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January 05 2010


iBin 2.7 (under GNU Free Documentation License)

"What happens if you erase your files direct from a removable device, like a memory stick? Most of the time its do not go to the recycle bin. And if you regret later, is a complex job to recover the files... The solution is a portable program which detect when the data is deleted".

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From the documentation:

" [...]
Use the recycle bin present in any Windows(tm) operate system is a feature exclusively reserved to local installed hard disks. If a file or a folder is erased from a removable device - like a memory stick - that data will be erased from the device file system. It’s possible to recover that lost data if it was not replaced by other data. This means that any information erased from a removable device do not come back easily to its original state, except by the intervention of an advanced user.
[...] "


Auf befindet sich ebenfalls eine ausführliche Funktionsbeschreibung:

" [...]

<!--/content-->Die Windows-Anwendung iBin von Augusto Croppo klinkt sich in den Papierkorb-Mechanismus des Betriebssystems ein und ermöglicht durch einen eigenen Container, die Daten von mobilen Speichern wie USB-Festplatten und Sticks zu sichern, die gelöscht wurden. So können sie auf Wunsch wiederhergestellt werden.

[...] "

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