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February 16 2012

Exclusive: PowerPoint Shows Drone Industry’s Lobbying Plan To Expand Over Domestic, Law Enforcement Markets : Republic Report



In the presentation obtained by Republic Report, there are several fascinating concerns raised by the lobbyists:

– Page 5: Drone lobbyists claimed access to airspace and “Global Conflict – particularly U.S. and allied nation involvement in future conflicts” will “either positively or negatively” influence “market growth” for the industry.

– Page 6: The drone lobbyists take full credit for authoring the expansion of domestic drone use codified in the FAA authorization bill passed last week, noting “the only changes made to the UAS section of the House FAA bill were made at the request of AUVSI. Our suggestions were often taken word-for-word.”

– Pages 10-12: The drone industry eagerly anticipates that civil drone use, including use of drones for “suspect tracking” by law enforcement, will soon eclipse military use of drones. Under a section called “Challenges facing UAS,” the lobbyists listed “Civil Liberties.”


November 23 2011

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Egyptian Protests Rage On

Egyptians say this is not a second revolution, it's a continuation of the first one

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Egypt Protests Defy Mounting Crackdown As Military Refuses to Step Down - Egyptian protesters continue to fill Cairo's central Tahrir Square over the ruling military council's refusal to immediately transfer power to a civilian government. In a televised address on Tuesday, the head of Egypt's military council, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, said he has accepted the prime minister's resignation and that the military is ready to relinquish power if Egyptians call for that in a referendum. But protests only intensified after Tantawi's speech and security forces unleashed a barrage of tear gas. Over the past five days at least 38 people have been killed, thousands injured, and at least 15 journalists attacked as Egypt has witnessed the largest protests since the fall of Hosni Mubarak. "[Tantawi] essentially offered some minor concessions that were not demanded by any of the protesters in Tahrir," says Democracy Now! correspondent Sharif Abdel Kouddous reporting from Cairo. "Many compared the speech to Mubarak's second speech on February 1st where he made some kinds of concessions and used this kind of the tone in the hope of ending the revolution. But the response then and the response now were very similar. ... But the response then and the response now were very similar. Tahrir yesterday was packed with people, really a massive, massive protest. And after the speech ended, you heard this huge reverberation from the crowd, this huge echo of _Irhal_, which means 'leave.'" Kouddous has been on the ground reporting <b>...</b>
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Révolution égyptienne, acte II

Je voudrais, avant de commencer ce post, faire un appel à ses lecteurs. Comme vous le savez, ce blog comme de nombreuses publications sur ce site ne sont possibles que parce que « Le Monde diplomatique » existe et finance ces activités. Comme tous les ans, nous faisons appel aux dons des lecteurs pour aider et consolider notre indépendance. Je vous invite à y participer, dans la mesure de vos moyens, et à relayer cet appel autour de vous. Les prévisions les plus pessimistes étaient devenues (...) - Nouvelles d'Orient / Égypte, Jeunes, Mouvement social, Répression, Frères musulmans

November 21 2011

Egypt: The Revolution is Back!

This post is part of our special coverage Egypt Revolution 2011.

Up to 100,000 people are said to be in Tahrir Square now, as police and the army continue to battle with protesters calling for an end to Egypt's military rule. Protesters have had running battles with the armed gunmen working serving the Egyptian government since Friday and are now adamant to stay in the square until their demands are met. So far, reports say that 35 people have died in the clashes.

Among the chief demands is calling for a civil government, to take the place of the Supreme Council for Armed Forces (SCAF), the military establishment which has installed itself as the defacto ruler of Egypt after former President Hosni Mubarak was toppled in February.

NBC's reporter Richard Engel tweets:

@richardengelnbc: #egypt. Perhaps 100 k now in #Tahrir. Big tents going back up

Emirati commentator uploads pictures from Al Jazeera Mubasher showing the crowds:

@SultanAlQassemi: Tahrir square now - time in Cairo 10:40pm on Monday

The scene at Tahrir. Picture by Sultan Al Qassemi from Al Jazeera Mubasher

And Jack Shenker adds:


Tantawi effigy hangs from a #Tahrir lampost, same one that held up a Mubarak effigy in January:

Tantawi's effigy hanging from a lamp post in Tahrir. Picture by Jack Shenker.

