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January 05 2012


Die Junge Welt: Gegendarstellung in der Angelegenheit des Vorwurfs von unterlassenem Informanten-Quellenschutzes

Es wurde in der fraglichen Angelegenheit (siehe @Fefe miittlerweile eine Gegendarstellung von der Jungen Welt ins Netz gestelllt.


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Bill Moyers Journal . Watch & Listen | PBS

BILL MOYERS: I don't know anyone who embodies that old-time, populist gospel, the high spirits and fierce commitment to justice that you just witnessed among the good people of Iowa more than my longtime friend, Jim Hightower.

With a down home wit and a finely honed outrage, Hightower pins the tail on the plutocrats....



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BibliOdyssey: On The Nile

“After getting astride of the saddle, comes motion No. 1, which is caused by the animal raising his hind quarters from the ground; this throws you forward, and you lose both your hat and your balance : then comes motion No. 2, which corresponds to motion No. 1, but with the front quarters; this motion throws the traveller as far backward as he was thrown forward before.

These two motions leave the animal and the traveller neither fairly up nor altogether down ; and it requires another motion, No. 3, to bring fore and hind quarters, together with the hump and other adjacent portions, to a “perpendicular;” which act, when accomplished, leaves the rider on the animal’s hump, provided he has clung to the saddle with sufficient tenacity. After the first mount the whole matter is simplified.“


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January 04 2012

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