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December 20 2009

Jigsaw - Carol.

Funny how you spend a week building a new set, blowing off friends and family, so to be able to film an Xmas special that resides firmly in the continuity of the upcoming season, only to have two feet of snow drop on you and change everything. For the better, I think.

2009 has been a rough year for pretty much everybody. I like to think there's a lot of good in there with the bad, so that you get an interesting mixture of joy and melancholy as the overall theme of the year. This carol may have been on my mind for just that reason. Celebratory and sad, almost spooky. I couldn't add anything to that, so I just had Lump, Frank & Regibor sing the thing.

Snow is hard to film. This is common knowledge. What people don't talk about is how it's even harder to record. Falling snow has this… sound. A sound that apparently doesn't like microphones, at least not the cheap-o ones in the Jigsaw bag of tricks. That was the biggest difficulty with this episode. One I hope I overcame.

Jigsaw Season Four is now completely plotted and outlined. And due to the plan of placing this year's Xmas special somewhere in-between episodes 403 & 404, the new set is completely built. All I need to do now is write the jokes. And build two puppets. And put together a shooting schedule that will account for all of the, ahem, temporal necessities of the story. Oh, and audition puppeteers, because this season just ain't happening without a second set of hands. But that's it. I mean, apart from all of the other stuff I have to do.

Happy holidays, everybody. Hope that twenty ten treats you a lot better.
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