Field Marshall Mohamed Hussein Tantawi is SCAF's commander-in-chief and demonstrators have been calling for his resignation for months.

Marian chants:

@Maroo84: Home! :) Egyptians are amazing! High spirit in the square! WE WON'T SURRENDER! WE WON'T RETREAT :) #tahrir Down with SCAF

But trouble is lurking around the corner, be it from the use of excessive teargas, birdshot or even live ammunition.

Yasmine G shares a photograph of bullets, one made in the US and the other Italy, used against protesters.

@_YasmineG_: Made in Italy and Made in USA these are a kind of bullet that releases a lot of smaller ones #Tahrir #nov19

Bullets made in the US and Italy used to kill Egyptian protesters. Photo by Yasmine G

Bel Trew admits:

@Beltrew: We're checking for snipers using night vision cameras #tahrir

Jonathan Rashad tells us:

@JonathanRashad: Intensive live ammo being used against us now in Mohamed Mahmoud street. The battle has been going on for 57 hours. Casualties are so high.

And Josh Shahryar shares this telling image with us:

@JShahryar: How bad has gunfire been at Tahrir? This image explains it quite well:×720/374922_310620258948089_279164165427032_1277693_48204579_n.jpg #Egypt via @Elazul

Picture shared on Twitter by @Elazul showing the extent of the gunfire in Tahrir

Meanwhile, activist Mona Seif visited the morgue where many of the martyrs killed in the police attacks on protesters are kept. She reports:

@Monasosh: All martyrs here at the morgue were murdered by live ammunition,except 2 suffocation from tear gas, & one shattered skull #Tahrir #Mashra7a

adding that there were 23 bodies there [ar]:

23 جثة، 2 منهم جاري التعرف عليهم، و 3 مجهولين. قولوا للأهالي ييجوا يتعرفوا عليهم
@Monasosh: There are 23 bodies here. Two are being identified now and three are unknown. Tell the families to come and identify them.

This post is part of our special coverage Egypt Revolution 2011.

Egypt: Revolutionaries Shrug at Cabinet Resignation

This post is part of our special coverage Egypt Revolution 2011.

The Cabinet of Dr Essam Sharaf has just asked if it could resign and the Supreme Council for Armed Forces (SCAF) is yet to decide whether it would accept their resignation or not. For activists and protesters battling police and the army for the third day in and around Tahrir Square, the news does not bring anything new to the table. Their main demand is for SCAF to leave power and hand over authority to a civil government.

In February, SCAF took over after Hosni Mubarak was ousted after Egyptians demonstrated for 18 days. Since then, Egyptians complain that the new military rulers have worked against the revolution and its goals. Chief among the protesters' cries is the resignation of Field Marshall Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, SCAF's commander-in-chief.

Mona Eltahawy tweeted earlier today:

@monaeltahawy: During #Jan25, army watched as police shot protesters. Now army shooting alongside police. Clear whose side #SCAF is on #Tahrir

This sentiment is clear from the way Tahrir received news of the Cabinet's pending resignation. Mohammed Effat tweets from Tahrir:

@3effat: someone just spread the news of the Cabinet's resignation, people didn't even pay attention to him #Tahrir

and adds:

@3effat: protester said: “its Tantawy and SCAF the problem not the fuckin cabinet” #Tahrir

Over the past few minutes, conflicting news continued to flow on both news and social media outlets.

UAE commentator Sultan Al Qassemi tweets that SCAF has just accepted the cabinet's resignation:

@sultanalqassemi: Breaking Al Jazeera: SCAF accepts Egyptian government resignation

Soon, journalist Hind Hassan reports:

: So Egyptian State TV says cabinet resignation has NOT been accepted by #SCAF despite earlier reports to the contrary. #EGYPT

On Twitter, netizens react to the news.

