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August 22 2013

Britain and Spain escalate dispute over Gibraltar - World Socialist Web Site

Britain and Spain escalate dispute over Gibraltar - World Socialist Web

Britain and Spain escalate dispute over Gibraltar

By Paul Mitchell
22 August 2013

The Conservative/Liberal-Democrat coalition government in Britain and the Popular Party (PP) government in Spain are escalating the dispute over Gibraltar as part of an effort to whip up nationalist sentiment and deflect attention away from the social crisis in both countries. In addition the PP and the Spanish monarchy are embroiled in corruption scandals, which have seen support for the two institutions plummeting.

#gibraltar #espagne #royaume_uni #frontière #différend_territorial

Le chroniqueur du Daily Mirror prépare une campagne : Rendez leur Gibraltar Brian Reade on…

Le chroniqueur du Daily Mirror prépare une campagne : Rendez leur #Gibraltar

Brian Reade on Gibraltar, David Cameron’s holidays, Hillsborough, Maria Sugarpova and the five big questions of the week - Brian Reade - Mirror Online

Which is why I’m preparing a Hand Gibraltar Back campaign.

Asking why we want to keep a haven for tax exiles, Tory postal voters, winter fuel payment claimants and apes which is ­geographically part of Spain and of no strategic military use to us any more.

“But it’s British,” I hear traditionalists say.

Yes, but so is the English Defence League, the cast of Made In Chelsea, Ashley Cole, Jim ­Davidson, Nicholas Witchell, Joan Collins and John McCririck.

Would you go to war to defend them?

August 21 2013

Gibraltar, une taxe à la frontière est illégale pour la Communauté européenne ? Pas de problème, on…

#Gibraltar, une taxe à la frontière est illégale pour la Communauté européenne ? Pas de problème, on fera une écotaxe
Une congestion charge , comme le péage urbain introduit en 2005 pour Londres. Et dont il faudra revoir la traduction dans le cas d’espèce.

Spain threatens ’eco-tax’ on Gibraltar as Britain rejects demands for talks over sovereignty - Telegraph

Spain was also warned by the EU that any move to impose a tax at the border would be deemed “illegal” after Madrid said a 50 euro frontier levy and a ban on Gibraltar aviation traffic from using Spanish airspace were measures under consideration.
Instead Spain may get around a direct ban on border tax by imposing a London style “congestion charge” on frontier traffic in La Linea de la Concepcion because it would fall within current EU legislation.


Sinon, tous les bateaux se Sa Majesté sont arrivés à bon port…
La frégate HMS Westminster, au premier plan, masquée par les bâtiments, les deux bâtiments de soutien logistique, Lyme Bay, à quai et Mounts Bay, manœuvrant pour accoster


Si le Royaume-Uni accuse le gouvernement espagnol d’entretenir la tension pour des raisons intérieures (faire oublier les scandales de corruption), on notera que de son côté, un ancien conseiller de Margaret Thatcher, intervenant régulier de Fox News, constate très objectivement dans le Telegraph que le candidat premier ministre de l’opposition est une c… molle…

Ed Miliband’s spineless stance on Gibraltar does not bode well for a Labour government – Telegraph Blogs

What has Ed Miliband, the Labour Party’s great hope for 2015, said about Spain’s mounting attempts to intimidate the people of Gibraltar? Absolutely nothing.
The Gibraltar issue has further underscored Ed Miliband’s shortcomings as a leader, both at home and abroad. His failure to support the inhabitants of Gibraltar and their right to self-determination is disturbing, and raises serious questions over the future of British policy on both Gibraltar and the Falklands should he become prime minister.


Enfin, on notera que l’on va peut-être se trouver devant un premier (?) conflit à caractère écologique…

Les 70 blocs de béton, déclencheurs du conflit (et dont le retrait conditionne aujourd’hui une reprise de dialogue pour les espagnols), ont été immergés (presque…) uniquement pour des raisons d’écologie…

Spain tells Britain to remove Gibraltar reef - Telegraph

The Gibraltar government says the concrete reef in the Bay of Gibraltar will regenerate marine life and argues that the Spanish raked for shellfish there illegally in its waters.

Et que la riposte espagnole risque d’être une vertueuse #écotaxe.

August 18 2013

Gibraltar, y a pas l'feu au rocher… L'Union européenne arrivera bien à trouver un créneau avant…

#Gibraltar, y a pas l’feu au rocher…
L’Union européenne arrivera bien à trouver un créneau avant Noël pour créer la commission ad hoc .

Gibraltar : Cameron veut une action plus rapide de la Commission européenne

L’Union européenne a annoncé qu’elle allait envoyer des observateurs en septembre ou octobre mais le premier ministre attend une intervention plus rapide. Selon le porte-parole de M. Cameron, « le président Barroso a répondu que la Commission européenne suivait de près la situation et qu’après une évaluation juridique approfondie, ils n’hésiteraient pas à prendre les mesures nécessaires pour faire respecter le droit de l’UE ». Selon un communiqué rendu public à Bruxelles, « le président Barroso a expliqué que la Commission suivait la situation d’une manière permanente et ferait ce qui relève de sa compétence pour assurer le respect des règles de l’UE ».

