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September 17 2013

Lavrov : Russia convinced syria chemical attack a « provocation »

Lavrov: #Russia convinced #syria chemical attack a “provocation”

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (R) speaks with his French counterpart Laurent Fabius during their meeting in Moscow on 17 September 2013. Photo: AFP - Alexander Nemenov)

Russia remains convinced that the August 21 poison gas attack in Syria was a provocation by rebel forces and says a report by UN inspectors does not answer all of its questions about the attack, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday. Speaking at a press conference alongside French (...)

#sarin #Top_News

August 28 2013

Russie loi homophobe : ... Et un parlemantaire russe s'exclame : "mais coupez leurs donc les…

Russie loi homophobe : ... Et un parlemantaire russe s’exclame : « mais coupez leurs donc les couilles ! »

Russian official allegedly supports gay bashing in Moscow - Vocativ

The Russian Parliament today passed a law banning “propaganda” about gay people, hoping the measure will prevent the country’s children from becoming gay. But according to photos of violent clashes between pro- and anti-gay activists at Duma headquarters in Moscow this morning, many Russian tweens have already made up their mind about gay rights. They are against them.

#rusie #homophobie #homosexualité #lois_homophobes

August 22 2013

Tensions grow between Ukraine and Russia - World Socialist Web Site

Tensions grow between Ukraine and Russia - World Socialist Web Site

Tensions grow between Ukraine and Russia

By Clara Weiss
22 August 2013

The Russian Customs Agency has halted the import of Ukrainian goods to Russia, as of last Thursday. Moscow is seeking to prevent the signing of an association and free trade accord between Ukraine and the European Union, and trying to push Ukraine to join a Customs Union dominated by Russia.

#russie #ukraine #ex_urss #union_douanière

August 20 2013

Sympathy for the devil : Israel's efforts on behalf of Cairo's generals By Chemi Shalev 20th of…

Sympathy for the devil: Israel’s efforts on behalf of Cairo’s generals
By Chemi Shalev
20th of August 2013

In June 1941, on the eve of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, Winston Churchill famously told his personal secretary John Colville “If Hitler invaded hell, I would at least make a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.” The next day he expressed unequivocal support for his arch-enemy Stalin and dispatched military assistance to beleaguered Moscow.

This “principle of the lesser evil” that Churchill so pithily expressed has been the guiding principle of much of America’s post-World War II policy. In its name, the U.S. has supported a long line of disgusting dictators and terrible tyrants who were considered to be critical for vital American interests such as combatting Communism and terror or safeguarding oil supplies in the Middle East. Democracy and human rights, in most cases, took a back seat, often for many decades.

This is the general theme of the Israeli effort to persuade Washington not to cut U.S. military aid to the Cairo regime, despite its transgressions. America and Israel share an overriding interest in preserving the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty and in preventing Sinai from turning into a launching pad for Al-Qaida attacks, Israel says. Former ambassador to Egypt Eli Shaked told the New York Times on Monday, “We don’t have good guys. It is a situation where you have to choose who is less harmful.”

August 13 2013

August 04 2013

With Snowden now free in Russia, U.S. has few options | McClatchy

With #Snowden now free in Russia, U.S. has few options | McClatchy

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said the United States has a “broad and important relationship with Russia,” which includes cooperation along with “disagreement and conflict.” He noted that Obama had said he didn’t want Snowden to be an issue in the relationship “because of its breadth and importance.”

The message was the same at the State Department, where spokeswoman Marie Harf predicted no big break in relations with Moscow over the Snowden affair, which she painted as separate from Syria, missile defense and other areas on which the U.S. needs Russian cooperation.

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