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August 19 2013

Abdel Bari Atwan : Al-Sisi's Appalling Mistakes May Destroy Egypt

Abdel Bari Atwan: Al-Sisi’s Appalling Mistakes May Destroy Egypt

But the truth of the matter is this: repression and killings will bring the real al-Qaeda to Egypt – not this fake propagandist one. Fighters from Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen will flock to join a new jihad.

August 13 2013

*Italy Conducted De Facto Push-Back of Migrants By Ordering Cargo Ship to Rescue and Transport…

Italy Conducted De Facto Push-Back of Migrants By Ordering Cargo Ship to Rescue and Transport Migrants to Libya

Just over a week ago Italian search and rescue authorities directed two commercial ships, an oil tanker and a cargo ship, to rescue two groups of migrants in distress off the Libyan coast. After taking the migrants on board, both ships were ordered to transport the migrants to Libya. One ship’s captain complied with the order and 96 migrants were turned over to Libyan authorities; the other captain refused and a several day stand-off between Malta and Italy resulted before Italy agreed to allow the migrants to be disembarked on Italian territory (see Malta Today: Malta blocks rescue ship from entering Malta waters; Malta orders ship to sail to Libya; Conditions on rescue ship worsen).

#Italie #Libye #migration #mer #Méditerranée #push-back #refoulement

August 06 2013

*Immigration : Malta forbids docking of ship carrying migrants* ❝VALLETTA, AUGUST 5 - At least 111…

Immigration: Malta forbids docking of ship carrying migrants

VALLETTA, AUGUST 5 - At least 111 would-be immigrants rescued off Libya’s coast are stuck on board a Liberian-flag tanker after Malta’s government did not allow the captain to dock in Valletta’s port.

The MV Salamis rescued the migrants, including four children, about 45 miles from the Libyan coast at the request of Italian authorities. The captain claims Italy asked Malta to dock but Malta refused on the grounds that the safest port was Tripoli. Three Navy patrol boats blocked access to the port of Valletta and the MV Salamis is currently 25 miles off Malta awaiting instructions. The three children have been taken to Malta’s Mater Dei hospital for treatment.

#Malte #migration #mer #secours

July 28 2013

*Documenting Migrant Deaths at Sea* ❝UNHCR reported recently that 1500 people "drowned or went…

Documenting Migrant Deaths at Sea

UNHCR reported recently that 1500 people “drowned or went missing last year [2011] while attempting crossings of the Mediterranean Sea.” The actual number may be even higher; a spokesperson for the agency noted that “Our estimates are based on interviews with people who reached Europe on boats, telephone calls and e-mails from relatives, as well as reports from Libya and Tunisia from survivors whose boats either sank or were in distress in the early stages of the journey.”

#références #morts #décès #Méditerranée #mer #migration #statistiques #comptabilité #décompte #migrants

July 09 2013

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