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August 25 2011


May 15 2010

Russia releases secret papers on Katyn massacre signed by Stalin | Times Online - Toni Halpin - 20100429

[...] Top-secret documents detailing the Soviet leadership’s decision to murder 22,000 Polish officers at Katyn during the Second World War were released to the Russian public yesterday on the orders of President Medvedev.

In an unprecedented step, the Russian State Archive published official papers showing that Joseph Stalin approved the massacre proposed by his secret police henchman Lavrenti Beria. Other prominent members of the Soviet Politburo also signed off on the slaughter.

Mr Medvedev, on a state visit to Denmark, said that he had ordered the release of the material because “we owe it to the world”.

He told reporters: “We must learn the lesson of history. Let people see it, let them know who made the decision to kill the Polish officers. It’s all there in the documents. All signatures are there, all the faces are known.” [...]

April 19 2010

Oberfinanzdirektion Frankfurt: Mysteriöser Verlust von Steuerakten | Frankfurter Rundschau - Top-News

In Hessen wird mal wieder gepfuscht und zwar in der Finanzabteilung (wo auch sonst). Akten sind verschwunden, keiner weiss genau was passiert ist, aber natürlich kann man schon sagen, dass es eine Putzkraft gewesen sein soll.
Naja, ein paar wichtige Daten wurden im Müll gefunden, werden gerade zu rekonstruieren versucht.
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