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September 26 2011

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this entry is part of the OccupyWallStreet compilation 2011-09, here.
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Democracy Now! 2011-09-26 Monday

Democracy Now! 2011-09-26 Monday

  • Headlines for September 26, 2011
  • Freed U.S. Hiker Shane Bauer: Iranian Guards Cited Guantánamo, CIA Prisons to Justify Mistreatment
  • Occupy Wall Street Protest Enters Second Week; 80 Arrested at Peaceful March
  • Martina Correia on Execution of Troy Davis: "My Brother's Fight Will Continue"

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this entry is part of the OccupyWallStreet compilation 2011-09, here,
 and a part of the Troy Davis execution compilation, here.
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BrowserID Demo - Mozilla All Hands - 2011 Q3


BrowserID demo during the keynote for the Mozilla 2011Q3 All Hands, with about 600 people in attendance. For more information, check out the Mozilla Identity blog, at:


Blog site of Mozilla Identity:

cf. Blog entry from 2011-08-11:

// MozMozilla Labs designed the BrowserID experiment to increase user convenience and safety online. Using Mozilla’s Privacy & Data Operating Principles as guidelines, we built a system that seeks to maximize user privacy and control by shrinking the user-data minefield, disclosing information to sites only on a need-to-know basis, employing a model that is intuitive and users understand, and limiting tracking of browsing behavior while also enabling pseudonymity online. For more information, be sure to check out our blog post about privacy and BrowserID, as well as the BrowserID homepage. //

September 25 2011



Ich habe daher einen Aufruf an Hochschulen aufgesetzt, der unterschrieben werden kann:

Aufruf an die Hochschulen:
Schafft kompatible dezentrale Soziale Netzwerke!

Studierende und Hochschulen hatten bislang eine Vorreiterrolle bei der Etablierung internetgestützter Sozialer Netzwerke.
Soziale Netzwerke (Facebook, Xing, StudiVZ, Google+, etc.) sind untereinander nicht in der Weise kompatibel, wie wir dies von Telefonen und E-Mails kennen.
Mit Sorgen beobachten wir eine Monopolisierung, die mit der zentralen Sammlung individueller Daten einhergeht.
Wir fordern die Hochschulen auf, dezentralisiert kompatible Soziale Netzwerke für die eigene Hochschul-Community zu etablieren und die Studierenden und Beschäftigten der Hochschule mit einem entsprechenden Zugang in der Weise auszustatten, wie sie auch bereits E-Mail-Accounts erhalten. Diese Sozialen Netzwerke sollten auf frei zugänglichen Programmen (wie bspw. Diaspora*) beruhen, die eine Kompatibilität auch über den Hochschulbereich hinaus ermöglichen.

Diesen Aufruf findet ihr hier: Aufruf an die Hochschulen


Facebook - Die Zivilgesellschaft ist gefragt | der Freitag - Blogeintrag von Andreas Kemper 2011-09-25

Live Blog of #OccupyWallStreet: NYPD’s Crackdown on the Protest | The Dissenter - started 2011-09-24

Videos, tweets, live stream, commentaries



this entry is part of the OccupyWallStreet compilation 2011-09, here.

September 22 2011

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Where shall I seek.. Acis&Galatea Händel. David Hernandez

yt - permalink
yt account: davidoski001

David Hernandez, tenor
Dario Moreno, dir.
British Baroque Orchestra



Where shall I seek the charming fair?
Direct the way, kind genius of the mountains!
O tell me, if you saw my dear!
Seeks she the grove, or bathes in crystal fountains?
Where. . . da capo


Händel scores to download

complete libretto


A recording from 1959 of 'Acis and Galatea' is bundled with this video via tag, here.

(this aria besides 2 others is missing in the historical recording from 1959 - LP length optimum was about 70 min)

Julien guigner
Julien Guigner

#ecology #environment #agriculture #urbanfarming #diy


#3dprinting #openhardware


#vimeo #creativecommons

oAnth - Diaspora* - Julien Guigner - 2011-09-22

Democracy Now! 2011-09-22 Thursday

Democracy Now! 2011-09-22 Thursday

  • Headlines for September 22, 2011
  • Democracy Now! Special Report From Troy Davis Execution: Did Georgia Kill An Innocent Man?
  • Freed In Iran: U.S. Hikers Urge Freedom for All Political Prisoners

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// oAnth:

see further entries on Tray Davis' execution and its circumstances (also in German and French) bundled at oAnth via tag, here.

