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July 29 2013

On African Fiction(s)

On African Fiction(s)

I’ll admit to a certain amount of nervousness when the debate about who is and who is not an African – and in this version a “real African” writer – begins. As a South African, it seems a wagging finger waits reflexively to adjudicate on matters determined centuries before; where dogma overrides history and geography [...]

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July 25 2013

*Mazloom, une pièce théâtrale* ❝Mazloom is a portrait of a young refugee, Asef, alone in London,…

Mazloom, une pièce théâtrale

Mazloom is a portrait of a young refugee, Asef, alone in London, whose life is being torn apart by the impending prospect of deportation to Afghanistan.

The script came about as a result of an 8 month project run by Kieran Sheehan Dance Theatre in collaboration with Merton and Wandsworth Asylum Welcome. Sara Masters (writer) and Kieran Sheehan (director/choreographer) worked with a group of six young Afghan asylum seekers to create a piece of performance. This explored their experiences both before and after coming to the UK and their responses to turning 18 and losing their protection - their right to remain - in the UK.

Fearful of their fragile positions in the UK and terrified of what life would be for them in Afghanistan, Mazloom is an intimate portrayal of an isolated young man on the brink. This was workshopped and performed at The Old Vic Tunnels and went on to be seen at a variety of venues, raising awareness of the dangers unaccompanied asylum-seeking children face, as they turn 18.

Mazloom - having been further developed by the Media Arts and Drama departments of Royal Holloway, University of London, and with new film footage and sound track by film-maker Sue Clayton (Hamedullah: the Road Home) - is now going on a national tour. Playing the part of Asef is actor Priyank Morjaria.

The tour has been made possible through the financial support of RHUL, National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns, Dover Detainee Visitor Group and Kent Refugee Action Network.

Mazloom is touring as part of Young People Seeking Safety Week 2013, the third annual week of celebration and action of the YPSS network.

For more information, contact

#théâtre #spectacle #migration #réfugié #asile #Angleterre #Grande-Bretagne #Afghanistan #Londres

July 22 2013

The Man Behind ‘Newsroom' Anchor Will McAvoy's Fake Tweets - The Daily Beast

The Man Behind ‘Newsroom’ Anchor Will McAvoy’s Fake Tweets - The Daily Beast

is the #Twitter handle of a 29-year-old man who wishes to remain nameless because he spends his day writing copy for a major airline.

Although “McAvoy” declines to disclose his identity, he’s hoping to use his experience to get into television writing and is already working on a spec script for a Season 3 of The Newsroom. The original impetus for his Twitter accounts was a way to get rid of writer’s block and write more like Aaron Sorkin. It is a tribute to Sorkin’s writing that the characters he created can inspire such fully-formed fan tributes that they are able to wade into online debates untethered to their maker.

« #The_Newsroom »

Série brillante et engagée sur le thème des médias, appelée « Salle des nouvelles » au Québec, « The Newsroom » plonge le spectateur dans le quotidien (plutôt nocturne d’ailleurs) de l’équipe de « News Night », le JT de la chaîne d’information en continu ACN, network qui se frotte à CNN et Fox News et qui, sous l’impulsion de Mackenzie McHale et de son présentateur-vedette Will McAvoy, entend délivrer une autre information. La série d’Aaron Sorkin mêle habilement les ressorts d’un drama bien huilé, qui tend vers le soap quand il s’agit de dérouler des intrigues amoureuses entre les personnages ou vers la comédie avec virtuosité et humour au long des joutes verbales incessantes. Dire que chaque épisode de « The Newsroom » est rythmé est un euphémisme, presque un pléonasme.

#scénariste #tv_show #hbo #journalisme #télé #temps_réel #militer (McAvoy dirait plutôt #civiliser)

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