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August 29 2013

*Abgeschnitten von der Welt* —> coupés du monde ❝Elf Flüchtlinge aus Syrien landen in einem…

Abgeschnitten von der Welt

–-> coupés du monde

Elf Flüchtlinge aus Syrien landen in einem ehemaligen Jugendhaus auf dem 1000 Meter hohen #Auerberg in Oberbayern. Der nächste Ort ist vier Kilometer entfernt, es gibt keinen Laden, kein Fernsehen, kein Internet - dafür einen Nachbarn, vor dem sie Angst haben.

–-> 11 réfugiés de Syrie sont hébergés à 1’000 m d’altitude dans la Haut-Bavière. Le village le plus proche se trouve à 4 km de distance, il n’y a pas de magasin, pas de TV, pas d’internet, mais un voisin, duquel ils ont peur...

#migration #réfugiés #montagne #Bavière #Allemagne

A ceux qui lisent ce post :
je suis en train de réunir de la documentation sur ce phénomène de l’#éloignement des migrants de la civilisation (un phénomène très intéressant en Suisse)... si vous avez des exemples d’autres part du monde, merci de me les signaler !!

ON VA OÙ ???? *Inside Tripoli Zoo's prison for illegal immigrants* ❝Tripoli zoo is being used to…

ON VA OÙ ????

Inside Tripoli Zoo’s prison for illegal immigrants

#Tripoli #zoo is being used to hold foreigners found working illegally and picked up by a unit of the capital’s illegal immigration department.

The zoo, closed to the public although still home to several hundred animals, now also houses the operations room of a group of 43 brigades working under Commander Said Gars Alaha. One of these brigades is tasked with checking the health and paperwork of immigrant workers, establishing who has the right to work in the country.

#Libye #migration #prison #clandestins

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August 27 2013

August 24 2013

*"We have a wall"* ❝(« We Have a Wall » is a feature length documentary film coming in the fall of…

"We have a wall"

(“We Have a Wall” is a feature length documentary film coming in the fall of 2013, formerly titled, “The Art of Survival: Life and Death on the Tinaja Trail” during production. For more information, go to

Undocumented Immigration. Politics. Humanitarian Response. Art. Technology. Poetry.

At the border, the difference between humanitarian service and illegal activity is not always black and white.

Natural water sources in the American Southwest are extremely rare and, where they do exist, often extremely hard to get to (think: bottom of the “Grand Canyon,” for instance). For centuries, survival in this unforgiving land has hinged on one’s ability to locate natural cavities or wind-carved cisterns in rocks called tinajas (tee-NAH-hahs). Capturing rain during the rare desert storm, and shaded from the sun, these catch-basins— often only inches across, centimeters deep, and teeming with insects and their larvae— are precious, lifesaving treasures to desert-dwelling animals ... and desert-traversing humans.

It seems reproachfully paradoxical, then, that this region would today host the primary trail of hope for thousands of people seeking gainful work and the promise of a brighter future. It’s a desperate journey— one that has cost the lives, and ended the hopes, of hundreds of people per year since 1999.

It is likewise a politically supercharged arena; a legal, moral and political maelstrom poised like a flame near a tinderbox of sentiment.

For years, volunteers have dropped water and aid containers along popular routes of migration and have searched the desert for dying immigrants. In one case, the Transborder Immigrant Tool presents itself as a technological tinaja: an art project that promises to guide migrants to caches of water placed along migratory trails.

To some, these are selfless and inspirational efforts that give new and poignant context to the phrase “the Art of Survival.” To others, such action irresponsibly induces illegal border crossing, tantamount to aiding and abetting unlawful conduct. From the perspectives of both the undocumented migrants and the aid-givers, “We Have a Wall” provides a compelling tale of life and death, and compassionate service, along the Tinaja Trail.

#film #documentaire #mur #frontière #Mexique #USA #migration

August 23 2013

*Emigrant* by Alejandro_Lipszyc ❝How to describe the precise moment when an individual or a family…

by #Alejandro_Lipszyc

How to describe the precise moment when an individual or a family leaves its own country to find a new life abroad? Argentine photographer Alejandro Lipszyc was there making portraits of those moments, developing a series that works as a mirror of the greatest economic crisis in Argentina’s history.

