellen; die übige Bevölkerung besteht aus Albanern, Mazedoniern, Türken und Serben.



Wer in irgend einer Sache Chef, Häuptling oder Champion werden möchte, der sollte nach Shutka fahren. Hier das volle Programm: The Shutka book of records (Teile 1-9)

“In Shutka misst sich der Wohlstand nicht am Geld. Hier ist derjenige wohlhabend, der immer wieder in der Lage ist, sich neu zu erfinden. Vielleicht ist dies auch der Grund, warum behauptet wird, in Shutka finden mehr Meisterschaften in irgendwas statt, als irgendwo anders auf der Welt. Seien es Vampirjagden, Gesangswettbewerbe, Türkische-Musikkassetten-sammeln-Meisterschaften oder Wer-hat-die-schönste-Sonntagsgarderobe-Ausscheidungskämpfe. Selbst Kanarienvögel, Tauben und Gänse werden trainiert, um sich im Singen, Fliegen und Boxen zu messen.”

Die Wikipedia über Šuto Orizari, auch über die problematische Situation der Menschen dort. |


Dank für den Tip an Jinnah Komatsu!


→ Hierzu siehe auch:

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Jinn-TV. Gucken! |
• Die Clips von Jinnah Komatsu auf Vimeo. |
• Jinnah Komatsu auf MySpace. |

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