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July 25 2011

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Poorest tent city evicted in Israel
While tent cities sprung up throughout the country, the one in the poorest neighborhood of Tel Aviv only one to be evicted ===== Two weeks ago young Israelis set up a tent city in the heart of Tel Aviv's richest neighborhood on Rotschild Boulevard. Since then similar tent cities sprung up throughout the country. On Sunday, residents in Tel Aviv's poorest neighborhood set up a tent city as well. The area, which includes the neighborhoods of Neve Sha'anan, Hatikva, Shapira, and Florentine are known for being the home of low income families, single parent households, and most recently, refugees and migrant workers. At 4:30 in the morning, the Ministry of the Environment removed the tents and confiscated them. Of all the tent-cities throughout Israel, this is the only one to be evicted.
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