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August 05 2013

Snowden a friend or foe ? Wikipedia fight takes both sides | Fox News

#Snowden a friend or foe? #Wikipedia fight takes both sides | Fox News

Then — a mere eight-or-so hours later — someone with an IP address linked to the U.S. Senate, according to the Daily Mail, upped the verbal ante, surgically changing “dissident,” to the more inflammatory, “traitor.”

A search by confirms the IP address links to a computer located on the 6th floor of 2 Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, D.C., home to the U.S. Senate.

Exactly 1 minute later, according to Wikipedia’s publicly available revision history, a moderator named Ginsuloft changed Snowden’s all-important introductory description back to “dissident.”

In this case, Ginsuloft explained himself.

 “Hello, I’m Ginsuloft,” wrote the would-be editor/moderator on something referred to as a “talk page.”

“Wikipedia is written by people who have a wide diversity of opinions, but we try hard to make sure articles have a neutral point of view. Your recent edit to Edward Snowden seemed less than neutral to me, so I removed it for now. If you think I made a mistake, or if you have any questions, you can leave me a message… Thank you.”

July 26 2013

Daily Mail in £110k libel payout over Syrian chemical weapons story | Press Gazette

Daily Mail in £110k libel payout over Syrian chemical weapons story | Press Gazette

The Daily Mail has been forced to pay more than £100,000 in damages and apologise for a story linking a UK defence company with the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

The paper has agreed to pat £110,000 plus legal costs and carry an apology on its website after it had falsely suggested that Britam Defence and two of its directors had been willing to sell chemical weapons to rebels fighting President Assad.

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