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September 17 2013

The secret financial market only robots can see – Quartz

The secret financial market only #robots can see – Quartz

In a new paper called “Abrupt rise of new machine ecology beyond human response time,” researchers found a new trading ecosystem that humans don’t even notice.

People can’t really respond to stimuli much faster than in one second. The benchmark comes from cognitive scientists who find that it takes 650 milliseconds for a chess grandmaster to realize that a king has been put in check after a move. Below that time period, you can find “ultrafast extreme events,” or UEEs, in which trading algorithms cause prices to change by 0.08% or more before returning to human-time market prices. This appears to be the case when many simple algorithms, operating on limited information, pile into a single trade.

#temps #finance #trading_hf

August 20 2013

Saudi Arabia Blames America For the Turmoil in Egypt

Saudi Arabia Blames America For the Turmoil in Egypt

In an unprecedented comment this weekend, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah blamed American “ignorance” for the crisis in Egypt. Without mentioning America by name, the king blamed Washington’s “interference” in Arab politics for the last two years of turmoil.

In a scathing statement, the king urged Muslims to stand behind the Egyptian Army in fighting terrorism and extremism. Speaking in sorrow, Abdullah blamed outsiders ignorant of Arabism, Islam, and Egypt for senseless interference in the politics of the Arab world’s most populous state. Clearly referring to President Obama’s decision two years ago to push for Hosni Mubarak’s ouster, the king suggested Washington played with fire and has now been burned.

July 29 2013

Exclusive : How Saudi Arabia picked leader of the Syrian exile opposition

Exclusive: How Saudi Arabia picked leader of the Syrian exile opposition

This is what has not been reported about how Saudi Arabia picked the leader of the Syrian National Coalition, with the full support of the (fake) progressive boy of Bandar, Michel Kilu.  Ahmad Al-Jarba, the tribal polygamist who was unknown in opposition circles inside and outside Syria, was picked purely because he is related by marriage to Saudi King Abdullah.  The Saudi King is currently married to two sisters from Al-Jarba family: Tadi and Malika Al-Jarba (his other two wives are from the Sha’lan and the Muhanna families.)  Enjoy your Syrian polygamist “revolution”.

PS Correction. Tadi and Malikah are cousins and not sisters.

July 12 2013

Egypt's 1952 revolution and military rule, a history in photos

Egypt’s 1952 revolution and military rule, a history in photos

On July 23, 1952 a group of Egyptian army officers, calling themselves the “Free Officers Movement” engineered a coup d’etat and forced King Farouk to abdicate the throne and leave the country. After years of building tension between Egypt and Britain over control of the Suez Canal and the Sudan, the military power grab abolished the monarchy and began to build a new sense of Egyptian nationalism. Revolution Day is commemorated every year on July 23.

The Egyptian Republic was declared on June 18, 1953, but military leaders have kept a firm grasp on power ever since.

CAIRO, EGYPT - 1952: Meeting of the Egyptian “Free Officers” in Cairo in 1952. The Free Officers forced King Faruq 23 July 1952 to leave the throne and replaced him by his son King Fouad. Mohammed Nagib (2R) Gamal Abdel Nasser (3R) Anwar al-Sadat (From 4L). Others are unidentified. (Photo by AFP/Getty Images)
#photographie #égypte

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