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August 23 2013

Rappel - Info du 4 avril 2013 Egypte : un incendie détruit tous les documents concernant les…

Rappel - Info du 4 avril 2013
Egypte : un incendie détruit tous les documents concernant les meurtres de protestants durant le printemps arabe

The incident has been labeled as suspicious by Egyptian Justice Minister Ahmed Mekki who spoke to Al Arabiya.
Abbas said some of the legal cases that the court was handling included Hosni Mubarak’s alleged role in the killing of protesters. The “Battle of the Camel” incident, that saw heavy violence in central Cairo on Feb. 2, 2011 and other cases. He added that trials in some of the cases would be moved to the new Zeinhom Court.
Egyptian Civil Defense Forces managed to put out the fire and an investigation into the incident has been launched.
Mekki noted that the fire should speed up the process of digitizing lawsuit documents.
“The ministry is serious in achieving this project, and the electronic lawsuits will become a reality in Egypt by October 1st, when we will have a digital original of every legal document used in lawsuits.”
The incident came amid simmering tensions between political factions in the country, with the ruling Islamists bent on eradicating what they often call “remnants” of the old regime from the public administration and positions of power.

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August 22 2013

Fear returns to Egypt as state crackdown widens | Reuters

Fear returns to Egypt as state crackdown widens | Reuters

A climate of fear that kept Egyptians compliant during the 30-year rule of Hosni Mubarak is creeping back into daily life, less than three years after the revolt that toppled him.

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Constitution committee's draft unfavorable to Islamists | Mada Masr 21st of August

Constitution committee’s draft unfavorable to Islamists |
Mada Masr
21st of August

A sign of significant change in terms of parliamentary representation can be seen in the committee’s decision to return to the single candidate system during elections, reversing the rules whereby two thirds of parliament’s seats were granted to party lists and a third to individual candidates. Egypt saw the first parliamentary elections using this system in November 2011, which resulted in a 70 percent victory for Islamists, who, in turn, were able to select the 100 lawmakers who drafted the 2012 Constitution.  

A return to the single candidate system represents the return to the electoral norms during the rule of deposed President Hosni Mubarak. It has been criticized for being associated with large families in Upper and Lower Egypt being able to exert control and influence over the electoral process. Islamists, instead, relied on electoral lists to gather enough votes in a parliament, where its party representation was quite strong. 

The article in the suspended constitution stipulating the political exclusion of members of the formerly ruling National Democratic Party for a period of 10 years, has been removed by the committee. This arguably reflects an interest in the return of former regime figures either through the single candidate system or through their inclusion in political parties, particularly the liberals among them.

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