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July 29 2013

*Drama before Israeli's President's visit to Latvia* Today Israeli President Shimon Peres is…

Drama before Israeli’s President’s visit to Latvia

Today Israeli President Shimon Peres is arriving to Latvia for two days visit. But shortly before it last week there was small scandal - Israel argued that President Andris Bērziņš does not want to attend a Holocauset memorial ceremony.
Delegates from Israel usually have hard program in Latvia - they attend Holocaust Memorials and other places where Jewish people were tortured or killed in Latvia. Usually it also includes apologizing from Latvia’s side for those Latvians who participated in killing Jewish.
Latvia denies these allegations that Andris Bērziņš does not want to attend Holocaust Memorial and stresses that this year Shimon Peres will have opportunity to attend Žanis Lipke- man who saved many Jewish during war- museum and see that there were also Latvians who helped.

Latvia’s President Avoiding Holocaust Memorial - Jewish World - News - Israel National News

Latvian President Andris Berzins is making an effort to avoid attending a Holocaust memorial ceremony together with Israel’s President Shimon Peres during his upcoming visit to Latvia next week.

Berzins aides responded to a request from senior Israeli staff that he attend the ceremony at the Rumbula Forest with Peres, saying Berzins was too busy. They also reportedly told Israeli aides there is a state policy in the country preventing the Latvian president from accompanying visiting presidents to ceremonies, according to Israeli media.

The ceremony commemorates the deaths of 24,000 Jews from Riga and 1,000 German Jews murdered in the forest in November-December 1941 by the Einsatzgruppen units of the SS Nazi police, assisted by Latvian police and volunteers. They were transported to the forest by train and thrown into pits dug by the German Jews at the site.

#Latvia #Israel #Shimon_Peres #Andris_Bērziņš #Žanis_Lipke #Jewish #Rumbula_forest

July 16 2013

Latvia Set to Join Euro Zone and Become a New European Tax Haven - SPIEGEL ONLINE

#Latvia Set to Join #Euro Zone and Become a New European Tax Haven - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Latvia will become the common currency area’s newest member in January 2014 — the same time that new tax laws go into effect allowing the country to compete with the likes of Cyprus and Malta. This could further destabilize the European economy.

(...) Riga’s planned reform has been designed to transform Latvia into the euro-zone’s next tax haven. And it highlights the degree to which rhetoric and reality diverge in the European Union.

Ever since the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) exposed the vast scale of tax evasion undertaken by multinationals around the world, the European Commission has made combating financial trickery a top priority. Theoretically, at least. In practice, exactly the opposite has happened. “Instead of eliminating established tax havens, we have added a new one to the euro zone,” says Sven Giegold, a financial expert with the Green Party in the European Parliament.

#lettonie #union_européenne #paradis_fiscal

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July 09 2013

*Latvia gets Ecofin nod to become 18th eurozone member* Now it is officially - Latvia is going to…

Latvia gets Ecofin nod to become 18th eurozone member
Now it is officially - Latvia is going to be the second Baltic state which introduces euro. Estonia joined eurozone already in 2012, but Lithuania is planning to do it in a few years.

EU finance minsters have rubber-stamped Latvia’s application to become the 18th country to use the euro.

The application for membership had earlier been approved by the European Commission and European Central Bank.

The exchange rate has been set at 0.702804 lats to one euro, and euro notes and coins will be issued in Latvia on 1 January, 2014.

Latvia is keen to strengthen ties with western Europe and reduce its dependency on Russia.

The country has met the criteria for euro membership, including low inflation and long-term interest rates, as well as low public debt.

Latvia underwent one of Europe’s toughest austerity programmes after the 2008-09 financial crisis knocked a fifth off its GDP.

It received a 7.5bn euro bailout in 2008, but it has now repaid the loans.

"Ecofin has taken final decision approving Latvia’s euro membership from 2014,’’ the EU’s current Lithuanian presidency announced via its Twitter account,

As he entered the Ecofin finance ministers’ meeting earlier on Tuesday, Latvian Finance Minister Andris Vilks said it was a "symbolic day’’.

#Eurozone #Euro #Latvia

*Why is Latvia joining eurozone ? - Ivars Ijabs commentary* Many foreign economists simply do not…

Why is Latvia joining eurozone? - Ivars Ijabs commentary
Many foreign economists simply do not understand why Latvia wants to join euro having regard of situation in Greece, Spain and Italy.
Long story short, besides saying that Latvia is like stepmother to Cinderella - it does not make us happy but it has authority for sure, Ivars Ijabs explains that of course it might not be the best decision now, but we do not really have a choice and we would join eurozone even with worse conditions.

Ivars Ījabs: Asinis pa degunu - DELFI

Cits ziņkārīgu ārzemnieku jautājums skan : ja jau jums aptaujās tik maz cilvēku vēlas eiro, tad kādēļ cilvēki neprotestē, neiet ielās, nededzina mašīnas ? Te nu nākas atgādināt, ka attieksmes paušana un rīcība pie mums ir divas dažādas lietas, tādēļ gaidīt kādus masu protestus eiro sakarā Latvijā ir visai naivi. Vispirms, Latvijā ir ļoti augsta valsts varas leģitimitāte tajā nozīmē, ka cilvēki lielākoties uztver valsts prasības kā sev saistošas un neizbēgamas. Neviens, izņemot varbūt saujiņu ekstrēmistu, patiesībā nemaz nevar iedomāties nekādas reālas alternatīvas pašreizējai valsts iekārtai. Tiesa, nevarētu teikt, ka valsts īpaši attaisno savu pavalstnieku cerības uz laimīgu dzīvi – naudas nav, politiķi melo un zog, radi un kaimiņi laižas lapās uz ārzemēm. Bet tas vēl nenozīmē, ka būtu iemesls sagaidīt no šodienas Latvijas iedzīvotājiem kādu atklātu vēršanos pret valsti. Valsts ir kā pamāte Pelnrušķītei – tā mūs nedara laimīgus, bet tai piemīt neapšaubāma autoritāte.

