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August 09 2013

How The Washington Post's New Owner Aided the CIA, Blocked WikiLeaks & Decimated the Book Industry…

How The Washington Post’s New Owner Aided the CIA, Blocked WikiLeaks & Decimated the Book Industry | Democracy Now !

I think one thing that’s missing is a discussion of the hallowed traditions, the hallowed journalistic traditions of The Washington Post. I mean, any media consumer who’s been looking at the bevy of articles in the last day and a half has heard about this—you know, “What’s going to happen to The Washington Post’s journalistic tradition—the paper of Watergate—or, the paper that exposed Watergate and published the Pentagon Papers?” I think any serious and very, you know, diligent news consumer is going to realize that the incidents like Watergate conspiracy and the Pentagon Papers, that was 40 years ago, and the hallowed tradition of The #Washington_Post that we’re worried Bezos is going to ruin—and, again, it may get worse, it may not; most likely it’ll continue—but that hallowed tradition, for 40 years, The Washington Post has really been a newspaper of the bipartisan consensus. And items like or invasions like Iraq could hardly have happened without the editorial pages headed by a sort of a hawk, Fred Hiatt, who’s still in power today, and Fred Hiatt’s editorial pages of The Washington Post has, in a five-month period before the Iraq invasion, more than two dozen editorials urging on that invasion. Skeptics of the invasion were mercilessly savaged in the editorial pages and the op-ed pages, but they weren’t allowed to speak for themselves. And so, when I hear people talk about The Washington Post under the Graham family, the paper of Watergate, it reminds me of people who would look at today’s Barack Obama and say he’s a community organizer embedded with the poor in Chicago. The Watergate Washington Post was decades ago. The Washington Post we should be thinking about in the last 10, 12 years has been a very important instrument of U.S. intervention, imperial foreign policy, at the hands of the editorial page editor Fred Hiatt.

Ca fait donc bien longtemps que ce journal n’est plus un contrepouvoir ; autrement, #Jeff_Bezos appartient quand même un peu à la #silicon_army même s’il ne vient pas de la bay area.

August 07 2013

A Mogul Gets a Landmark in the Capital -

A Mogul Gets a Landmark in the Capital -

“It’s an old boring story — rich man buys a newspaper — but in this instance it’s one of the richest men ever buying one of the most important newspapers ever, which is the one our government leaders read first thing every morning,” said Dennis Johnson, the co-founder of Melville House, a well-regarded small publisher. “This is the capper in the development of one of the most powerful vertical monopolies in our history, which is also one of the most controlling in matters of cultural concern.”

Mr. Bezos was a tinkerer from an early age. After Princeton, he went to Wall Street, ending up at D. E. Shaw & Company, a hedge fund.


Mr. Bezos has also mostly shunned the political spotlight, as well. His political contributions have gone mostly to Amazon’s corporate PAC, which divides its campaign checks relatively evenly between Democratic and Republican candidates. The stepson of a Cuban immigrant, Mr. Bezos has stayed out of the immigration debate that has attracted so many luminaries from the technology business.


August 06 2013

Le patron d'Amazon rachète le « Washington Post »

Le patron d’Amazon rachète le "Washington Post"

Le groupe #Washington_Post a annoncé, lundi 5 août, la cession de ses activités d’édition, dont le quotidien portant son nom, au patron-fondateur du groupe de distribution en ligne #Amazon, #Jeff_Bezos, pour 250 millions de dollars. « L’acheteur est une entité qui appartient à M. Bezos en tant qu’individu, et pas Amazon Inc », précise le communiqué du groupe.

Et pas que le quotidien :

Quel #management va s’imposer dans ce groupe de #presse ? Des hypothèses là : #disruption

Jeff le #libertarien se veut rassurant :

I won’t be leading The Washington Post day-to-day.

Je m’attendais pas à celle-là ce matin...

L’occasion de lire :

En Amazonie. Infiltré dans le « meilleur des mondes »

En plus je viens de voir Le capital de Costa-Gavras (oui le truc avec Gad Elmaleh) où ça cause de #hft et de grands enfants qui jouent qui jouent jusqu’à ce que ça pète... alors je vous dis pas l’état dans lequel ça me met.

Quant à Gorge Profonde, on attend encore sa réaction.

C’est quand même marrant que le parangon du #journalisme d’#investigation soit racheté par un des maîtres des #bigdata marchandes. En ces temps de persécution des #whistleblowers. Vivement la fusion Publicis / Omnicom !

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