#migration #départ #photo #photographie #exposition

via @albertocampiphoto

August 21 2013

*Immigration restrictions are a threat to liberty everywhere* ❝In the civil libertarian world…

Immigration restrictions are a threat to liberty everywhere

In the civil libertarian world today, two issues rule the roost: #surveillance and #drones. Ordinarily civil rights issues like these find it difficult to gain traction, but increasingly it looks like even the mainstream media can’t ignore these issues. Spying on the behaviour of millions of innocent people, and murdering innocent people (AKA “collateral damage”) from a remote-controlled airplane, are difficult things to readily reconcile with modern ideas of human rights and freedoms. These issues make me think: how long before civil libertarians begin to comprehend the danger of similar totalitarian disregard for liberty in immigration policy?

#migration #droits_civils #dégâts_collatéraux #liberté

August 19 2013

*In Pictures : Egypt's troubled Sinai peninsula* (de Mosaab_Elshamy) ❝Since the Egyptian uprising…

In Pictures : Egypt’s troubled Sinai peninsula (de #Mosaab_Elshamy)

Since the Egyptian uprising in 2011, the Sinai peninsula - a vast land of mountains and deserts - has become increasingly volatile. The new government inherited a legacy of lawlessness caused by 30 years of neglect, marginalisation and hostility between the Bedouins native to the region and the state.

The rise of attacks against army checkpoints and police stations have spurred calls for more development in the region, which many see as a possible solution to the unrest.

#photo #photographie #photoreportage #Sinaï #Egypte #migration #armes #Bédouins

Les mots sont importants : je voudrai relayer ici un message important arrivé sur la liste…

Les mots sont importants : je voudrai relayer ici un message important arrivé sur la liste Migreurop : Comment nommer les migrants.


Via Charles Heller en Tunisie

Article intéressant sur la politique de la dénomination des migrants, et proposition de l’utilisation du terme « illegalised » - illégalisé - pour souligner la production politique de la condition des migrants sans statuts légal.

L’article de presse ci-dessous se réfère à cet article académique :


Et via Conni Gunsser

No One Is Illegal - Vancouver Coast Salish Territories
Excellent Toronto Star article on "Illegalized"migrant

Are they illegal or illegalized ?

The Associated Press bans the use of “illegal immigrants.” The UN calls them “irregular migrants.” A Toronto professor refers them as “illegalized.”

Ian Willms / Toronto Star

No One Is Illegal spokesperson Syed Hussan, left, says the grassroots organization is trying to promote the use of “undocumented” and “non-status,” rather than illegal.

By: Nicholas Keung Immigration reporter, Published on Sat Aug 17 2013

What should we call people who are in Canada illegally, without status or proper immigration documents?

Some call them “illegal immigrants,” while others refer to them as “undocumented,” “non-status,” “irregular,” “unauthorized” or “migrants without papers.”

The naming of this particular population is always a contentious and polarizing issue, causing heated and emotional debates between the enforcement-minded, who are in favour of a law-and-order agenda to keep them out, and their libertarian opponents, who believe in the freedom of movement to give them a pathway to status.
In April, the Associated Press announced it would no longer use “illegal immigrants.”

Would the public respond differently in these surveys if the term “illegalized immigrants” were used in place of “illegal immigrants?”

#migration #asile #migrants

August 17 2013

Alpnach (OW) comme Bremgarten (—>

#Alpnach (OW) comme Bremgarten (—>

«Die Gemeinde informiert zu undurchsichtig»

Kurz vor der Eröffnung des Asylzentrums in Alpnach herrscht Verwirrung um die «sensiblen Zonen». Der Gemeinderat wird kritisiert.,1000/images/content/1/6/1/16136875/5/topelement.jpg

#zone_sensible #zone_d'exclusion #migration #ségrégation #

August 16 2013

August 15 2013

*Film : La couleur de l'océan* ❝Chaque jour, des centaines de clandestins accostent sur l'île…

