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December 08 2010

Transnistria: A Trip to Tiraspol

By Veronica Khokhlova

The Kalpak writes about a short trip to Tiraspol, Transnistria. Morning in Moldova has more on the situation with Transnistria.

December 01 2010

Moldova: Post-election analysis

By Vilhelm Konnander

Morning in Moldova shares his views and analysis of results of Moldova's 28 November parliamentary elections.

September 28 2010

August 27 2010

Moldova: Mock Independence Day Greetings

By Veronica Khokhlova

A compilation of mock Independence Day greetings to Moldova's interim president, reflecting the current geopolitical situation - at Morning in Moldova.

July 26 2010

Moldova: Solving the Transnistria problem

By Vilhelm Konnander

Morning in Moldova comments on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's proposal to solve Moldova's Transnistria problem.

July 21 2010

Moldova: Shutting out the world

By Vilhelm Konnander

Morning in Moldova argues that Moldovans only look east to Russia and west to the European Union, in the process mentally shutting out the rest of the world.

June 24 2010

June 11 2010

Slovenia: Referendum on the Arbitration Agreement

By Veronica Khokhlova

Sleeping With Pengovsky writes - here and here - about this past Sunday's referendum on the Arbitration Agreement between Slovenia and Croatia; posts Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 of The Definitive Guide to the Arbitrage Agreement Between Slovenia and Croatia (links to the earlier installments are here); and notes that “the Arbitration Agreement can (not necessarily will) become a model for solving similar disputes in the region.” More background on the Sunday's referendum - at ESI's Rumeli Observer.

May 20 2010

Russia: Crisis and demography in Eurasia

By Vilhelm Konnander

Anatoly Karlin of Sublime Oblivion discusses the relationship between economic and demographic crisis in Russia and Eurasia.

May 19 2010

Moldova: Overaged population problem

By Vilhelm Konnander

Zimbru of Morning in Moldova comments on a recent demographic report about Moldova's ageing population and makes a few suggestions of how to deal with the problem.

May 12 2010

CEE: Facebook Use Stats

By Veronica Khokhlova

Worldwide Facebook statistics - at in Central & Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic has most users - 2,634,300 people, the country's overall ranking is #29, penetration is 25.8%. It is followed by Poland (#31), which has 2,604,440 users, with 6.77% penetration. Serbia (#41) is CEE's #3: 1,997,540 users, penetration is 27.07%. Russia is #56, with 1,112,680 users and penetration of 0.79%.

March 24 2010

Moldova: Fear for a fifth column

Zimbru of Morning in Moldova argues that Moldova's centre-right politicians underestimate the power of political forces aligned with Russia and thus put the country's democratization and plans to join the European Union in peril.

March 20 2010

March 17 2010

Moldova: Constitution and immunity

Zimbru of Morning in Moldova argues against parliamentary immunity as part of a new Moldovan constitution.

March 16 2010

Moldova: Military Neutrality

Morning in Moldova writes about the issue of Moldova's military neutrality: “In Moldova's case, neutrality has just made the country weak and defenceless in the face of very real aggressors who control a large chunk of the country's territory (the Russians and Transnistrians) […].”

December 25 2009

Moldova: Public Menorah Crushed in Chisinau

Eternal Remont writes about the destruction of a public menorah in the capital of Moldova and cites a response issued by the Russian Orthodox Church: “We believe that this unpleasant incident could have been avoided if the menorah had been placed near a memorial for victims of the Holocaust.”

November 06 2009

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