#eurozone #Ivars_Ijabs

*Latvia towards euro* Today is the day when during EU finance ministers' meeting there will be…

Latvia towards euro

Today is the day when during EU finance ministers’ meeting there will be confirmed if Latvia can introduce euro in 2014. Most of the people are sure that Latvia will receive ’’green light’’. With introducing euro and being part of eurozone, Latvia will be secured it’s place in Western world.
Although people are skeptic about euro, there was enough information on back in 2003 that joining EU means joining eurozone as well.

Desmit gadu cīņa par eiro: kā Latvija soli pa solim nokļuva līdz mērķim - DELFI

Otrdien Eiropas Savienības (ES) finanšu ministru tikšanās reizē izšķirsies, vai Latvijā no 2014.gada 1.janvāra tiks ieviests eiro. Par pozitīvo lēmumu šaubās vairs tikai retais. Latvija ir izgājusi garu un sarežģītu birokrātu ceļu, lai tūliņ jau varētu teikt, ka viens no valsts attīstības stratēģiskajiem mērķiem, ir sasniegts. Šim nozīmīgajam notikumam klāt būs arī portāls « Delfi » un piedāvās aktuālās ziņas no Briseles.
Līdz ar eiro ieviešanu Latvija vēl pamatīgāk, pēc jau sekmīgās pievienošanās ES un NATO, būs nostiprinājusi savu piederību rietumu pasaulei. Tas ir viens no neatkarību atguvušās Latvijas redzamākajiem ārpolitikas mērķiem.

#Latvia #eurozone #introducing_euro

July 08 2013

*Unchangeable educational system in Latvia* Educational system in Latvia in all levels needs huge…

Unchangeable educational system in Latvia
Educational system in Latvia in all levels needs huge changes both to survive and compete with other countries. There are many problems starting from too many universities in such a small country and ending with teachers' salaries. We need changes but till now we have not had any considerable improvement.
Newest discussions refer to teachers's salaries - as crisis in Latvia is perceived to be gone, Latvia's education and science labour union (LIZDA) demands to raise monthly salary. Prime minister promised to solve this question accordingly to budget. But my concern is if prime minister will be strong enough to allow salary raise just to level we really can afford. Because one of the reasons economic crisis hit us so hard was unreasonable salary raise.

Mudina ātrāk palielināt skolotāju algas - Latvijā -

Tiekoties ar premjeru Valdi Dombrovski, LIZDA vadība 5. jūlijā atkal akcentēja šo jautājumu, taču vienošanās par « konkrētiem cipariem un procentiem » nav notikusi.
Pēc tikšanās ar arodbiedrības pārstāvjiem premjers uzsvēra, ka pedagogu algas risināmas kontekstā ar nozarē veicamajām strukturālajām reformām. Vienlaikus esot jādomā par pedagogu darba samaksu, sociālajām garantijām un motivācijas sistēmu. Tikšanās laikā esot panākta vienošanās, ka jautājumus risinās atbilstoši budžeta iespējām, jau sākot ar nākamo gadu. Taču paralēli tam runāts arī par profesionālo izglītību un infrastruktūras attīstību, un šeit studējošo stipendijām. Neesot aizmirsta arī augstākā izglītība un zinātne – konkrētāk, granti un tas, cik lielā mērā nodrošinātas studiju izmaksas minimālās prasības.

#Economy #Latvia #Educational system

*Has crisis ended in Latvia ?* On the first six month of this year there are registered 8750 new…

Has crisis ended in Latvia?
On the first six month of this year there are registered 8750 new enterprises, which is for 55 more than last year within the same period. The most popular are still low capital Ltd.
Hopefully this is a sign that economy of Latvia is recovering after economic crisis.

Pirmajā pusgadā izveidoti 8750 jauni uzņēmumi; populārākie joprojām 1 lata SIA - DELFI

Valstī pirmajos sešos mēnešos reģistrēti 8750 jauni komersanti, kas ir par 55 vairāk nekā pērn attiecīgajā periodā. Līdzīgi kā iepriekšējos gados, arī šogad vēl aizvien augstu popularitāti saglabājušas mazapitāla SIA – no visiem jaunreģistrētajiem komersantiem 2013.gadā vairāk nekā 65% bijuši tieši SIA ar samazinātu pamatkapitālu, liecina Uzņēmumu reģistru apkalpojošās firmas « Lursoft » apkopotie dati.

#Economics #enterprises #Ltd.

Asylum seeker Snowden and Latvia Snowden's case is very loud and there are discussions about this…

Asylum seeker Snowden and Latvia

Snowden's case is very loud and there are discussions about this issues all over the world - even in Latvia. While he is still trying to find a country which would protect him from trial in United States, in Latvia people are discussing should EU countries give him help. Some of the journalists are harsh towards Snowden and his runaway to non-democratic countries. But this exact journalist defends Snowden by saying that Latvia and all EU obeys to USA and not giving asylum to Snowden is showing how weak is EU.
#Snowden #Latvia #politics #EU #USA

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