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January 04 2012


World-first hybrid shark found off Australia |

Scientists said on Tuesday that they had discovered the world's first hybrid sharks in Australian waters, a potential sign the predators were adapting to cope with climate change.


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The Australian black-tip is slightly smaller than its common cousin and can only live in tropical waters, but its hybrid offspring have been found 2,000 kilometres down the coast, in cooler seas.


It means the Australian black-tip could be adapting to ensure its survival as sea temperatures change because of global warming.


"If it hybridises with the common species it can effectively shift its range further south into cooler waters, so the effect of this hybridising is a range expansion," Morgan said.

"It's enabled a species restricted to the tropics to move into temperate waters."


Climate change and human fishing are some of the potential triggers being investigated by the team, with further genetic mapping also planned to examine whether it was an ancient process just discovered or a more recent phenomenon.



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Saving Ethiopia’s “Church Forests” | PLoS Blogs Network

There are some 35,000 church forests in Ethiopia, ranging in size from a few acres to 300 hectares. Some churches and their forests may date back to the fourth century, and all are remnants of Ethiopia’s historic Afromontane forests. To their followers, they are a sacred symbol of the garden of Eden — to be loved and cared for, but not worshipped.



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Deutschland: Drohnen zur Videoüberwachung | 2012-01-03

Ein kürzlich eingebrachter Gesetzesentwurf von  Bundesverkehrs-minister Peter Ramsauer (CSU) sieht vor, Drohnen künftig auch zu nichtmilitärischen Zwecken einzusetzen, also zum Beispiel zur Überwachung von Verdächtigen und als Unterstützung der Polizei. Das berichtet das Online-Portal

Bisher war der Drohneneinsatz in Deutschland nur gestattet, wenn ein militärischer Zweck dahinter steht. Als fliegende Überwachungseinheit der Polizei war sie bisher nicht erlaubt. Das könnte sich aber bald ändern. Weitestgehend unbemerkt von der breiten Öffentlichkeit brachte Bundesverkehrsminister Ramsauer einen Gesetzentwurf ein, der den zivilen Flugverkehr auch Drohnen überlassen soll.

Ummantelt wird der Gesetzentwurf aber nicht nur mit der Überwachung der Bürger zu polizeilichen Zwecken, sondern auch mit der Beförderung von Fracht oder der Sicherung von Pipelines. Ramsauer ist der Meinung, es stehe eine "völlige Neuordnung des zivilen Luftverkehrs" bevor. „Es scheint in naher Zukunft nicht mehr ausgeschlossen, dass bemannte und unbemannte Luftfahrtgeräte gleichberechtigt am Luftverkehr teilnehmen".

Der CSU-Politiker Ramsauer selbst scheint von seinem Projekt allerdings nicht zu 100 Prozent überzeugt zu sein. So schreibt er, dass die Drohnensysteme "höchste komplexe Systeme" seien, deren Betrieb "eine Vielzahl von Sicherheitsfragen aufwirft".

Geklärt seien diese Fragen noch nicht, sie bedürften "weiterer Klärung". Trotzdem möchte Ramsauer die Drohnen einsetzen.

Wie das Portal DerWesten schreibt, wurde der Gesetzesentwurf "versteckt" zwischen anderen Anfragen eingebracht, und das spät Abends während der letzten Sitzungswoche.

Laut der Partei Die Linke treibt der Drohneneinsatz den Überwachungsstaat voran. Da der Name Drohne laut der Luftfahrtlobby zu angsteinflößend sei, wurde der Begriff UAS, Unmanned Aerial System, gewählt. Auch in anderen Ländern wird die Drohne zunehmend im zivilen Bereich etabliert. Die USA richteten mehrere Flugzonen ein, um einen zivilen Betrieb zu testen.
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Vi Hart and Khan Academy Join Forces!

YAY. Perfect match.
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Arab World: A Year In Pictures - Our Authors' Selection

Since Mohamed Bouazizi, a young Tunisian fruit vendor set himself on fire in the small city of Sidi Bouzid on December 2010, a wave of unprecedented popular protests is sweeping the Arab world. The region has seen unprecedented events that no one could ever imagine witnessing in a lifetime.

Three Arab dictators have been toppled, some others forced to engage in reforms, while in other places the confrontation is proving to be painful and bloody.

In any case, 2011 is likely to remain engraved in the history of the Arab world as the year when people started raising against their oppressive regimes.

As we bid farewell to 2011 and look ahead to 2012, we asked our authors to share with you pictures that in their eyes have marked the past year in their respective countries. The following selection represents their choices.


Photo by Talel Nacer, used with permission

On January, 14, 2011 thousands of protesters gathered near the Interior Ministry building in Tunis calling for the fall of the regime of dictator Zeine El Abidine Ben Ali. Later on the same day, Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia.

Afef Abroughi


Author unkown

A powerful message from “the occupied city of Kafar Nabel”, Syria.

Leila Nachawati


Photo by KrikOrion, used with permission

Even though Lebanon has not witnessed a revolution in 2011, the Land of the Cedars was highly affected by the developpements and turmoil in the area. But for Lebanese it's the high cost of living that is haunting them the most. Following each wage increase by the government and even before the plan is approved by parliament, prices soar tremendously.

Thalia Rahme


Photo by Jillian C. York, used under a CC license (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Palestine: “Marching United Towards Freedom”

Jillian C. York


Copyright Shohdi Al-Sofi, used with permission

The peaceful massive marches of Yemen which never stopped throughout the year are a testimony of Yemenis' steadfast and resilience and prove ultimately, like the billboard reads, that “victory is to the people”.

Noon Arabia


Picture posted on Twitter by @almakna

The above photograph, shared by @almakna on Twitter, shows the number of areas reportedly tear gassed by the Bahrain authorities in one night. On that particular day, I myself choked on the tear gas, spending the night and the following day sick and closely followed tweets and complaints by Twitter users from across the country.

Amira Al Hussaini

Picture posted on Twitter by @SanabisVoice

This photograph, from the Sanabis Voice, shows empty teargas canisters, collected from a small area, in one day. Such photographs are found in abundance online, shared by netizens on social networking sites, and tell a story that has been recurring for 11 months - a story not much of the world cares about.

Amira Al Hussaini


Picture by rouelshimi, used under CC license (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

January 25, the first wave of protesters go to Tahrir square. It's the dawn of the revolution.

Tarek Amr


Copyright Amine Hachimoto. Used with permission.

The little girl looking up at this Moroccan Superman pausing in front of the parliament seems to be wondering if he can fly. Maybe he's an ultra-nationalist trying to make a point? Or maybe he's a supporter of the pro-reforms group February 20? It doesn't really matter. Because behind this amazing photo by Amine Hachimoto lies a new reality in Morocco: 2011 is the year when the street has become the theater of nonviolent political expression. Something that is likely to continue in the years to come.

Hisham Almiraat

Egypte-actualités : suite... |

Suite à ma note précédente, je vous informe que nous pourrons continuer à nous retrouver... au point de départ de notre aventure commune, à savoir sur le blog qui a servi d'ébauche à cette revue de presse.


Je vous en rappelle l'adresse :


Le premier mini-dossier que je vous proposerai sera consacré à l' "affaire" des ONG perquisitionnées au Caire. Il est en cours de rédaction et sera publié vraisemblablement au début de la semaine prochaine.

Merci pour votre fidélité.

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