Todesstrafe: Troy Davis trotz weltweiter Proteste hingerichtet

Fast wäre auch der vierte Hinrichtungstermin für den Amerikaner Troy Davis aufgehoben worden. Dann räumte der Oberste Gerichtshof Amerikas das letzte Hindernis aus dem Weg. Gegen 5 Uhr deutscher…
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Revue de presse par la CFTC HUS - Troy Davis a attendu quatre heures son exécution

Troy Davis devait être exécuté à 19 heures (1 heure du matin à Paris). Une -demi heure plus tard, on apprenait que la Cour suprême avait demandé un délai. Il était alors toujours dans la chaise, sanglé, dans le pénitentier de Jackson (Géorgie), attendant.Finalement, quatre heures après, la Cour a décidé de laisser le processus suivre son cours : Troy Davis, 42 ans, est mort d'une injection létale à 11h08 (5h08 à Paris).

C'est la quatrième fois que son exécution était repoussé, cette fois-ci un peu moins longtemps que précédemment. En 2008, son exécution avait été suspendue deux heures avant l'heure prévue...

Source:, via CFTC HUS
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World: Mourning the Execution of Troy Davis

Despite the reprieve granted to Troy Davis earlier today, just over four hours after our last report, Davis was executed.

Around the world, and particularly in the United States, Twitter is in a state of morning. The hashtag #RIPTroyDavis is currently trending, and individuals are expressing their feelings about Davis's case, as well as about the state of capital punishment in the United States.

From Philadelphia, @ShamaraOnAir reports:

Watching CNN 11:08 was time of death #RIPTROYDAVIS

From Iowa, @Jasminenkelly tweets:

Racism and injustice still exists just on a different scale… we dnt have KKK's in sheets anymore they are our law makers. #RIPTROYDAVIS

Journalist Dan Gillmor rails against the death penalty, saying:

Bad enough that death penalty exists. But tonight, our system of “justice” killed another person whose guilt was hugely in doubt. Travesty.

From Barbados, @bajanswaggboy remarks:

#RIPTroyDavis. No murder weapon, no DNA, 7 of 9 witnesses recant their testimonies. Seriously? How do you execute someone without evidence?

And from the UK, @tweety_coco says:

Still in shock. Just cannot believe this can happen in 2011. #riptroydavis

Linda Sarsour (@lsarsour), a Palestinian-American activist, states:

#TroyDavis will be the fuel I need to continue my quest for social justice. He will never be forgotten. #RIPTroyDavis

While the case of Troy Davis has certainly drawn interest from the public, many are cynical that the case is a one-off, and that US citizens will not continue to fight against the death penalty. Or as Palestinian @Falasteeni put it shortly before the execution took place:

What saddens me most abt expected murder of #TroyDavis is tht nothing will happen, no movement will grow to make sure it never happens again


Troy Davis executed.

He died in the execution chamber at 11.08 p.m. EDT (UTC - 4:00), Georgia.

Overwhelmingly people are upset - scroll through their reactions at twitter hash tag -!/search?q=%23TroyDavis

September 21 2011

Struck by 2 Family Murders, Grieving Father Joins Victims' Kin Seeking Troy Davis Clemency

www. - The campaign to halt the execution of Troy Anthony Davis has brought together a diverse group of people, including people whose lives have been affected by murder. Democracy Now! interviews Atlanta resident, John Starbuck, a grandson of a murdered police officer. Twenty-nine years ago, Starbuck's grandfather, Lester King was murdered. In a terrible twist of fate, Starbuck's daughter, Meleia Willis-Starbuck, was also murdered years later in 2005. In the face of extreme tragedy, Starbuck has now devoted much of his life to working on restorative justice — a way of healing through reconciliation. He is a member of Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation and Georgians For Alternatives to the Death Penalty. Last week, he helped deliver a letter to the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles that was signed by 110 murder victim family members and called on the board to grant clemency to Davis. Also interviewed is Larry Cox, executive director of Amnesty International USA. For the complete transcript, to download the podcast, or for additional Democracy Now! reports on the Troy Davis case, visit FOLLOW DEMOCRACY NOW! ONLINE: Facebook: Twitter: @democracynow Subscribe on YouTube: Daily Email News Digest: Please consider supporting independent media by making a donation to Democracy Now! today, visit
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"Troy Davis, I Have Been Where You Are": Ex-Death Row Prisoners Denounce Capital Punishment

www. - As last-minute efforts are made to stay the execution of Georgia death row prisoner Troy Anthony Davis, Democracy Now! speaks with two former death row prisoners who have since been released. Darby Tillis was freed in 1987 after new evidence emerged about his decade-old case. Fourteen years later, Tillis was pardon based on actual innocence, making him one of the first death row prisoners to be exonerated. We are also joined by Lawrence Hayes, who was a death-row inmate in New York before the US Supreme Court suspended capital punishment in 1972. Hayes was paroled in 1991 after 20 years in prison, and since then has become a spokesman against the death penalty. For the complete transcript, to download the podcast, or for additional Democracy Now! reports on the Troy Davis case, visit FOLLOW DEMOCRACY NOW! ONLINE: Facebook: Twitter: @democracynow Subscribe on YouTube: Daily Email News Digest: Please consider supporting independent media by making a donation to Democracy Now! today, visit
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Time: 12:18 More in News & Politics
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World: Twitter Rallies for #TroyDavis

