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December 09 2011


oAnth via Diaspora* - links on the "National Defense Authorization Act" (NDAA)

oAnth via Diaspora*

cf. from 2011-12-07 - with links to other media sites, which are covering the issue


FOX Business (TV): NDAA -- the National Defense Authorization Act -- may legalize 'murder' of American citizens on US soil by the military without due process, trial, or attorney. Link:

FORBES: NDAA is the 'greatest threat' to civil liberties that Americans face -- a very conservative publication not prone to sensationalism, by the way. Link:

NY Times blog: NDAA needs to be vetoed immediately by Pres. Obama. Link:

Alternet: Is Gitmo in your future? Link:

HuffPo: Former FBI special agent fears what NDAA means for Americans, calls for an Obama veto. Link:

Gawker: The bill that 'could ruin America.' Link:

Amnesty International's analysis: Welcome to the war. Link:



cf. about NDAA on tagged via
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Wilkerson: New Military Powers the Road to Tyranny

Larry Wilkerson: National Defense Authorization Act that passed the Senate giving the military power for indefinite detention without trial is a draconian violation of our rights

Time: 07:28 More in News & Politics

What goes unmentioned in the simple narrative of austerity, belt-tightening, and medicine-taking, is that this is precisely the constellation of processes, discourses and power relations developed in the context of subjugating the peoples of Africa, the Americas and beyond. (Of course, the destructive and rapacious truth of European ‘civilisation’ was always most opaque in the colonial metropole.) What the middle-classes of Europe are waking up to is something that colonial peoples have known for a long time: that is, the experience of being the object and not the agent of neo-colonial power. Of course, those at ‘the bottom of society’ have long known what it is to be talked for, ignored and managed, but that is a different story. The sooner we wake up to this and start listening to those of our brothers and sisters who have lived under the neo-colonial state of emergency, the sooner we will get to grips with our current situation.
Critical Legal Thinking › The Irish Crisis: Europe Colonises Itself - 2011-12-07
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December 08 2011

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Military to Gain Power of Indefinite Detention in Senate Bill

Ray McGovern: Amendment to NDAA gives military the right to operate on American soil, detain people without trial for an indefinite period of time including US citizens

Time: 12:11 More in News & Politics
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