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July 28 2013

*Documenting Migrant Deaths at Sea* ❝UNHCR reported recently that 1500 people "drowned or went…

Documenting Migrant Deaths at Sea

UNHCR reported recently that 1500 people “drowned or went missing last year [2011] while attempting crossings of the Mediterranean Sea.” The actual number may be even higher; a spokesperson for the agency noted that “Our estimates are based on interviews with people who reached Europe on boats, telephone calls and e-mails from relatives, as well as reports from Libya and Tunisia from survivors whose boats either sank or were in distress in the early stages of the journey.”

#références #morts #décès #Méditerranée #mer #migration #statistiques #comptabilité #décompte #migrants

July 14 2013

*The darker side of the Mediterranean sea : photos from the frontline of migration to Europe*…

The darker side of the Mediterranean sea : photos from the frontline of migration to Europe

Photojournalist Giorgos Moutafis has been documenting the arrivals of migrants and refugees to the Greek islands. Here he tells the stories behind some of his pictures, which also appear in our new campaign briefing

#Giorgos_Moufafis ne produit pas seulement de très touchant reportages, mais est aussi un homme adorable. Je l’ai rencontré en Grèce et eu énormément de plaisir de travailler avec lui...

#photo #photojournalisme #Grèce #migration #Méditerranée

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