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September 26 2012


Globalvoices is down - since yesterday (2012-09-25) ... is back 2012-09-27

April 25 2011

New on Herdict blog: National Science Foundation Blocks Global Voices Advocacy: Last Wednesday, Berkman Senior R...


// oA:nth


When GVA inquired NSF’s commercial filtering provider Blue Coat about the reason, they responded,

“The website has verbiage indicating how to avoid proxy filtering, which clearly violates our security policy and therefore will remain blocked.”

As a non-profit organization that tracks Internet censorship across the globe and spreads knowledge about online filtering, GVA publishes information to teach others—specifically, online activists in developing countries that place restrictions on Internet content—how to circumvent domestic Internet filtering. However, Zuckerman noted the circular reasoning of this specific incident:

“In other words, the National Science Foundation is spending taxpayer money to (ineffectively) prevent scientists from learning about a debate about ‘internet freedom’ tools the US State Department and the Broadcasting Board of Governors are spending taxpayer money to support and promote, again using taxpayer money. Is there a Federal irony department where I can lodge a complaint?”

Twitter / Herdict: New on Herdict blog: Natio ... | 2011-04-25
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