#Film : La couleur de l’océan

Chaque jour, des centaines de #clandestins accostent sur l’île espagnole de #Grande_Canarie. Nathalie, qui y passe ses vacances, est le témoin involontaire d’une scène tragique : un bateau de fortune échoue sur la plage avec à son bord dix survivants. Parmi eux, Zola et son fils Mamadou sont arrêtés par José, un impitoyable #douanier. Emmenés dans un #camp_de_réfugiés, les deux malheureux parviennent à s’échapper. Zola retrouve alors Nathalie qui lui offre une aide financière. La jeune femme ne sait pas encore que ses protégés vont être victimes de la malhonnêteté d’un #passeur

Sujet brûlant

La couleur de l’océan aborde une question politique et humanitaire sensible en Europe, celle de l’#immigration clandestine venue d’Afrique. Sans être moralisateur, ce film raconte le destin difficile d’un homme et de son fils prêts à tout pour gagner le Vieux Continent. Une histoire bouleversante qui ne manque pas de rebondissements.

#migration #Méditerranée

August 13 2013

*Italy Conducted De Facto Push-Back of Migrants By Ordering Cargo Ship to Rescue and Transport…

Italy Conducted De Facto Push-Back of Migrants By Ordering Cargo Ship to Rescue and Transport Migrants to Libya

Just over a week ago Italian search and rescue authorities directed two commercial ships, an oil tanker and a cargo ship, to rescue two groups of migrants in distress off the Libyan coast. After taking the migrants on board, both ships were ordered to transport the migrants to Libya. One ship’s captain complied with the order and 96 migrants were turned over to Libyan authorities; the other captain refused and a several day stand-off between Malta and Italy resulted before Italy agreed to allow the migrants to be disembarked on Italian territory (see Malta Today: Malta blocks rescue ship from entering Malta waters; Malta orders ship to sail to Libya; Conditions on rescue ship worsen).

#Italie #Libye #migration #mer #Méditerranée #push-back #refoulement

August 12 2013

August 11 2013

*La Guyane ou la chronique d'une mondialisation migratoire* ❝Émigrer … Immigrer … Ce processus…

La Guyane ou la chronique d’une mondialisation migratoire

Émigrer … Immigrer … Ce processus recouvre quatre temps : quitter, franchir la limite qui qualifie l#’étranger, puis #entrer et, enfin, #circuler. Aventure humaine aux déterminants multiples (politiques, économiques, familiaux, environnementaux), individuelle ou collective, choisie ou contrainte, elle mobilise l’ascendance et la descendance. Elle s’inscrit dans un dessein dépassant les individus dans le temps et construisant des #géographies_multipolarisées entre #pays_d’origine, d’accueil et de relais, structurées entre elles par des faisceaux de #relations (commerciaux, fiduciaires, affectifs, politiques).

Voici une #carte résumant la situation :

#migration #Guyane #Piantoni #photo #photographie #recherche

cc @reka je pense que tu vas aimer cela...

*15 Meter vor Ufer – Sechs Flüchtlinge ertrinken* ❝Flüchtlingstragödie im Mittelmeer : Sechs…

15 Meter vor Ufer – Sechs Flüchtlinge ertrinken

Flüchtlingstragödie im Mittelmeer: Sechs Migranten ertrinken beim Versuch, in Catania an die Küste zu kommen. Während andere den Hafen erreichen, gehen auch Tausende Kreuzfahrt-Touristen an Land.

–-> 6 migrants meurent à 6 mètres de la côté (Catania, Italie)

#migration #mort #Italie #décès #mer #Catane #Méditerranée

August 06 2013

*Immigration : Malta forbids docking of ship carrying migrants* ❝VALLETTA, AUGUST 5 - At least 111…

Immigration: Malta forbids docking of ship carrying migrants

VALLETTA, AUGUST 5 - At least 111 would-be immigrants rescued off Libya’s coast are stuck on board a Liberian-flag tanker after Malta’s government did not allow the captain to dock in Valletta’s port.

The MV Salamis rescued the migrants, including four children, about 45 miles from the Libyan coast at the request of Italian authorities. The captain claims Italy asked Malta to dock but Malta refused on the grounds that the safest port was Tripoli. Three Navy patrol boats blocked access to the port of Valletta and the MV Salamis is currently 25 miles off Malta awaiting instructions. The three children have been taken to Malta’s Mater Dei hospital for treatment.

#Malte #migration #mer #secours

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