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May 02 2010

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@kitten, you are certainly acquainted with the  biergarden & restaurant Menterschweige - the fotograf you asked for and this one (both 20100424), with Solln - Siemenswerke  vis-à -vis - is done nearly at the same place at the eastern high banks from the Isar river.

oanth - muc - 20100503
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Fotograf made during a bike tour 24th of April in south of Munich along the Isar high banks - today the river, which the day was still to recognize between the branches, wouldn't be to see any more. - oanth


Dear all (soup-users & @kitchen),

things are already going to recover and coming back to normal circumstances - at least I can post, repost, etc. in all directions again, and the RSS auto upload seems also to have restarted; I can't say to what extend for the moment, but the integration is on its way to come back to normal functionality - I helped myself still by manual activation, just to have faster results for the integration in my soup.

Concerning the notifications, I don't know how well they are doing up to the right moment, it's not yet observed enough. The login works for my soup without problems.

What remained obviously still unfixed is the mail service, what I feel as a sincere restriction for a certain kind of postings, which I am used to coordinate directly with my mail-client.

Thanks to the @kitchen for your precious time in maintaining the system to bring it back.

Best wishes for an agreable May sunday (evening)
with greetings from muc

by oanth ( CEST 16.30 20100502)

April 28 2010

bemused beaver
// very bemused indeed: this isn't a beaver at all, it's an otter (in DE: Fischotter. lat. lutra lutra) - oanth
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April 25 2010

Grass at the lake
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April 19 2010

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It felt as if one’s entire world was one, long Sunday afternoon.
Nothing to do. Nowhere to go.


April 03 2010


March 23 2010

February 21 2010



Fifty Dangerous Things is really about providing an antidote to the overprotective parenting style that seems to becoming the norm in our society. Readers of GeekDad will probably be familiar with the concept of “helicopter parenting” (hovering too much over your kids) and sites like Free-Range Kids, that promote less-overprotective parenting. Fifty Dangerous Things fits right in with that mindset, and I found it to be a fun and useful tool for helping me expand my children’s experiences.

After spending some time working on the activities with my son, I got a chance to ask some questions of Gever Tulley about writing Fifty Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do). Here’s the interview.

— read more in: "Gever Tulley Talks About Fifty Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do)" by By Ken Denmead in Wired - Geekdad, Raising Geek Generation 2.0
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January 21 2010

Instrument des Tages (144): Die Meeresorgel von Zadar

Dort, wo die kroatische Stadt Zadar ins Meer grenzt, sind seit 2005 eine Anzahl dicker, schwarzer Röhren entland des Uferwegs zu sehen und vor allem zu hören. Es sind die 35 Pfeifen der Meeresorgel von Zadar. Das Instrument wird von der Brandung gespielt. Das Wasser schiebt Luft durch die unterschiedlich großen Röhren, deren Klang sich zu eigentümlichen Akkorden und dissonanten Melodien verbindet.

Das Video ist nicht wirklich anschaulich, auch wenn man die Orgelröhren gelegentlich erkennen kann. Es ist aber als Hörbeispiel brauchbar:

(Gefunden bei weburbanist)

Ähnliche Instrumente gibt es auch in San Francisco und im britischen Blackpool.

Und hier die → Instrumente des Tages Numero 1 bis 143.

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November 08 2009

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