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March 22 2011


GUC (German University Cairo) is the old Egypt | Mostafa Sheshtawy Blog 2011-03-21


So today the 21st of March, 26 students got expelled by the GUC administration ! Happens everyday, but here is why : Because they did protests and spent the night of 20th March in the Campus in the FREEZING weather. Taking into consideration that the Administration LOCKED all buildings , which means they couldn’t use the bathrooms AND didn’t allow any blankets in so they had to sleep in the really cold weather.

Now some of you would think they must’ve done something bad ! I’d reply oh yes they did. They spoke their mind !

Not just their mind, they spoke the mind of about 8000 students in the beautiful German University in Cairo. All they demanded ( in the late protest ) was a strong Student Union that had a voice and at least one chair in the high board and a demand that I don’t really call demand , I call a right, Which was an official apology of the humiliations they got from official GUC board members.


So in short words, PROTEST = get EXPELLED . Democracy much ? or Mubarak Style ? you judge.

Names of Expelled Students Who are confirmed so far

  1. Mostafa Eissa
  2. Sherif Hummahuny
  3. Hussein Saied
  4. Ahmed Hazem
  5. Amr Dawood
  6. Mohamed Dawood
  7. haythem mahdy
  8. Karim Naggar
  9. Mohamed Osama
  10. Mahmoud mortagy

I know they are 26 , but i need to confirm with more than one to add their name to this list.


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