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September 14 2013

Anne Bayin Photographer / Writer, Toronto, Canada

Anne Bayin Photographer / Writer, Toronto, Canada

Artist Statement

My breakthrough photograph happened in 1994 when I took a picture of my nephew, Shawn at a car wash. He was driving his father’s old Caprice and I was in the back with my Olympus point-and-shoot. I noticed three red poppies his dad had stuck to the roof and two boyish eyes looking back at me in the rear-view mirror. Something about my nephew’s youth juxtaposed with the symbolic poppies created a story that transcended the image.

The picture had color, simplicity, metaphor and visual design; elements that came to define what I look for in my work.

So my love affair with photography began.

I had always loved storytelling. In my twenties, I published poetry, made films with a Super-8 camera and interviewed eccentrics on the west coast. When I moved to Toronto I earned my living as a radio and television producer and writer, seldom taking a camera on travels because I felt it separated me from “experience.” Instead, I kept diaries. Words were my snapshots.

On a trip to Rajasthan in the mid-1980s, I met a charming driver in Jodphur who referred to me, (joking, of course) as “Lady Without a Camera.” After my conversion, I returned to India and looked up Mr.Tak, who was relieved to see me with several Nikons and a tripod.

Mine is a documentary approach. I am attracted to content, ideas and beauty. Something intrigues me- a scene, a circumstance- I record it. I seldom interfere with what is happening, but place myself in a promising location and wait for surprises. I often break rules by dividing a picture down the middle or cropping to the essence in the viewfinder: mother’s smile, baby’s ear.

I am interested in layers and hidden meanings. A photograph should make you feel something and lead to new discoveries. A window contains themes in addition to what is written on its surface; it offers one thing, reveals another. A shoe display with reflections of streetscape, passersby, the interplay of light and shadow, gains mystery and personality.

I have taken workshops with photographers such as Bruce Davidson, Freeman Patterson, who have helped me refine my vision and trust my eye.

If asked what photography means in my life, I would say it has shown me worlds I had not seen.

If asked why I chose photography as my means of expression, I would say I didn’t. Others may have said this but l like to think I said it first.

Photography chose me.

#photographie #art

August 28 2013

Artist flees Russia after paintings of Putin, others with lingerie, breasts and tattoos draw…

Artist flees Russia after paintings of Putin, others with lingerie, breasts and tattoos draw Kremlin ire. - Vocativ

A prominent St. Petersburg artist said he was hightailing it out of Russia after police raided a local gallery and seized four of his paintings, one of which (Travesty, below) portrays President Vladimir Putin in drag, gingerly touching the hair of a lingerie-clad Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

#russie #poutine #medvedev #autoritarisme #censure #art #artistes

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August 23 2013

László Moholy-Nagy, _Painting, Photography, Film_ (1925/1969) sur Monoskop

László Moholy-Nagy, Painting, Photography, Film (1925/1969) sur #Monoskop

An English translation of the original 1925 Moholy-Nagy book presents his innovative photograms, the creative X-rays, super-wide-angle fisheye pictures, double prints, collages, montages, and the Bauhaus artist’s thoughts on the interrelationship of type, audio, and visual perception.

From the book: “The layout of the pages designed by Moholy-Nagy in 1927–bold sans-serif captions surrounded by lots of white space; compositions composed of arrows, dots, photographs, and heavy ruled lines — is much more like a movie storyboard or a musical score. It conveys a suggestion of imploding optical and retinal phenomena, much like driving down the Los Angeles Freeway at 70 mph or jolting through Philadelphia on the Metroliner.. This edition is a translation and facsimile of the second German edition of Malerei, Fotographie, Film published in 1927 by the Bauhaus Press; and it serves as a valuable reminder of the graphic design pioneered at the Bauhaus by Moholy-Nagy and Herbert Bayer..”

“Gropius had invited the twenty-eight-year-old Hungarian phenom onto the Bauhaus faculty in 1923, and Malerei Fotografie Film is Moholy-Nagy’s first attempt to lay out his entire theory and program for photography, and ultimately, for the transformation of human vision.. The book’s bold typography and design enacted Moholy’s concept of ‘typofoto,’ involving the integration of type and images, which was further elaborated in his two later theoretical works, Von Material zu Architektur and Vision in Motion..” (Randell Roth)

Includes phhotography by #Alfred_Steiglitz, #Albert_Renger-Pazsch, #László_Moholy-Nagy, #Man_Ray, #Lucia_Moholy, #Hannah_Hoch and others. [#pdf]

#livre #photographie #photogrammes #radiographies #histoire #typo #art #collages

August 12 2013

When Jean-Michel_Basquiat went to Africa

When #Jean-Michel_Basquiat went to Africa

Jean-Michel Basquiat, the first American artist of African descent to achieve international stardom, often referenced Africa or the African diaspora in his work. Take, for example, 1983′s “The Nile” (a painting that featured nods to Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Nile and the Nuba in Sudan) and “Gold Griot” (1984). So recently when I found a copy […]

#ART #Abidjan #BOOKS #Brooklyn #Cote_d'Ivoire #Gerard_Basquiat #Haiti #Puerto_Rico

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