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August 03 2013

September 11 2012

Mayotte, Comoros: Tensions Rise after 36 Refugees Disappear at Sea

We cannot be part of the Indian Ocean Community and be indifferent to these tragedies. The solution must involve both countries

Saïd Larifou reacts to the recent drowning [fr] of refugees trying to rally Mayotte  by sea. 36 are missing [fr] when their boat capsized as it approached Mayotte. M. Larifou warns that clashes might arise if the strained relation between Mayotte and Comoros is not repaired rapidly.


June 06 2012

Mayotte après la bataille

Grèves, manifestations, barrages : Mayotte vient de connaître un conflit social d'une rare intensité. A défaut de produire des résultats tangibles, le mouvement a mis en lumière la crudité des rapports de domination à l'œuvre dans l'île. / France Outre-mer, France, Économie, Inégalités, Mouvement de (...) / France Outre-mer, France, Économie, Inégalités, Mouvement de contestation, Pauvreté, Racisme, Syndicalisme, Comores, Mayotte, Répression - 2011/12

November 28 2011

A Mayotte, départementalisation à la pelleteuse

Département d'outre-mer depuis le 31 mars 2011, Mayotte accélère la mise en conformité de ses pratiques administratives avec celles de la métropole. Mais cette départementalisation heurte des droits coutumiers, et de nombreux habitants sont menacés d'expulsion. / France Outre-mer, France, Droit, (...) / France Outre-mer, France, Droit, Logement, Mayotte - 2011/06

November 07 2010

Mayotte: Marine Mammals of Mayotte

By Ndesanjo Macha

Jana blogs about marine mammals of Mayotte: “Mayotte is famous for being dolphins as well as humpback whales paradise(to be seen from August till October every year). While enjoying a day out in the ocean (one day for fishing, one day just for real sea sightseeing) we were lucky to encounter different dolphin species. Once you are in the water (and your ears too), the amazing dolphin language sounds like a melody in an unknown language!”

November 06 2010

Mayotte: Have You Ever Been to Mayotte?

By Ndesanjo Macha

Lauren blogs about a sea trip to Mayotte: “The French presence is very strong here, with French gendarmes (police), French Foreign Legion, and expats visible everywhere we’ve been, but the Mayotte people are still very much African. They are well dressed in colorful sarongs (women) and headwear (men and women) and seem to carry themselves with pride. “

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