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November 08 2013

Giant Cruise Ships to be Banned from Venice Beginning Next Year | Italy Magazine

Giant Cruise Ships to be Banned from Venice Beginning Next Year | Italy Magazine

Large cruise ships passing through the Venice lagoon are to be banned effective November 2014, and a limit on smaller cruise vessels will kick in January, government officials in Rome ordered on Tuesday.
The order came following a meeting between Italy’s Prime Minister Enrico Letta, his transport and culture ministers and Venice city officials and regional authorities, discussing how to implement in Venice a law that bans large ships from passing near Italian shores. The law was enacted nationwide following the crash of the Costa Concordia cruise ship in early 2012, which killed 32 people off the coast of Tuscany, but was not applied in Venice where the cruise industry plays a key role in the local economy.
As of January, the traffic volume of cruise ships weighing between 40,000 and 96,000 tonnes must be reduced to no more than five ships per day. The outright ban starting November 2014 only applies to those over 96,000 tonnes (similar to the Costa Concordia).
According to the order, cruise traffic will eventually be rerouted through the Contorta Sant’Angelo Canal. Environmentalists warn that the lagoon surrounding Venice, itself a UNESCO heritage site, is at great risk due to its fragile ecosystem and Venice residents have staged many protests over the invasion of the cruise ships. Currently, cruise ships pass within 300 metres (1,000 feet) of St Mark’s Square. Over the past 15 years, Venice has become one of the world’s most important cruise destinations, with more than 650 cruise ships passing through the city annually.
“Finally the trend towards gigantic ships in the lagoon has been turned around,” the mayor of Venice, Giorgio Orsoni, said in a statement on Tuesday. “We’ve had enough of these mega cruise ships just meters away from San Marco; from now on there will be clear limits on the size of ships that can enter Venice.”


September 13 2013

Self Made Urbanism Rome

Self Made Urbanism Rome

S.M.U.R.- Abstract

Rome’s unplanned growth and its diverse forms of informality are an expression of the city’s particular nature and self-willed approach to urbanism. Around a third of the built surfaces in Italy’s capital city were informally occupied by and with its future residents, and constructed without building permission or links to
the urban infrastructure. This phenomenon has a long history and very diverse forms, from self-built provisional accommodation and ethnic Roma settlements to major speculative ventures. The complex history and character of an urban landscape unstructured by any master plan is exemplary of the development of major cities in the early 21st century.

In Italy, the lived practice of self-organisation is also crucially important in current debates and arguments over the beni comuni, public property. After many years of seeing the ‘commons’ misused, public property also needs to be protected against state action as well as private interventions. This, in turn, requires the development of sustainable models of self-organisation. The numerous cultural
locations squatted over the recent years, such as the Teatro Valle Occupato or Cinema America in Rome, testify to the breadth of the movement that desires change. Self Made Urbanism Rome offers a historical framework for a range of experiences of the self-organised city – and not only individual buildings – and, in doing so, also presents new approaches to the future organisation of the public domain and common goods.

#art #urbanisme #architecture

August 14 2013

What is wrong with Italian Reality TV ?

What is wrong with Italian Reality TV?

The show hasn’t been broadcasted yet, but aid workers, non profit volunteers and some viewers from all over the Italy have already launched two petitions to prevent the airing of a new reality show, “Mission,” in which eight Italian celebrities embark on a mission to help aid workers in the refugee camps of South Sudan, the Democratic Republic […]


August 08 2013

Italy passes new laws to tackle violence against women | World news |

Italy passes new laws to tackle violence against women | World news |
Quoi, les cathos sont sexistes ?

This year both of Italy’s houses of parliament voted to ratify the Council of Europe’s wide-ranging convention on violence against women. Last year the UN’s special rapporteur on violence against women, Rashida Manjoo, said after a visit to Italy that there was an urgent need to tackle the problem.

“Most manifestations of violence are under-reported in the context of a family-oriented and patriarchal society where domestic violence is not always perceived as a crime, there is economic dependency, and there are perceptions that the state response to such complaints will not be appropriate or helpful,” Manjoo said.

