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March 07 2011

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Anziku Kingdom, The Anziku Kingdom, also called Kingdom of M’Bé, Kingdom of Kongo, Teke Kingdom, Tyo Kingdom or Tio Kingdom, has its Palace in the modern Republic of Congo (to whom it gave its name of Congo).


It is known as the most ancient Kingdom of the world (4,000 years old). Oral traditions about the early history of the Kingdom were set in writing for the first time in the late 16th century, and the most comprehensive ones were recorded in the mid-seventeenth century, including those written by the Italian Capuchin missionary Giovanni Cavazzi da Montecuccolo.

The kingdom consisted of several core provinces ruled by the Mani-kongo or Makoko, the Portuguese version of the Kongo title ‘Mwene Kongo’, meaning lord or ruler of the Kongo kingdom, but its sphere of influence extended to neighbouring vassal kingdoms. 13 vassal Kings or Royal Princes (in modern language) nowadays help the Makoko to rule the Kingdom which is over the modern republics (The 2 Congo, Centrafric, Angola, Gabon, part of Chad and Cameroon.) Their job is to keep the traditions alive, to strickly respect the King’s Will and to modernize the territory. (via afrofly)

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May 30 2010

India: Records Reached, Temperatures to Touch 50C -- Hundreds Dead

Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed

Appalling stuff from the Guardian:

india Record temperatures in northern India have claimed hundreds of lives in what is believed to be the hottest summer in the country since records began in the late 1800s.

The death toll is expected to rise with experts forecasting temperatures approaching 50C (122F) in coming weeks. More than 100 people are reported to have died in the state of Gujarat...

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