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September 24 2014

January 29 2012


In another cable about Pranab Mukherjee, the finance minister being groomed to be India’s next PM, Hillary Clinton is revealingly blunt: “To which industrial or business groups is Mukherjee beholden?”

During Singh’s reign as prime minister, India has also witnessed a strong backlash against globalization among the poor. The most striking instance is the militant Communist movement representing landless peasants and indigenous forest peoples in Central India—these are Indians fighting their dispossession by mining companies that are backed by the Indian government. Early last year, India’s Supreme Court censured the government for creating an informal militia against Communist militants. Claiming that “the poor are being pushed to the wall,” the court blamed increasing violence in the country on “predatory forms of capitalism, supported by the state.”

Since then Singh has also lost his main constituency: the beneficiaries, both real and potential, of “rising” India. Periodicals such as Foreign Affairs, The Economist, and The Financial Times that in 2005 hailed India as a “roaring capitalist success story” now wonder if India is descending into a Latin-American-style oligarchy.

Turmoil from India to Israel. Will there be peace in 2012? | sriramkhe.blogspot 2012-01-29
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The workers were enraged enough to kill president K. C. Chandrashekhar after their union leader, M. Murali Mohan, was killed by baton-wielding riot police on Thursday. The labor violence occurred in Yanam, a small city in Andra Pradesh state on India’s east coast.Police were called to the factory by management to quell a labor dispute. The workers had been calling for higher pay and reinstatement of previously laid off workers since October. Murali was fired a few hours later. The next morning, at 06:00 on Friday, Murali went to the factory along with some workers and tried to obstruct the morning shift, local media reported. Long batons, known as lathis in India, were used by police who charged the workers, injuring at least 20 of them, including Murali. He died on the way to hospital,...

India Factory Workers Revolt, Kill Company President | 2012-01-27

October 05 2011

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It seems to me that the next crucial stage #occupyWallStreet will be whether the protesters can win the hearts and minds of those whose duty it is to serve and protect: the police.

Remember the story of Gandhi's jailer:

"Bapu spoke to us," reminisces Balsara, "His calm demeanour amid so much uproar over his arrest completely took us by surprise. He was humble to a fault and respected all who served him."

Balsara recalls that, by the time the train reached Poona, he and his police guards were thoroughly mesmerized by Gandhi's personality and his unshakable belief in India's right to its own destiny.

In those few hours it dawned on him that the path of non-violent resistance that Gandhi had chosen to guide India to freedom was so completely at odds with what he was doing as a police officer.

'We were so influenced by Gandhi's charisma and his captivating toothless smile that on reaching Poona we decided to quit our jobs, even though we knew quite well that we would be imprisoned," said Balsara.

That is exactly what happened: all six police officers became prisoners of the Raj.



this entry is part of the OccupyWallStreet compilation 2011-09/10, here.

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April 18 2011


November 07 2010

India: Obama Mania

By Rezwan

The US President Barack Obama is in India now as part of his ten day Asia tour and he has generated a lot of interest in this country of 1.2 billion people. The Indian media got hyped up covering every bit of Obama's action in India and the netizens are also vocal about it. Hanna Ingber Win, a Global Post correspondent from Mumbai, captures the enthusiasm of the Indians:

Welcome posters at American Center New Delhi. Image by US Embassy New Delhi. CC BY-ND

“Ala, ala, ala,” (He’s coming, he’s coming, he’s coming) a little boy shouts in Marathi, the local language spoken in Mumbai.

At another barricade, hundreds push and shove and jump up and down, trying to catch a glimpse of the president as he leaves Mani Bhavan, the museum where Mahatma Gandhi stayed when he visited Mumbai during India’s independence movement. Old men lean over their balcony railing; boys climb into trees; girls sit on top of shoulders — all holding their mobile phones out, ready to snap a photograph of Obama. When the president steps outside, the crowd goes wild, chanting, cheering and hooting away.

Greatbong at Random Thoughts Of A Demented Mind describes how the Obamas are being treated in India:

The moment we have an American President coming to visit us, the Pavlovian instincts take over and we are back into our rolling-on-the-ground mode. Coconuts are taken down so that one does not fall on the anointed one’s head. Special Indian massages are arranged for him and his wife. Platters are named in his honor. The high and mighty prostrate themselves in his path. Public money is spent like water and ordinary citizens inconvenienced for HIS convenience.

From New Delhi research analyst and blogger Varun Dixit questions “why is Barack Obama in India” and comments:

Obama is trying to bring back jobs in US, which he couldn't succeed so far and I am sure will not be able to succeed in future also. Wall Street knows setting their operations in India will help them in long term whereas Obama is just playing politics by promising to US people what he cannot do.

Indians were also very much interested to know Mr. Obama's stance on Pakistan and he somewhat startled many by his speech as Ghulam Muhammed from Mumbai explains:

He (Obama) said, it is in India’s best interest that its neighbor Pakistan should become a peaceful and stable country, so that India’s own progress towards a future of economic growth and prosperity can be assured of a steady and peaceful progression. Commentators on all English Channels exploded with open hostility while the speech was still on. Hawks like Times of India’s Washington correspondent termed it as giving in to Pakistan blackmail.

Khamba's hilarious take titled “Things Obama will never say in India ” came somewhat true with that speech.

A hoarding parodies Obama's Visit. Image via Twitpic user rushikeshgk

Here are some reactions from the Indian Twitter users:

aasthabiyani16: @ArjunKP Word! Sick of Obama Obama and more Obama, hey Raama come n save me from this drama, err that rhymes :p

hopfans: Phew!! Hoping Barack Obama's gone to sleep. The US President sure has taken India by storm…

jhunjhunwala: Why is the Indian Media having a collective orgasm over Obama? Kuch bolo bhai (please say something).

Greatbong criticizes the Obama mania and suggests:

We should treat Obama’s visit as just another visit by a head of state and not take it as a certificate of how much the US respects India. Because it does not. Definitely not under Obama.

November 06 2010

Obama's Broken Promises on IP and Meds

President Obama travels today to India for the first time since his election, arriving on November 6. His trip will feature high-level meetings organized by powerful U.S. and European corporate interests, including an address to the U.S.-India Business Council, a corporate interest group hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that includes all major multinational pharmaceutical companies among its members. U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce Suresh Kumar confirmed last week on the sidelines of a business conference that securing more restrictive intellectual property rights for U.S. companies was a key U.S. demand. He said, ?[the US is] lobbying to do here, to protect international property rights, to protect our patents.?

April 28 2010

April 24 2010

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No Indian miracle
Jayati Ghosh: 110 million living well, hundreds of millions in abject poverty who make growth possible
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December 18 2008

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