Journalist Blake Hounshell reminds us:

@blakehounshell: The cowardly and toothless Egyptian cabinet has offered to resign: last time this happened they stayed in their posts.

The ploy is not lost on Mohamed El Dahshan. He writes [ar]:

تذكير: تقديم شرف أو العيسوي كبش فداء لا يكفي. المشير و المجلس لازم يرحلوا!
@TravellerW: Reminder: Offering Shareef or El Essawi as sacrificial lambs is not enough. The Marshall and the Council [SCAF] should leave!

Political commentator Shadi Hamid wonders whether the parliamentary elections, slated to begin on November 28, will be effected. He notes:

@shadihamid: Hope this chain doesn't happen, but it might: PM resigns, new govt appointed, elections delayed. #Egypt

The Arabist adds:

@arabist: The resignation of Egypt's cabinet can only quell unrest if the one that replaces it has credibility.

And Egyptian Amira Salah-Ahmed concludes:

@Amiralx: If resignation is rejected and ministers go back to work then they're weak and complicit in violence. Pack ur shit and get out of office!

Meanwhile, the action continues in downtown Cairo, around Tahrir - as well as in other provinces across Egypt.

Jon Jensen just reports:

@jonjensen: Police firing heavily at crowd on Mohamed Mahmoud. Can hear the shotguns pellets ricocheting off buildings and barricades. #Egypt #Tahrir

This post is part of our special coverage Egypt Revolution 2011.

November 13 2011

March 08 2011

6224 748b


An officer and non-commisioned officer of the 57th West Middlesex Regiment of Foot. 1855.

In the background can be seen a servent with a horse.

Taken by Roger Fenton.


Krimkrieg - Crimean War

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May 21 2010

Erwin Rommel and Gerd von Runstedt Liveblog World War II: May 21, 1940:

Generalmajor Erwin Rommel: May 21, 1940:

Very powerful [enemy] armored forces thrust out of Arras and attacked the advancing 1st Btn. of the 6th Rifle Rgt., inflicting heavy losses.... Out anti-tank guns... far too light to be effective against the heavily-armored British tanks... put out of action by gunfire... overrrun by enemy tanks. Many of our vehicles were burned out. S.S. units close by also had to fall back to the south before the weight of the tank attack. Finally, the divisional artillery succeeded in bringing the enemy panzers to a halt south of the line Beaurains-Agny.... [T]he Panzer Rgt. clashed with a superior force of heavy and light enemy panzers and many guns south of Agnez... an extremely heavy engagement in which the Panzer Rg.t destroyed seven heavy tanks and six anti-tank guns and broke through the enemy position at a cost of three Panzer IVs, six Panzer IIIs, and a number of light tanks. This action brought the enemy panzers into such confusion that in spite of their superior numbers they fell back into Arras. Fighting ceased at nightfall...

Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Runstedt: May 21, 1940:

A critical moment in the advance just as my lead elements have reached the English Channel. A British counterstroke south from Arras. We feared, for a short time, that our panzer divisions would be cut off before the infantry divisions could arrive to support them...

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May 14 2010

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Training makes killing civilians acceptable Pt3
Josh Stieber: I refused to shoot where civilians might be killed and questioned why we were in Iraq
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May 13 2010

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Training makes killing civilians acceptable Pt2
Josh Stieber: They put us through psychological tests to see if we were willing to shoot civilians Go to for series
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May 12 2010

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Training that makes killing civilians acceptable
Josh Stieber: In boot camp we trained with songs that joked about killing women and children
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April 28 2010

//Project 'Silver Bird' - "Silbervogel"

[...] The US military appears to have temporarily given up on exotic scramjet powered hyper-plane and -missile notions for the purpose of suddenly blowing things up at short notice anywhere in the world. Rather, Pentagon boffins are now re-examining a plan once considered by the Nazis for the purpose of bombing America. [...]

- for the link to the Register article from 20100422, please hover with your mouse over the picture. - oanth //
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