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May 20 2013

VernissageTV PDF Magazine No. 24: Carte Blanche

Out now: VernissageTV PDF-magazine No. 24, May 2013.

In this issue we look back at selected exhibitions, such as Markus Müller’s solo show at Nicolas Krupp in Basel, Ohad Meromi at Gallery Diet in Miami, Keith Farquhar at New Jerseyy in Basel, Sverre Bjertnes’ collaborative exhibition at White Columns New York, and Jon Kessler’s immersive installation at the Swiss Institute in New York.
For Magazine No. 24 we have also produced exclusive “video portraits” of nine of Jean Tinguely’s kinetic works that will be accessible only for a limited time. These video portraits are accompanying the photo series shot on the occasion of Tinguely@Tinguely, the large-scale retrospective at Museum Tinguely in Basel.
Another exclusive contribution is The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Los Angeles-based light and space artist Susan Kaiser Vogel’s presentation of artist Mollie McKinley, including a conversation between Susan Kaiser Vogel and Mollie McKinley.
Finally, there are three architecture related photo series: We have a look at Herzog & de Meuron’s new halls for Messe Basel, Hilario Candela’s abandoned Miami Marine Stadium, and Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay.

Click image or this link to download the magazine (55 MB) or hit the jump to view the magazine in Issuu Reader, and get the links to the related videos.

All issues are available in our Magazine section.

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November 11 2012

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July 26 2012

VernissageTV PDF Magazine No. 22: Things Look Back

Out now: VernissageTV PDF-magazine No. 22, August 2012.

The topics of the current issue are: Damien Hirst at Tate Modern London; Art Cologne 2012 and NADA Cologne 2012; Art 43 Basel; Freitag Retrospective at Museum of Design Zürich; dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel, with interviews with artist Thomas Bayrle and Documenta expert Dr. Harald Kimpel.

Click image or this link to download the magazine (25 MB) or hit the jump to view in Issuu Reader.

All issues are available in our Magazine section.

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February 28 2012

VernissageTV PDF-Magazine No. 21: Sosad

Out now: VernissageTV PDF-magazine No. 21, February 2012.

The topics of VernissageTV’s PDF Magazin No. 21 are: Lee Sharrock reviews the Lucian Freud exhibition Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery in London; the solo exhibitions with Sarah Sze and Børre Sæthre at Mudam Luxembourg; Art Stage Singapore 2012; the Michel Majerus retrospective at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart; and the Velux Stiftung Daylight Award Winners Gigon / Guyer and Peter Märkli.

Artists in this issue: Sarah Sze, Børre Sæthre, Peter Märkli, Gigon Guyer Architects, Lucian Freud, Michel Majerus.

Click image or this link to download the magazine (25 MB) or hit the jump to view in Issuu Reader.

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December 21 2011

VernissageTV PDF-Magazine No. 20: Cosyanalogueworld

Out now: VernissageTV PDF-magazine No. 20, December 2011.

The topics of VernissageTV’s PDF Magazin No. 20 are Tomas Saraceno’s exhibition Cloud Cities at Hamburger Bahnhof; the Ed Kienholz and Nancy Reddin Kienholz exhibition The Signs of the Times at Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt; Pawel Althamer’s Almech at Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin; Pipilotti Rist’s video installations at Cinema Manzoni in Milan, Italy; and the Found Objects 2 photo series by Didier Leroi.

Artists in this issue: Edward Kienholz and Nancy Reddin Kienholz; Tomas Saraceno; Tacita Dean; Pawel Althamer; Pipilotti Rist; Will Ryman.

Click image or this link to download the magazine (25 MB) or hit the jump to view in Issuu Reader.

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November 11 2011

Visualization of the Week: 138 Years of Popular Science

Jer Thorp (@blprnt), the data artist in-residence for The New York Times, was recently asked by Popular Science to create a visualization that represents the magazine's 138-year archive. In a blog post, Thorp describes his process and the eventual outcome: a visualization that "is anchored by a kind of molecular chain."

Screenshot of the Popular Science archive visualization
Screenshot of the Popular Science archive visualization (click to enlarge).

The chain is surrounded by a word-frequency histogram that depicts usage issue by issue. The changing usage and vocabulary, no surprise, highlights the changing technology itself. For example, "microcomputer" gave way to "email."

Thorp writes:

Picking out interesting words from all of the available choices (pretty much the entire dictionary) was a tricky part of the process. I built a custom tool in Processing that pre-visualized the frequency plots of each word so that I could go through many, many possibilities and identify the ones that would be interesting to include in the final graphic. This is a really common approach for me to take — building small tools during the process of a project that help me solve specific problems. For this visualization, I actually ended up writing 4 tools in Processing — only one of which contributed visually to the final result.

