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September 05 2013

August 15 2013

*ACHR/DPU Junior Professionals Reporting from the Field* ❝We have the privilege of being the first…

ACHR/DPU Junior Professionals Reporting from the Field

We have the privilege of being the first interns in a collaboration between the Asian Coalition of Housing Rights (ACHR) and the Bartlett Development Planning Unit (DPU). We are 5 young graduates from DPU working in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Philippines for 6 months, supporting the growth of ACHR in these countries. Our blog reflects on community-led development throughout South-East Asia, and the challenges faced both locally and more generally by the urban poor in their efforts to secure a place for themselves and their families within processes and mechanisms of the reproduction of the city.

Reporting on community-driven strategies to securing housing, land and a stake in (re)production processes of the city



#développement #urbanisme #ville #communauté #participation #carte

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August 07 2013

Vietnam : A War on Civilians | The American Conservative

Vietnam: A War on Civilians | The American Conservative

Few Americans born after the Tet Offensive know even the barest facts about the Vietnam War. I aim this generalization not at the oft-underrated Joe Sixpack but at graduates of our finest universities. I remember getting coffee with an old friend, then fresh out of Yale, right after she had backpacked through Vietnam. Whenever she mentioned the war she referred to the former South Vietnam as “the democratic side.” It was immediately clear that she, like virtually everyone else of her and my generation, had never heard of the Geneva Accords of 1954 to guarantee free elections in South Vietnam, elections scuttled after the CIA predicted that Ho Chi Minh would win. My friend had had no sense that the U.S. invaded (a word rarely used, but what else can you call sending 500,000 troops to a foreign nation?) South Vietnam to prop up an authoritarian government with little popular legitimacy. We launched a ruthless pacification campaign; it failed—but not before Washington spread the war into Laos and Cambodia and ultimately killed some two million civilians. This was the war, and there was no “democratic side.”

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