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June 29 2013

Open_data can promote social injustice.

#Open_data can promote social injustice.

In an excellent new paper titled “From Open Data to Information Justice,” which was presented at the Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference, Jeffrey Johnson, a political scientist at Utah Valley University, writes that directing attention toward openness—and the mantra that sunlight is the best disinfectant—can detract from more serious questions about how data is created. “The constructed nature of data makes it quite possible for injustices to be embedded in the data itself,” he says. “Whether by design or as unintended consequences, the process of constructing data builds social values and patterns of privilege into the data.” Johnson explores three specific issues that arise from failing to question the ways in which data is constructed: embedded social privileges, different capabilities of users who have access, and the norms that these systems impose on people

#inégalités #fichage

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