You can see more of the images of this visualization in Thorp's Flickr account.

Found a great visualization? Tell us about it

This post is part of an ongoing series exploring visualizations. We're always looking for leads, so please drop a line if there's a visualization you think we should know about.

Strata 2012 — The 2012 Strata Conference, being held Feb. 28-March 1 in Santa Clara, Calif., will offer three full days of hands-on data training and information-rich sessions. Strata brings together the people, tools, and technologies you need to make data work.

Save 20% on registration with the code RADAR20

More Visualizations:

October 20 2011

VernissageTV PDF-Magazine No. 19: Towers, Sand, Marble, a Parachute, Two Parks and a Spider

Out now: VernissageTV PDF-magazine No. 19, July 2011.

The topics of VernissageTV’s PDF Magazin No. 19 are Istanbul Biennial 2011, Louise Bourgeois at Fondation Beyeler in Basel, Carsten Nicolai at The Pace Gallery in New York, Yutaka Sone’s solo show at David Zwirner in New York, Phase 2 of The High Line Park in New York, Sarah Sze’s Highline Public Art Project, Simon Rodia’s Watts Towers, the Found Objects photo series by Didier Leroi, Frieze Sculpture Park 2011, and reviews by Lee Sharrock of the group show Air I Breathe and the Frieze Week in London.

Artists in this issue: Louise Bourgeois, Carsten Nicolai, Yutaka Sone, Sarah Sze, and Simon Rodia.

Click image or this link to download the magazine (25 MB) or hit the jump to view in Issuu Reader.

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July 28 2011

VernissageTV PDF-Magazine No. 18: Ai Weiwei’s Architecture, Matti Suuronen’s Futuro, Guerra de la Paz’ Venice

Out now: VernissageTV PDF-magazine No. 18, July 2011.

VernissageTV’s PDF Magazin No. 18 has its focus on the two major art events this year, the 54th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, and Art 42 Basel. Highlights of No. 18 are a personal look at five days in Venice by Miami-based artist duo Guerra de la Paz, and exclusive video and audio downloads for the readers of this issue. Then there are photo galleries showing Elmgreen & Dragset’s exhibition at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen’s Submarine Wharf in Rotterdam, and Ai Weiwei’s solo show Art / Architecture at Kunsthaus Bregenz. For design lovers, there’s a report on Matti Suuronen’s Futuro, House of the Future of the 1960s.

Artists in this issue: Ai Weiwei, Matti Suuronen, Elmgreen & Dragset, and Guerra de la Paz.

Click image or this link to download the magazine (20 MB) or hit the jump to view in Issuu Reader.

View in Issuu Reader:

Exclusive downloads for VernissageTV Members: ...

June 13 2011

VernissageTV PDF-Magazine No. 17

Out now: VernissageTV PDF-magazine No. 17, June 2011.

The 17th issue of VernissageTV’s pdf magazine takes you to Cologne, Amsterdam, Berlin, Basel, Zürich and Venice. Special contributions are by Nicolas Smirnoff who writes about Fashion and Art (Art is Fashion is Art is…), and Lee Sharrock who writes about the crazy preview days of the Venice Biennale (Biennale Bedlam, the article is online at FAD website).

Artists in this issue: Michel Verjux, Sterling Ruby, Yto Barrada, David Hare, Arman, Constantin Brancusi, and Richard Serra.

Click image or this link to download the magazine (17 MB) or hit the jump to view in Issuu Reader.

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April 14 2011

U B U W E B :: Dada Magazine

Dada Magazine (1917-1918)

Dada 1, July 1917 [PDF, 2.7mb]
Dada 2, December 1917 [PDF, 3.1mb]
Dada 3, December 1918 [PDF, 7mb]

Attempting to promulgate Dada ideas throughout Europe, Tristan Tzara launched the art and literature review Dada. Although, at the outset, it was planned that Dada members would take turns editing the review and that an editorial board would be created to make important decisions, Tzara quickly assumed control of the journal. But, as Richter said, in the end no one but Tzara had the talent for the job, and, "everyone was happy to watch such a brilliant editor at work."[10] Appearing in July 1917, the first issue of Dada, subtitled Miscellany of Art and Literature, featured contributions from members of avant-garde groups throughout Europe, including Giorgio de Chirico, Robert Delaunay, and Wassily Kandinsky. Marking the magazine's debut, Tzara wrote in the Zurich Chronicle, "Mysterious creation! Magic Revolver! The Dada Movement is Launched." Word of Dada quickly spread: Tzara's new review was purchased widely and found its way into every country in Europe, and its international status was established.

