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November 07 2011

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Passacaglia by Alessandro Piccinini 1566-1638

yt-video uploaded by BaroqueMusicOnly on Dec 21, 2010

// Alessandro Piccinini (December 30, 1566 -- ca. 1638), was an Italian lutenist and composer.

Piccinini was born in Bologna into a musical family: his father Leonardo Maria Piccinini taught lute playing to Alessandro as well as his brothers Girolamo (d. 1615) and Filippo (d. 1648). He held appointments at the Este court in Ferrara (from 1582 to 1597) and with Cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini, papal legate at Bologna and Ferrara. Piccinini died around 1638, probably in Bologna.

He is best known for his two volumes of lute music: Intavolatura di Liuto et di Chitarrone, libro primo (Bologna, 1623) and Intavolaturo di Liuto (Bologna, 1639), the latter published posthumusly by his son Leonardo Maria Piccinini. The 1623 collection is of particular importance because of Piccinini's lengthy preface, which includes a detailed manual on performance, as well as claims to have invented the archlute (Piccinini also made important modifications to the chitarrone). Piccinini concentrated on toccatas, courantes and galliards, as well as different kinds of variations. No other works by Piccinini are known; his music for La selva sin amor, the first opera performed in Spain, composed by his brother Filippo Piccinini is lost.

Passacaglias for lute have been composed by figures such as Alessandro Piccinini, G. H. Kapsberger, Sylvius Leopold Weiss, Esaias Reusner, Count Logy, Robert de Visée, Jacob Bittner, Philipp Franz Lesage De Richee, Gleitsmann, Dufaut, Gallot, Denis Gaultier, Ennemond Gaultier, and Roman Turovsky-Savchuk, a passacaglia for bandura by Julian Kytasty, and for baroque guitar by Paulo Galvão, Santiago de Murcia, Francisco Guerau, Gaspar Sanz, and Marcello Vitale. //

quote from the yt-video text

May 24 2010

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Ioannes Leopolita - Cantio Ruthenicae LVII (Roman Turovsky) - Lute - Luth
A very nice tune by the great New-Yorker artist Roman Turovsky ! Lute made by Stephen Murphy Lute - luth - Liuto
From: Luthval
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April 14 2010

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Luys de Narváez - Primer tono por ge sol re ut - Lute - Luth
Originally for vihuela, a piece by the famous composer Lyus de Narváez. Lute made by Stephen Murphy Lute luth liuto vihuela
From: Luthval
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March 31 2010

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Jan-Pieterszoon Sweelinck - Fantasia - Lute - Luth
Jan-Pieterszoon Sweelinck was a keyboard composer from the Low Countries, but a few pieces for lute came to us. This is for my friend Ernst ;-) Lute made by Stephen Murphy
From: Luthval
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March 29 2010

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Denis Gaultier: Courante "La Royale" (ms. Barbe)
This "La Royale Courante de Gautier" comes from ms. Barbe, p.7. The composer is _probably_ Denis G. The instrument is 11-course baroque lute made by Lars Jönsson in 1993. Arto Wikla 29.3.2010.
From: ArtoWikla
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March 28 2010

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Cesare Negri - Catena d'Amore - Lute - Luth
From Le Gratie d'Amore, Cesare Negri (1602) Lute made by Stephen Murphy Luth - Liuto
From: Luthval
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March 26 2010

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Cesare Negri - So Ben - Lute -Luth
Ballo : "So ben mi chi hà buon tempo" by Cesare Negri, in Le Gratie d'Amore (1602) V2 with zoom H2 Lute - Luth
From: Luthval
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March 25 2010

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Cesare Negri - Bianca Fiore - Lute - Luth
Well known song from Cesare Negri's Gratie d'Amore (dance book) 1602. I'm going to record again some songs I made before having the zoom H2, so this time with better sound track I hope ;-) Lute, Liuto, Luth
From: Luthval
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March 22 2010

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Denis(?) Gaultier: Courante "Canon" (ms. Barbe)
This version of the very popular "Canon de Gautier" comes from ms. Barbe, p.1. The instrument is 11-course baroque lute made by Lars Jönsson in 1993. Arto Wikla 22.3.2010.
From: ArtoWikla
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March 18 2010

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John Dowland - La Mia Barbara (P95) - Lute - Luth
Back to the lute, with one of my favorite piece by John Dowland. It is a long, and difficult one, so my recording is not perfect, (without editing). I'll try a better take one day... I hope you will like it anyway. The piece is in the Schele lute book, f. 49 to 51. Lute made by Stephen Murphy luth - liuto
From: Luthval
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March 15 2010

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Lully/Mouton: Menuet de L'Opera de Bellerophon
"Menuet de L'Opera de Bellerophon, transposee par Mr Mouton", ms. Milleran f. 24v. The instrument is 11-course baroque lute made by Lars Jönsson in 1993. Arto Wikla 15.3.2010.
From: ArtoWikla
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March 14 2010

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Lully/Mouton: Gavotte de L'Opera de Psyche
"Gavotte de L'Opera de Psychee, transposee par Mr Mouton", ms. Milleran f. 26v. The instrument is 11-course baroque lute made by Lars Jönsson in 1993. Arto Wikla 14.3.2010.
From: ArtoWikla
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Mouton: Prelude (Milleran f.20)
This unmeasured prelude by Charles Mouton comes from ms. Milleran, f.20. Unmeasured preludes do not have barlines - as the term says. Often there are neither any note value indications. So there is lots of improvisation in this type of pieces! The instrument is 11-course baroque lute made by Lars Jönsson in 1993. Arto Wikla 14.3.2010.
From: ArtoWikla
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February 15 2010

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John Dowland, Lachrimae Pavan, classical guitar Nataly Makovskaya

February 07 2010


January 17 2010

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Denis Gaultier (DE / FR / EN) : La Tenebreuse - Narcisse
This version comes from ms. Barbe. In "Rhetorique des Dieux" this piece is called "Narcisse". Perhaps in this case also the "tenebreuse" picture quality is acceptable...;-) Arto Wikla 17.1.2010.
From: ArtoWikla
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September 15 2009

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Elizabethan Music

"Come Again",
composed by John Dowland,
interpreted by counter-tenor Russel Oberlin (Rec ~late 50ies)

"Come Again"
Come again, sweet love doth now invite.
Thy graces that refrain, to do me due delight.
To see, to hear, to touch, to kiss, to die,
with thee again in sweetest sympathy.

Come again, that I may cease to mourn.
Through thy unkind disdain, for now left and forlorn.
I sit, I sigh, I weep, I faint, I die,
in deadly pain and endless misery.

All the day, the sun that lends me shine,
By frowns do cause me pine, and feeds me with delay.
Her smiles, my springs, that makes, my joys, to grow,
her frowns the winters of my woe.

All the night, my sleeps are full of dreams,
My eyes are full of streams, my heart takes no delight.
To see, the fruits, and joys, that some, do find,
and mark the storms are me assigned.

Out alas, my faith is ever true.
Yet will she never rue, nor yield me any grace.
Her eyes, of fire, her heart, of flint, is made,
whom tears nor truth may once invade.

Gentle love, draw forth thy wounding dart.
Thou canst not pierce her heart, for I that do approve.
By sighs, and tears, more hot, than are, thy shafts,
did tempt while she for triumph laughs.

München/ Munich, 2009-09-15

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