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September 13 2013

Francesco Franchi Je découvre grâce à un billet de Michael cet infographiste très intéressant. Il…

Francesco Franchi

Je découvre grâce à un billet de Michael cet infographiste très intéressant. Il vient de sortir un livre


Editorial and information visual designer.

Since 2008, I’m the art director at IL, the monthly magazine of Il Sole 24 ORE. Before that, I worked for five years as a senior designer at Leftloft, a Milan based design studio, dealing with communication design, editorial projects and infographics. I hold a Bachelor in Industrial Design from Politecnico di Milano, where I graduated in 2004. In 2005, I took specialized classes in Communication Design at the London Metropolitan University. In 2007, I graduated cum laude at Politecnico di Milano, where I gained a Master degree in Industrial Design. My thesis focuses on newspaper design, and suggests a new design paradigm for the redesign of a newspaper. I’m professional journalist since 2010. I’m member of The Society of Publication Designer and professional member of AIAP, the Italian Council of Communication Design.

Voir aussi :

Une présentation du nouveau livre

#visualisation #cartographie #infographie

August 29 2013

Le programme d'éducation sexuelle de l'Oregon veut "aider à réduire la pauvreté, la discrimination,…

Le programme d’éducation sexuelle de l’Oregon veut « aider à réduire la pauvreté, la discrimination, les inégalités et normes de genre » :

The Empowerment cure : How teen sex-ed has undergone a brilliant and rapid evolution
But there’s one area of reproductive health that has been quietly and steadily improving for years: reducing teen pregnancies. During the last years of the Bush administration, the teen birth rate rose for the first time since 1992. But from 2007-2011 (the four most recent years the experts crunched the numbers), the trend swiftly reversed and the teen birth rate nationwide dropped a whopping 25 percent.
Essentially, what health-care workers learned in the dark years between 2005 and 2007 was that just telling teens to abstain from sex was not an effective approach. Trying to reduce teen pregnancies by telling teens what not to do is myopic. As teenagers—especially black and Latino teens—start to grapple with issues of oppression, sex, and economics, they need support in developing healthy, empowered lives in general. Rather than telling teens what their sexual choices should be, they need the tools to decide for themselves.

“You can’t come into communities of color and say, ‘This is what needs to happen, so we’re going to do this,’” says health educator Gary-Smith, who works with Portland’s African American communities. “What you need to do instead is go to the community and have them determine what’s important to them, so it’s relevant to their lives. For communities that have a history of being disenfranchised and defined by others, giving them a space to talk about what that’s like for them—and then they can frame what they want—is really important.”
This local outreach and holistic work on sexual health is possible because of a major recent change in how the federal government funds sexual health programs. Instead of betting all its money on abstinence-only education, since 2010, reproductive health advocates pushed federal policy to instead favor “evidence-based” teen pregnancy prevention programs—meaning rigorous research has shown they’re actually effective.

#éducation_sexuelle #contraception #avortement #birth_control #empowerment #women

August 22 2013

US states banned from exporting their trash to China are drowning in plastic

US states banned from exporting their trash to China are drowning in plastic

Being green is getting a lot harder for eco-friendly states in the US, thanks to the country’s dependency on overrun Chinese recycling facilities. Recycling centers in Oregon recently stopped accepting clear plastic “clamshell” containers used for berries, plastic hospital gowns and plastic bags, as the Ashland Daily Tidings reports. Yogurt and butter tubs are probably next. In Olympia, Washington, recycling centers are no longer accepting plastic bags. California’s farmers are grappling with what to do with the 50,000 to 75,000 tons of plastic they use each year.

#environnement #recyclage

July 10 2013

L'ère de la taxe kilométrique a commencé - The Atlantic Cities

L’ère de la taxe kilométrique a commencé - The Atlantic Cities

L’Oregon a été le premier état américain a mettre une taxe à la pompe, sur l’essence. Mais c’est aussi l’un des premiers à y mettre fin pour développer une taxe sur le nombre de kilomètre parcouru. Pour l’instant, un programme pilote doit regarder les options possibles pour l’instauration de cette taxe. L’idée est de taxer ceux qui conduisent le plus par rapport à ceux qui font le moins de kilomètres. Le programme de l’Oregon n’est pour l’instant qu’un modeste pilote. Mais il pourrait bien être un (...)

#voiture #transport #fiscalité #citelabo #villelegere

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