In the United States, where capital punishment is legal in all but fourteen states, the case of Troy Davis has drawn ire from abolitionist activists. Davis was convicted of murdering a police officer in 1989 during a trial in which there was no DNA evidence implicating him, but merely the testimony of witnesses, several of whom later recanted their statements.

Davis was given the death penalty, and his first execution scheduled for July 17, 2007. After appeals by Davis's lawyers, NGOs, and numerous celebrities, Davis was granted a stay of execution. Twice his execution was re-scheduled, and both times Davis was granted a stay; then, following a federal appeal in 2010–which was rejected–his execution was once again scheduled, for September 21, 2011.

Photo credit: BigBoi, Twitpic

Along with Davis's lawyers, organizations like Amnesty called for a stay of execution, prompting even celebrities like Kim Kardashian and rapper BigBoi to appeal to their Twitter followers.

In the hours and minutes leading up to the execution, scheduled for 7pm local time, individuals from all across the globe continued to rally for a stay of execution. Using the hashtags #Troy Davis, #TooMuchDoubt, and #TheWholeWorldIsWatching.

From the UK, @Rachel_McCormack tweeted:

Georgia I am outside the US Embassy in London freezing and watching #thewholeworldiswatching

Also from the UK, @CatherineBee shared her thoughts:

“It is better to risk sparing a guilty person than to condemn an innocent one.” Voltaire #thewholeworldiswatching #troydavis

@LizLemonCologne expressed a sentiment likely shared by many:

Following the #thewholeworldiswatching hashtag is just breaking my heart. #troydavis

@monstris lamented:

Watch Democracy Now. Now. Watch democracy fall apart for #TroyDavis. And people wonder why I left America…. #thewholeworldiswatching

And from Greece, @helion spoke:

a western democracy, a supposed bastion of human rights, should not take the life of a possibly innocent citizen #thewholeworldiswatching

In the end, their tweets–along with ample offline activism–served as a rallying cry against the execution of a potentially innocent man. Just a few minutes after 7pm, news broke on Twitter that Davis had been granted a stay of execution. Said @Colorlines:

Speechless! @democracynow is reporting a literal last-minute stay of execution! Livestream: #troydavis

From the UK, @GrahamSimmons commented:

tonight is a victory for humankind #troydavis #thewholeworldiswatching #fb

But amidst the excitement, @graceishuman–relaying news from @DemocracyNow reporters in the room–clarified the news, explaining:

SCOTUS has issued a reprieve for #troydavis execution - which means it's delayed (for further review?) not stayed. (via Democracy Now)

ABC News confirmed the story, stating that “The Supreme Court could decide at any time tonight or in the next seven days whether to go through with his execution.”

Democracy Now! 2011-09-21 Wednesday

Democracy Now! 2011-09-21 Wednesday

  • Headlines for September 21, 2011
  • Fate of Troy Anthony Davis Hangs in the Balance as Supporters Seek Last-Minute Halt to Execution
  • Grandson of Murdered Detective/Father of Slain Daughter Speaks Out for Troy Davis, Against Execution
  • "Troy Davis, I Have Been Where You Are": Ex-Death Rowers Fight System that Nearly Took Their Lives

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Die Erwartung von privaten Stiftungen oder öffentlichen Förderprogrammen ist meist, dass nach einer Anfangsfinanzierung – typischerweise für fünf Jahre – der Professur durch die Stiftung oder das Förderprogramm die Hochschule aus eigenen Mitteln die Professur dauerhaft unterhält. Da aber die Hochschule – in Deutschland und Europa – finanziell nicht selbständig sind, sondern von lang- und kurzfristigen Entscheidungen der Regierungen abhängig sind, können sie kaum planen. Anfangsfinanzierungen führen folglich zu hochschulinternen Mittelumschichtungen, die nicht unbedingt sinnvoll sind. So derzeit an einigen Hochschulen, die von Exzellenzinitiative beglückt worden sind.

Gefahren fremdfinanzierter Professuren | erlebt 2011-09-21
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Occupy Wall Street - Protesters Arrested

Video of arrests at #OccupyWallStreet in NYC 

If you know anyone in #news #media that can get down to the protests and cover it, please see what you can do. I fear that protesters will need media coverage to ensure their safety.


via Diaspora*
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