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January 24 2013

Parallels Between Religious and Copyright Wars

Rick Falkvinge, the founder of Pirate Party, reinterprets the wars of religion that devastated Western Europe in the XVI and XVII centuries in terms of the current struggle to control information through overbearing legislation related to copyright and freedom of expression:

The religious wars were never about religion as such. They were about who held the power of interpretation, about who controlled the knowledge and culture available to the masses. It was a war of gatekeepers of information.

June 18 2012

Ukraine: President Yanukovych's European Assets

On, Ukrainian journalist Serhij Leschenko writes about President Viktor Yanukovych's “luxury residence and the money trail that leads to London”: “Having completely rejected such European values as human rights and democracy, the Ukrainian president uses Europe as a place to hide his dirty money with impunity. European leaders who are critical of Yanukovych could put pressure on him through his European assets – deeds, not words.”

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July 31 2011

Dans les arcanes de la fraude fiscale

Révélées par la crise financière en 2008, les pratiques frauduleuses de la Liechtenstein Global Trust et de la banque suisse UBS permettaient à des contribuables européens et américains de dissimuler leur fortune. C'est le point de départ de Xavier Harel, qui dissèque les dessous de l'évasion fiscale : (...) / Suisse, Criminalité financière, Banque, Capitalisme, Économie, Entreprise, Finance, Fiscalité, Multinationales, Liechtenstein, Crise économique, Crise financière, Néolibéralisme - 2011/06
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May 04 2010

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