While the first two issues of Dada (the second appeared in December 1917) followed the structured format of Cabaret Voltaire, the third issue of Dada (December 1918) was decidedly different and marked significant changes within the Dada movement itself. Issue number 3 violated all the rules and conventions in typography and layout and undermined established notions of order and logic. Printed in newspaper format in both French and German editions, it embodies Dada's celebration of nonsense and chaos with an explosive mixture of manifestos, poetry, and advertisementsÑall typeset in randomly ordered lettering.

The unconventional and experimental design was matched only by the radical declarations contained within the third issue of Dada. Included is Tzara's "Dada Manifesto of 1918," which was read at Meise Hall in Zurich on July 23, 1918, and is perhaps the most important of the Dadaist manifestos. In it Tzara proclaimed:

Dada: the abolition of logic, the dance of the impotents of creation; Dada: abolition of all the social hierarchies and equations set up by our valets to preserve values; Dada: every object, all objects, sentiments and obscurities, phantoms and the precise shock of parallel lines, are weapons in the fight; Dada: abolition of memory; Dada: abolition of archaeology; Dada: abolition of the prophets; Dada: abolition of the future; Dada: absolute and unquestionable faith in every god that is the product of spontaneity.
With the third issue of Dada, Tzara caught the attention of the European avant-garde and signaled the growth and impact of the movement. Francis Picabia, who was in New York at the time, and Hans Richter were among the figures who, by signing their names to this issue, now aligned themselves with Dada. Picabia praised the issue:
Dada 3 has just arrived. Bravo! This issue is wonderful. It has done me a great deal of good to read in Switzerland, at last, something that is not absolutely stupid. The whole thing is really excellent. The manifesto is the expression of all philosophies that seek truth; when there is no truth there are only conventions.



PDF conversions by Phil Julian


Helmut Herbst, "Deutschland Dada" in UbuWeb Film
Hans Richter in UbuWeb Film
Tristan Tzara in UbuWeb Sound




April 13 2011

April 05 2011

VernissageTV PDF-Magazine No. 16: Tapes, Fur, Tubes, and Mylar

Out now: VernissageTV PDF-magazine No. 16, April 2011.

During a trip to an evening of openings in Paris, VernissageTV had a closer look at the retrospective with the subtle works of French artist Pierrette Bloch at Karsten Greve Gallery. In Fribourg / Switzerland, we had the chance to do an extensive interview with Edith Dekyndt, who had a solo show at Fri-Art Centre d’Art Contemporain, titled “Dieu rend visite à Newton”.

Number 16 also takes a look at the London Art Scene, where a lot of local galleries showed their program at London Art Fair, and Hauser & Wirth opened new spaces with a Martin Creed solo exhibition that featured a dangerously revolving neon sculpture.

In Berlin, VernissageTV met with Agathe Snow whose solo exhibition at the Deutsche Guggenheim was showcasing large-scale collages and mobile sculptures. In this show the New York-based Corsican artist Agathe Snow focuses on monuments, trademarks, and historical sites and investigates how they leave their mark on collective memory and national identity.

For the first time, VernissageTV took at trip to Lithuania, to document Zilvinas Kempinas exhibition at Galerija Vartai in Vilnius. Kempinas conceived a show that presented important older and new works.

One of the main themes of the current issue of the magazine is New York. VernissageTV attended several openings such as Ivan Navarro at Paul Kasmin and Tara Donovan at The Pace Gallery. An extensive photo gallery is complemented by a text by FAD Editor at Large Ben Austin, who shares his personal experiences of Armory Week with the readers.

And finally, issue 16 gives an outlook on VernissageTV’s participation in Art Cologne and the video art program that features the artists G.H. Hovagimyan, Christina McPhee, Maria Joao Salema, Raphaele Shirley, Ultra Art Fair, and Lee Wells.

Artists in this issue: Pierrette Bloch, Alexandre Joly, Bettina Pousttchi, Robert Mapplethorpe, Agathe Snow, Edith Dekyndt, Zilvinas Kempinas, and Tara Donovan.

Click image or this link to download the magazine (14 MB) or hit the jump to view in Issuu Reader.

