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November 08 2013

IBM vendra votre profil psychologique créé à partir de Twitter

IBM vendra votre profil psychologique créé à partir de Twitter

A terme, IBM croisera bien d’autres sources que Twitter pour établir un même profil psychologique, et vendra ce profil à toutes les entreprises qui en trouvent utilité.

Vous pensez qu’IBM va analyser #seenthis ? ;)

September 27 2013

In ACLU lawsuit, scientist demolishes NSA's “It's just metadata” excuse The power of metadata :…

In ACLU lawsuit, scientist demolishes NSA’s “It’s just metadata” excuse
The power of metadata: Addiction, sex, and accusations can all be discovered.

Storage and data-mining have come a long way in the past 35 years, [Princeton Computer Science Prof. Edward] Felten notes, and metadata is uniquely easy to analyze—unlike the complicated data of a call itself, with variations in language, voice, and conversation style. “This newfound data storage capacity has led to new ways of exploiting the digital record,” writes Felten. “Sophisticated computing tools permit the analysis of large datasets to identify embedded patterns and relationships, including personal details, habits, and behaviors.”

There are already programs that make it easy for law enforcement and intelligence agencies to analyze such data, like IBM’s Analyst’s Notebook. IBM offers courses on how to use Analyst’s Notebook to understand call data better.

Unlike the actual contents of calls and e-mails, the metadata about those calls often can’t be hidden. And it can be incredibly revealing—sometimes moreso than the actual content.

Knowing who you’re calling reveals information that isn’t supposed to be public. Inspectors general at nearly every federal agency, including the NSA, “have hotlines through which misconduct, waste, and fraud can be reported.” Hotlines exist for people who suffer from addictions to alcohol, drugs, or gambling; for victims of rape and domestic violence; and for people considering suicide.

Text messages can measure donations to churches, to Planned Parenthood, or to a particular political candidate.

Felten points out what should be obvious to those arguing “it’s just metadata”—the most important piece of information in these situations is the recipient of the call.

#nsa #méta_données #vie_privée

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