D’ici là, entre manifestations de marins pêcheurs (ce matin),…
GBC | Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation

38 Spanish fishing vessels showed up at the waters off the North Mole on Sunday morning for a demonstration against the artificial reef constructed by Gibraltar. They were accompanied by Guardia Civil vessels. A tense stand-off ensued involving vessels of the Royal Gibraltar Police, Defence Police, Port Authority and the Royal Navy.

The demonstration began at 10 several hundred metres west of the runway, and saw the Spanish fishing boats accompanied by three Guardia Civil launches and the larger Rio Guadiana. Seven or eight pleasure craft also gathered, including several from Gibraltar.

 There was a sustained attempt by a small number of fishing boats to breach the police cordon and attempt to move towards Western Beach. This was was repelled by some strong manoeuvres by large Port and RGP vessels, who blocked them off. Meanwhile, over a hundred people gathered on shore watching the demonstration and waving Gibraltar flags. The protest, which ended at around midday, passed without serious incident.

… et manœuvres navales (demain)…
Les pêcheurs espagnols manifestent contre le récif de Gibraltar - Le Point

Lundi, un navire de guerre britannique, la frégate HMS Westminster, accompagné de deux bateaux, doit faire escale à Gibraltar pour participer à ces manoeuvres militaires.

… on arrivera bien à avoir un vrai, bel incident.

Tout cela n’est pas bon pour le petit commerce frontalier.
Booming Gibraltar fears new era of sour relations with Spain | Reuters

Spain, meanwhile, complains that Gibraltar is soft on money-laundering, contraband and tax evasion. All issues that Gibraltar insists it has cleaned up.

Spain says it seized 139 million illegal cigarettes smuggled in from Gibraltar last year. Gibraltar has no sales tax, so cigarettes cost 60 percent of what they cost in Spain.

Just inside Gibraltar, within sight of Spanish customs agents, stands a small kiosk where a harried sales clerk sells cigarette cartons to a perpetual line of customers, many of whom stop there every day.

They tear open the cartons and distribute cigarette packs into their pockets, handbags and shopping bags, in an effort to get around the four-pack limit for Spaniards.

“We all have to eat,” said one woman who did not want to be named, hiding cigarettes in her baby carriage before she walked over the border to Spain. Each carton represents a profit of 2 euros on the other side of the border for smugglers.

July 11 2013

Arab News ❝Spain is seriously considering granting permanent residency to Saudi businessmen and…

Arab News

Spain is seriously considering granting permanent residency to Saudi businessmen and investors in a move aimed at attracting more investments from the Kingdom.[..]

These include granting permanent residency to Saudis who own properties in Spain worth more than 380,000 euros.

Al-Rasheed said he expected the Saudi request to be approved ahead of the council meeting in Madrid on Sept. 18.

The meeting will be attended by over 70 Saudi businessmen, mostly representatives of the Saudi-Spanish Council, and they will explore investment opportunities in Spain, particularly in sectors such as real estate, contracting, industries and petrochemicals.

Ne faut-il pas demander aux partenaires Schengen?

July 09 2013

*Why is Latvia joining eurozone ? - Ivars Ijabs commentary* Many foreign economists simply do not…

Why is Latvia joining eurozone? - Ivars Ijabs commentary
Many foreign economists simply do not understand why Latvia wants to join euro having regard of situation in Greece, Spain and Italy.
Long story short, besides saying that Latvia is like stepmother to Cinderella - it does not make us happy but it has authority for sure, Ivars Ijabs explains that of course it might not be the best decision now, but we do not really have a choice and we would join eurozone even with worse conditions.

Ivars Ījabs: Asinis pa degunu - DELFI

Cits ziņkārīgu ārzemnieku jautājums skan : ja jau jums aptaujās tik maz cilvēku vēlas eiro, tad kādēļ cilvēki neprotestē, neiet ielās, nededzina mašīnas ? Te nu nākas atgādināt, ka attieksmes paušana un rīcība pie mums ir divas dažādas lietas, tādēļ gaidīt kādus masu protestus eiro sakarā Latvijā ir visai naivi. Vispirms, Latvijā ir ļoti augsta valsts varas leģitimitāte tajā nozīmē, ka cilvēki lielākoties uztver valsts prasības kā sev saistošas un neizbēgamas. Neviens, izņemot varbūt saujiņu ekstrēmistu, patiesībā nemaz nevar iedomāties nekādas reālas alternatīvas pašreizējai valsts iekārtai. Tiesa, nevarētu teikt, ka valsts īpaši attaisno savu pavalstnieku cerības uz laimīgu dzīvi – naudas nav, politiķi melo un zog, radi un kaimiņi laižas lapās uz ārzemēm. Bet tas vēl nenozīmē, ka būtu iemesls sagaidīt no šodienas Latvijas iedzīvotājiem kādu atklātu vēršanos pret valsti. Valsts ir kā pamāte Pelnrušķītei – tā mūs nedara laimīgus, bet tai piemīt neapšaubāma autoritāte.

#eurozone #Ivars_Ijabs

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