View in Issuu Reader:

January 05 2011

VernissageTV PDF-Magazine No. 15: The One, The Many, One Artist, Four Rooms, Miami

Out now: VernissageTV PDF-magazine No. 15, January 2011. In this issue we look back at Art Basel Miami Beach Week with an Miami Basel Overview by FADs Editor at Large Ben Austin (click here for his article at FAD) and photos by Sabine Trieloff, Mark Vogel, and Didier Leroi. (Photos by Didier Leroi and Gregor Rieser).

What else? An art meets design exhibition in Vienna; Pipilotti Rist, Roman Signer and Marc Newson in New York; Paul McCarthy in Los Angeles; Aaron Curry and Moniker in London; Argonaut Mathilda in Istanbul; and Elmgreen & Dragset’s “Celebrity – The One & the Many” at ZKM in Karlsruhe.

Click image or this link to download the magazine (14 MB) or hit the jump to view in Issuu Reader.

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September 28 2010

VernissageTV PDF-Magazine No. 14: Bank, Temple, Island, Laguna

Out now: VernissageTV PDF-magazine No. 14, September 2010. Number 14 takes you on a trip to Lisbon, Portugal, with a visit to the new biennial Portugal Arte 10, the large-scale installation Temple by artist collective Faile, and the MUDE, Museum of Fashion and Design. Great design also waits for you in Frankfurt, Germany with the great Dieter Rams retrospective and in Basel with Hidden Heroes: The Genius of Everyday Things at the Vitra Design Museum. A stone’s through from there we visit Robot Dreams at the Museum Tinguely. After that, VernissageTV heads to the province to check out the open space show Provinz on Lindau Island, and finally to Venice to cover the 12th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia in Venice, Italy.

PS: Bonus Video Downloads (HD) inside!

Click image or this link to download the magazine (13 MB).


June 13 2010

VernissageTV PDF-magazine No. 13: With Art Basel Week Map and Calendar

Out now: VernissageTV PDF-magazine No. 13, June 2010 with: Larissa Fassler’s “Kotti”, Franz West’s “The Ego and the Id”, Art Cologne 2010, Monica Bonvicini and Krivet at Berlin Gallery Weekend, SEO (studio visit), the Basquiat retrospective at Fondation Beyeler, the design of Alessi, Hong Kong International Art Fair, and: a calendar and map of places and events during Art Basel 2010.

Click image or this link to download the magazine (13 MB).

April 19 2010

VernissageTV PDF-magazine No. 12

Out now: VernissageTV PDF-magazine No. 12, April 2010. VernissageTV’s PDF Magazine No. 12 looks back at our trip to Palm Beach for the American International Fine Art Fair 2010 with a photo essay by Didier Leroi. We visit James Turell’s Skyspace Piz Uter, Rudolf Stingel’s exhibition at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, the Whitney Biennial 2010, Silberkuppe’s show at Museum für Gegenwartskunst Basel, Pierre Gonnord at Sala Alcalá 31 in Madrid, and the VitraHaus by Herzog & de Meuron. And we have an interview with Peter Lang, one of the curators of the exhibition Environments and Counter Environments: Experimental Media in “Italy: The New Domestic Landscape”, MoMA at the Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel.

But this issue may also be called the Art Cologne 2010 Edition: With floor plans, practical information for visiting the fair, a calender of events and an artist list, and – essential! – the definitive Cologne Currywurst-guide by Chris Faber, you are well prepared for the 44th edition of the world’s first art fair in Cologne, Germany!

As in the last year, we cover the fair with No Comment videos, interviews and documentations of talks and discussions. We will also show a video art program. The participating artists are G.H. Hovagimyan (Subway 1•2•3), Christina McPhee (Tesserae of Venus), Maria Joao Salema (Girls and Boys Fight), Raphaele Shirley: SoapBox Opera), Heinz Sandoza, Gao Bizi, Lars from Trier (Ultra Art Fair), and Lee Wells (Manhattan Bridge in Red Green and Blue). We will also show new pieces of our Videophile series.

The VernissageTV Team has its studio in the Open Space section of the fair in Hall 11.3. We look forward to seeing you in Cologne!

PS: As the regular readers of our magazine will know: There are some bonus videos waiting for you!

Click image or this link to download the magazine (13 MB).

January 07 2010

VernissageTV PDF-magazine No. 11

Out now: VernissageTV PDF-magazine No. 11, January 2010. VernissageTV’s PDF Magazine No. 11 looks back at Art Basel Miami Beach 2009, Art Forum and Preview Berlin, 20 years of Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Adolpho Leirner Collection, and Skulpture Park Cologne.

Click image or this link to download the magazine (13 MB).


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