#violences_conjugales #patriarcat #sexisme #Italie

August 06 2013

The Winner is TAP : The EU's Failed Policy in the South Caucasus

The Winner is TAP: The EU’s Failed Policy in the South Caucasus

Between the two competitors for the delivery of Azerbaijani gas to Europe ­ Nabucco West and the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) ­ the winner is the latter, a project designed to transport Caspian gas via Greece and Albania and across the Adriatic Sea to southern Italy. The EU welcomed the decision of the Shah Deniz consortium. Yet the political objective of the Southern Corridor was to diversify gas supply to Europe and reduce the energy dependence of some EU member states on Russia. With TAP as the winner, it is questionable whether the EU has truly met these goals. As for Azerbaijan, the selection of TAP can be viewed as a commercially sound decision and a political balancing act by Baku to gain access to European markets and to avoid angering the Kremlin. Yet this choice came only after President Alyev failed to convince the EU to take a clearer stance on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict resolution process in exchange for Nabucco West. For its part, the EU has failed to be a credible actor in the region, able to defend its interests by diversifying energy supplies, decreasing the energy dependence of some member states on Russia and contributing to regional security in the South Caucasus.

#énergie #caucase #pipelines #gaz #pétrole #tap

*Immigration : Malta forbids docking of ship carrying migrants* ❝VALLETTA, AUGUST 5 - At least 111…

Immigration: Malta forbids docking of ship carrying migrants

VALLETTA, AUGUST 5 - At least 111 would-be immigrants rescued off Libya’s coast are stuck on board a Liberian-flag tanker after Malta’s government did not allow the captain to dock in Valletta’s port.

The MV Salamis rescued the migrants, including four children, about 45 miles from the Libyan coast at the request of Italian authorities. The captain claims Italy asked Malta to dock but Malta refused on the grounds that the safest port was Tripoli. Three Navy patrol boats blocked access to the port of Valletta and the MV Salamis is currently 25 miles off Malta awaiting instructions. The three children have been taken to Malta’s Mater Dei hospital for treatment.

#Malte #migration #mer #secours

July 09 2013

*Why is Latvia joining eurozone ? - Ivars Ijabs commentary* Many foreign economists simply do not…

Why is Latvia joining eurozone? - Ivars Ijabs commentary
Many foreign economists simply do not understand why Latvia wants to join euro having regard of situation in Greece, Spain and Italy.
Long story short, besides saying that Latvia is like stepmother to Cinderella - it does not make us happy but it has authority for sure, Ivars Ijabs explains that of course it might not be the best decision now, but we do not really have a choice and we would join eurozone even with worse conditions.

Ivars Ījabs: Asinis pa degunu - DELFI

Cits ziņkārīgu ārzemnieku jautājums skan : ja jau jums aptaujās tik maz cilvēku vēlas eiro, tad kādēļ cilvēki neprotestē, neiet ielās, nededzina mašīnas ? Te nu nākas atgādināt, ka attieksmes paušana un rīcība pie mums ir divas dažādas lietas, tādēļ gaidīt kādus masu protestus eiro sakarā Latvijā ir visai naivi. Vispirms, Latvijā ir ļoti augsta valsts varas leģitimitāte tajā nozīmē, ka cilvēki lielākoties uztver valsts prasības kā sev saistošas un neizbēgamas. Neviens, izņemot varbūt saujiņu ekstrēmistu, patiesībā nemaz nevar iedomāties nekādas reālas alternatīvas pašreizējai valsts iekārtai. Tiesa, nevarētu teikt, ka valsts īpaši attaisno savu pavalstnieku cerības uz laimīgu dzīvi – naudas nav, politiķi melo un zog, radi un kaimiņi laižas lapās uz ārzemēm. Bet tas vēl nenozīmē, ka būtu iemesls sagaidīt no šodienas Latvijas iedzīvotājiem kādu atklātu vēršanos pret valsti. Valsts ir kā pamāte Pelnrušķītei – tā mūs nedara laimīgus, bet tai piemīt neapšaubāma autoritāte.

#eurozone #Ivars_Ijabs

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