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January 08 2012

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Munich, Residence Garden in Winter | München, winterlicher Hofgarten - pencil | Bleistift -  by oAnth, Dec 2011 - under CC BY-NC-ND

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European Common Goods

The crisis affecting the global economy and consequently the Euro during these months requires a radically different response from those actually envisaged and carried out. The way Europe and European governments and electors will handle the Greek crisis will set an important precedent for the next crises and their entailed risks of sovereign defaults. The probable decisions by the Greek government, practically left alone as other governments in similar deficit crises, are based on the massive sale of public goods to unspecified buyers in order to raise the money necessary to guarantee the next loans. This is not only a wrong decision in political terms, but also in practical terms. Politically we have had ample experience in the past quarter of century that deregulations and privatisations were not synonymous with efficiency, investments, modernisation and competition. On the contrary, there is a long list in Europe and around the world, of resounding failures and actual destruction of value by the same market forces that were extolled as the long lasting solution to any national and international economic problem. The last financial, market and economic global crisis has shown beyond any doubt that markets alone are not capable to rule themselves, that there is no invisible hand balancing the different interests and that public money has rescued the same oligopolies that were supposed to not to exist in a healthy competitive environment, fostered by a deregulated market. There is no free lunch and there is no unregulated market oriented to a common good.




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January 07 2012

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Arbeitskrise und Grundeinkommen

Für anständige Arbeit scheint heute einfach kein Geld mehr da zu sein, hinfällig wohl auch die Sozialsysteme, welche sich durch den Arbeitsmarkt finanzieren sollen?! Dieser kurze Animationsfilm lädt ein, die Krise unserer Gesellschaft von einer neuen Seite zu sehen. Dem technischen Fortschritt muss ein gesellschaftlicher folgen. In diesem Sinne stellt der Film mit dem bedingungslosen Grundeinkommen einen ebenso ungewöhlichen, wie kontrovers diskutierten Reformvorschlag. Freilich kann dies nur eine kleine Einführung sein, aber es zeigt sich schnell, wie radikal die Veränderung schon im Denken und im gegenwärtigen Menschenbild ansetzen muss, damit eine soziale Vision wie diese vorstellbar oder gar realisierbar wird.

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Optimiser une connexion Internet avec Auslogics Internet Optimizer | TranCool

Auslogics Internet Optimizer est un outil gratuit permettant d'optimiser les connexions internet en effectuant différents réglages.


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Richard Stallman's Selected Essays: Free Software, Free Society (pdf) | offene Ablage: nothing to hide


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Richard Stallman is the philosopher king of software. He single-handedly ignited what has become a world-wide movement to create software that is Free, with a capital F. He has toiled for years at a project that many once considered a fool’s errand, and now that is widely seen as “inevitable.”
—Simon L. Garfinkel, computer science author and columnist

By his hugely successful efforts to establish the idea of “Free Software,” Stallman has made a massive contribution to the human condition. His contribution combines elements that have technical, social, political, and economic consequences.
— Gerald Jay Sussman, Matsushita Professor of Electrical Engineering, MIT

RMS is the leading philosopher of software. You may dislike some of his attitudes, but you cannot avoid his ideas. This slim volume will make those ideas readily accessible to those who are confused by the buzzwords of rampant commercialism. This book needs to be widely circulated and widely read.
—Peter Salus, computer science writer, book reviewer, and UNIX historian



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