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September 27 2013

IAEA says talks with Iran « very constructive »

#IAEA says talks with #Iran “very constructive”

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief inspector Herman Nackaerts, right, and Iran’s ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Reza Najafi speak to journalists at the Iranian permanent mission to the United Nations and other international organizations in Vienna on 27 September 2013. (Photo: AFP - Alexander Klein)

The UN atomic agency said on Friday it held “very constructive” talks with Iran, announcing a future meeting between the two (...)


August 03 2013

Israeli envoy : EU formed guidelines 'under the radar', broke promise to show us draft by Barak…

Israeli envoy: EU formed guidelines ’under the radar’, broke promise to show us draft
by Barak Ravid
Haaretz, 3rd of August 2013

Israeli ambassador to the European Union in Brussels, David Walzer, admitted in a document sent to Deputy Foreign Minister Ze’ev Elkin and Ministry Director-General Rafael Barak that he was indeed surprised by the formulation and timing of the EU guidelines on settlements. In the document, which is part of an inquiry held on the guidelines, Walzer insists that he and his staff were not guilty of negligence.

A senior official in the ministry revealed that several days after Haaretz first published the new EU guidelines as to settlements, Elkin directed Barak to hold an investigation as to possible failings of the Israeli delegation to the EU and the Foreign Ministry in the matter.

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July 25 2013

Colombian ambassador resigns after land grab scam

Colombian ambassador resigns after land grab scam

Colombian Ambassador to the United States, Carlos Urrutia, has resigned under a cloud of scandal involving the illegal purchase of protected peasant land holdings by multinational companies facilitated by Urrutia´s law firm, Brigard & Urrutia.

The story was first appeared June when the Wall Street Journal reported the illegal purchases involving US food giant Cargill Inc., Colombian sugar company Riopaila, and Grupo Aval, a financial firm owned by Luis Carlos Sarimiento, a personal friend of President Juan Manuel Santos and owner of El Tiempo, the country´s largest newspaper.

#terres #Colombie #magouille

July 04 2013

Es-ce un signe de l'approfondissement du désaccord entre Aoun et le Hezbollah - prorogation de la…

Es-ce un signe de l'approfondissement du désaccord entre Aoun et le Hezbollah - prorogation de la chambre, de Kahwagi, contentieux Aoun-Berry, ... - ou bien un simple message d'avertissement envoyé par le général au cheikh Nasrallah ? En tout cas Aoun a rencontré l'ambassadeur saoudien au Liban Ali Awad Asiri :

Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Lebanon paid a rare visit Tuesday to Hezbollah's main Christian ally Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun, but sources from his party said the talks were not a sign that the veteran leader was shifting alliances.
Hours before the visit, Ambassador Ali Awad Asiri said that Hezbollah's involvement in Syria endangered Lebanon's stability and that the group should revise its policy toward Sunnis and other sects.
Sources said that the visit that Asiri paid to Aoun was the result of a series of contacts between the Saudi Embassy and the FPM in Beirut over the past few months.
They said that Asiri had expressed interest in meeting Aoun, so the latter invited him to lunch.
Ties between Aoun, an ally of Hezbollah, and Riyadh have been strained since the lawmaker shifted cut his allegiance to the March 14 coalition and backed the rival Hezbollah-led March 8 camp instead.
Aoun has repeatedly accused Saudi officials of siding with March 14.
However, in an apparent thawing of relations, caretaker Energy Minister Gebran Bassil, Aoun's son-in-law, visited Asiri in April.
The sources denied that Aoun had reached a deal with Asiri which would pave the way for him to break with March 8, backed by Iran and Syria.
“The issue is not that simple. A meeting during a lunch will not result in a deal between Aoun and a group with whom he is in disagreement over several issues,” one source said.

Et un représentant du CPL de « rassurer » :

Tony Nasrallah, responsable au Courant patriotique libre
“Il ne faut accorder à la rencontre entre le général Aoun et l'ambassadeur d'Arabie saoudite plus d'importance qu'elle ne mérite. Il n'y a aucun retournement dans la position du Courant patriotique libre. L'alliance entre le CPL et le Hezbollah est stratégique, elle est basée sur une amitié plus solide que ce que certains s'imaginent. Les deux partis sont à bord d'un même navire.

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