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March 31 2010

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Jan-Pieterszoon Sweelinck - Fantasia - Lute - Luth
Jan-Pieterszoon Sweelinck was a keyboard composer from the Low Countries, but a few pieces for lute came to us. This is for my friend Ernst ;-) Lute made by Stephen Murphy
From: Luthval
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March 28 2010

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Cesare Negri - Catena d'Amore - Lute - Luth
From Le Gratie d'Amore, Cesare Negri (1602) Lute made by Stephen Murphy Luth - Liuto
From: Luthval
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March 26 2010

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Cesare Negri - So Ben - Lute -Luth
Ballo : "So ben mi chi hà buon tempo" by Cesare Negri, in Le Gratie d'Amore (1602) V2 with zoom H2 Lute - Luth
From: Luthval
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March 25 2010

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Cesare Negri - Bianca Fiore - Lute - Luth
Well known song from Cesare Negri's Gratie d'Amore (dance book) 1602. I'm going to record again some songs I made before having the zoom H2, so this time with better sound track I hope ;-) Lute, Liuto, Luth
From: Luthval
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March 18 2010

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John Dowland - La Mia Barbara (P95) - Lute - Luth
Back to the lute, with one of my favorite piece by John Dowland. It is a long, and difficult one, so my recording is not perfect, (without editing). I'll try a better take one day... I hope you will like it anyway. The piece is in the Schele lute book, f. 49 to 51. Lute made by Stephen Murphy luth - liuto
From: Luthval
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