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August 06 2013

Reportage photo de Larry_C._Price sur l'extraction de l'or et le travail_des_enfants The Cost of…

#Reportage #photo de #Larry_C._Price sur l’extraction de l’#or et le #travail_des_enfants
The Cost of Gold in #Burkina_Faso : Holes | Pulitzer Center

The Cost of Gold : Child Labor in Burkina Faso

Although large foreign countries had mined Burkina Faso gold for almost half a century, it wasn’t until the famines of the 1980s forced families off their farms that artisanal or small-scale mining took root. Since then, thousands have migrated to the gold fields, abandoning their agrarian roots to toil in the small-scale mining operations that dot the countryside.

To maximize profits, entire families work. And this means putting children to work as child laborers.

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