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August 30 2013

Github for Writers

Github for Writers

For the past three years, I’ve used GitHub for hosting code projects, discovering bleeding edge tech, and collaborating with an engineering team. And it has been simply wonderful. In fact, it’s hard to imagine coding without GitHub. I rely on GitHub every single day.

However, despite how crucial GitHub is to the developer toolbox, I’m constantly wondering why the platform is limited to just code. It’s not a stretch to imagine the usefulness of a similar platform for non-developers - authors, teachers, students - though as much as I search, I can’t seem to find one. So I’m building it myself. I’m building a GitHub for everyone else.

Ça fait trois ans que j’ai le projet de faire quelque chose comme ça dans ma pile « To Do Some Day ». Comme d’habitude avec Internet, la façon la plus efficace de développer une bonne idée est d’attendre que quelqu’un d’autre le fasse :)

August 12 2013

Simple, fast map data editing | MapBox

Simple, fast map data editing | MapBox

We are trying to make it easier to draw, change, and publish #maps. Some of the most important geospatial data is the information we know, observe, and can draw on a napkin. This is the kind of #data that we also like to collaborate on, like collecting bars that have free wifi ✎ or favorite running routes. aims to fix that. It’s an an open source project built with #MapBox.js, #GitHub's powerful new Gist and #GeoJSON features, and an array of microlibraries that power import, export, editing, and lots more.

#données #cartographie #interface

July 06 2013

Un projet qui pourrait intéresser fil : ❝To illustrate the goals of dat consider the GitHub…

Un projet qui pourrait intéresser @fil :

To illustrate the goals of dat consider the GitHub project, which is a great model of this idea working in a different space. GitHub is built on top of an open source tool called git and provides a user-friendly web application that lets software developers find code written by others, use it in their own programs and improve upon it. In a similar fashion dat will be developed as a set of tools to store, synchronize, manipulate and collaborate in a decentralized fashion on sets of data, hopefully enabling platforms analogous to GitHub to be built on top of it.

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